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Username: Imahsan

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Posted on Sunday, March 13, 2011 - 07:48 pm:   

I want nowsms to run a url in background (just like it runs with 2-way sms) each time a specified number of sms are sent from a SMSC connection. For example there is a SMSC Connection 1.. 7000 SMS are sent from it .. it runs a script done.php then again 7000 SMS sent then again it run the script done.php... Any simple solution?
Des - NowSMS Support
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Username: Desosms

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Posted on Monday, March 14, 2011 - 08:09 pm:   

Hi Ahsan,

There is definitely no easy way to do this.

There is no trigger based upon the number of messages posted via an SMSC connection.

There are accounting callbacks that are HTTP based, and which are triggered every time a message is sent.

If you trap the parameters "Type=SMSOUT" and "SMSCName=" (which tells you which SMSC a message was delivered to, then you could manage your own counts and post an alert when it reaches whatever thresholds you want to implement.

The following explains how accounting callbacks work:


The following explains the parameters that are passed in the "SMSOUT" callback, which is the callback that occurs when a message is delivered to an upstream SMSC:


An alternative way is to poll the XML status query in NowSMS:


It returns an XML status report that includes information about how many messages have been routed via each SMSC connection. You'd need to write a program that parsed the XML results and sent an alert based upon your thresholds.

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