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SMSCRouteDes - NowSMS Support04-11-11  06:32 pm
Bug in new versionDes - NowSMS Support04-08-11  09:26 pm
User queue sizeDes - NowSMS Support15 04-08-11  05:13 pm
NowSMS GW web page does not display properly.Des - NowSMS Support04-06-11  01:51 pm
Samsung SGH-E250 as a modemDes - NowSMS Support04-04-11  08:51 pm
Forcing Unicode Encoding of MessageDes - NowSMS Support04-04-11  08:21 pm
Performance issue2jeevankumarkode04-01-11  07:05 am
Problem in sending from other mail serverlee vitez04-01-11  01:44 am
Inject Timestamp into optional parameter tagDes - NowSMS Support03-31-11  02:26 pm
Nowsmsmms for value-added servicemina03-31-11  02:00 pm
Send sms from multiple modemspaulo ribeiro03-30-11  08:19 pm
Bsod? paulo ribeiro03-30-11  02:29 pm
Redirection through jsphitesh03-30-11  01:12 pm
SMS Users not getting any Sumbit_sm_Response from their Submit_sm.Tim Williams03-30-11  12:58 pm
OTADes - NowSMS Support03-28-11  07:24 pm
Async DRDes - NowSMS Support03-28-11  07:06 pm
Regarding SMPP connection timeDes - NowSMS Support03-28-11  06:24 pm
Performance issueAlex Kaiser03-27-11  09:57 am
.rct files stuck in endless loopDes - NowSMS Support18 03-26-11  01:30 pm
Roman-8 inbound supportDes - NowSMS Support03-25-11  09:36 pm
Web Interface Sends from ClientIP not Host IP?Des - NowSMS Support03-25-11  12:25 pm
How can I send SMS with userdefined Teleservice ID?Des - NowSMS Support03-23-11  11:40 pm
Mirror Image of SMPP Binding Detailsshama ansari03-21-11  10:30 am
USSD on Huawei Modems (E156G)Des - NowSMS Support03-21-11  09:00 am
Reject MessagesDes - NowSMS Support03-18-11  10:13 pm
Receiving Wap Push through GSM modemFrank van Rotterdam03-17-11  07:10 pm
Timeout with PHP's SendSMS FunctionDes - NowSMS Support13 03-17-11  04:52 pm
SMS Deliver Message problemDes - NowSMS Support12 03-17-11  01:52 pm
SMPP MO & MT SaveDes - NowSMS Support03-15-11  10:21 pm
SMPP Delivery Report Des - NowSMS Support03-15-11  10:18 pm
URL AlertDes - NowSMS Support03-14-11  08:09 pm
Question of creating destination address fieldDes - NowSMS Support12 03-11-11  04:23 pm
Http logsDes - NowSMS Support03-10-11  07:50 pm
SMB Appointment Reminder SetupJim Smith03-08-11  07:00 pm
Why sms received is auto increment?Des - NowSMS Support13 03-08-11  04:57 pm
Old question about SMSCSendLimitDes - NowSMS Support03-04-11  05:24 pm
Unable to receive SMS to Short code SMPP applicationDes - NowSMS Support03-04-11  12:08 am
MIB files for SNMP trap request for NOWWAP and NOWSMSDes - NowSMS Support03-01-11  05:48 pm
Novatel Mifi 2732Des - NowSMS Support03-01-11  03:37 pm
Block income/outgoing sms to a specific numberDes - NowSMS Support02-25-11  04:10 pm
MMS: first shows a picture and then the textDes - NowSMS Support16 02-24-11  08:15 pm
DRs issueDes - NowSMS Support02-24-11  07:54 pm
Accounting CallbacksRik Clews14 02-24-11  08:08 am
Send sms to specific GSM Modem in Multi ModemsDes - NowSMS Support02-23-11  04:48 pm
Unable to copy Distribution ListsDes - NowSMS Support02-22-11  05:11 pm
2-way sms / command returns response textDes - NowSMS Support02-17-11  04:04 pm
Greek text with 160 charactersDes - NowSMS Support02-17-11  01:44 pm
Multiple request to http url for 1 SMS INDes - NowSMS Support02-16-11  03:14 pm
Why nowsms software does not send the sms the the complete numbers ...Des - NowSMS Support02-16-11  02:05 pm
Send sms from web applicationDes - NowSMS Support02-14-11  07:54 pm
Why SMSIN/SMSOUT log files sometimes show BINARY ?Des - NowSMS Support02-14-11  07:52 pm
Problem while receiving sms form client. Des - NowSMS Support02-10-11  08:42 pm
NowSMS Load Balancing particular SMPP connectionsDes - NowSMS Support02-04-11  05:38 pm
NowSMS respond unbind massege with NAKsuzain william02-01-11  08:16 am
Please Help..Des - NowSMS Support01-31-11  09:27 pm
Smpp respond Luay Kshidan01-30-11  08:12 pm
ValidityPeriod paramDes - NowSMS Support33 01-29-11  03:03 pm
Send and Receive SMS via SMPPkuntal pal01-28-11  05:47 am
Dealyed messagesDes - NowSMS Support01-27-11  11:53 pm
Send and Receive SMS via SMPPDes - NowSMS Support01-25-11  08:11 pm
Any chance you can get Luke, Keith or someone in Sales to contact us?Anthony Lobay01-22-11  05:30 pm
Sending the euro symbol over the http interface to a NowSMS with a ...Des - NowSMS Support01-21-11  07:00 pm
Help to get 2Way SMS/E-Mail-E-Mail/SMS to workDes - NowSMS Support01-18-11  11:21 pm
How to use iPhone 4 as SMS modemDes - NowSMS Support01-18-11  11:14 pm
Create SMSUsers on the gatewayDes - NowSMS Support01-18-11  11:08 pm
How can my PHP script verify that a 2-Way request came from Now SMS?Adrian Thompson01-17-11  12:38 pm
How much does the software cost and how do I purchase it?Adrian Thompson01-17-11  02:22 am
Messages stuck with status=queuedDes - NowSMS Support01-14-11  08:06 pm
NowWAP IssueDes - NowSMS Support01-12-11  07:22 pm
I'm new and need helpDereck wilson01-11-11  06:12 pm
Are multiple mobile connections possible?Mohammad Sharaf Ali01-10-11  07:05 pm
Need to send SMSC configuration texts to SIMDes - NowSMS Support01-07-11  08:33 pm
When Testing for My Client TLVDes - NowSMS Support01-06-11  09:19 pm
Is nowsms a fake software?Des - NowSMS Support01-05-11  08:39 pm
How redirect and SubmitOK connect?Des - NowSMS Support01-05-11  08:39 pm
Routing between two SMPP connections based on destination numberDes - NowSMS Support11 01-04-11  08:32 pm
TEXT MASSEGEDes - NowSMS Support01-04-11  07:36 pm
Email SSL option in OMA OTA setting Des - NowSMS Support01-04-11  07:07 pm
Why nowsms software takes a long time sending a huge bundle of sms?Des - NowSMS Support12-31-10  10:31 pm
How to add a custom encoding in WAP PUSH functionDes - NowSMS Support12-30-10  01:11 pm
Could not receive auto respond SMSDes - NowSMS Support12-29-10  07:15 pm
$_GET problemDes - NowSMS Support12-29-10  02:45 pm
QueueQDir= Des - NowSMS Support12-28-10  07:46 pm
9040262348Rajib Kumar Behera12-28-10  07:47 am
Having a web url instead of localhostDes - NowSMS Support12-27-10  01:04 pm
Unicode Flash SMS dikshit stha12-26-10  06:03 pm
Looking for an experienced NowSMS Support Techashot shahbazian12-24-10  10:25 pm
Repeated MessagesDes - NowSMS Support12-23-10  09:01 pm
SMPP schedule_delivery_timeashot shahbazian12-22-10  05:51 pm
Strange beheviorAlex Kaiser12-22-10  12:46 pm
"Connection Timed Out" when receiving Multimedia Wap Push!Des - NowSMS Support12-21-10  01:57 pm
Alphanumeric Recepient [MMS]Des - NowSMS Support12-21-10  01:40 pm
Which sms keeps running?Des - NowSMS Support12-20-10  02:33 pm
Change Default Log ViewerDes - NowSMS Support12-17-10  08:57 pm
NOWSMS and Blackberry and Android Support?Des - NowSMS Support16 12-17-10  08:54 pm
NOWSMS is not connecting with Clickatell?Howard Stewart12-17-10  02:25 pm
Where to edit the codeDes - NowSMS Support12-16-10  03:24 pm
Number of SMPP sessions -- old vs. new methodashot shahbazian12-15-10  08:50 pm
Message ID missing when stopping/starting NowSMSDes - NowSMS Support12-15-10  02:53 pm
Self rebootingashot shahbazian12-15-10  01:22 am
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