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Username: Johny

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Posted on Monday, March 28, 2011 - 07:41 am:   

Dear Sir
I use Now SMS.
I connect SMPP to send the message.
When I check SMPP connection in out network system, it repeats disconnection and connection.
Does Now SMS have SMPP connection time?
If it is possible to connect the SMPP server without disconnection, please let me know
Des - NowSMS Support
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Posted on Monday, March 28, 2011 - 06:24 pm:   

Hi Johnny,

NowSMS assumes that it will have a constant connection via SMPP. So it will not initiate a disconnect unless it is shutting down.

However, your provider may have a policy for automatically disconnecting after a period of inactivity. If the provider disconnects, NowSMS automatically reconnects.

Most SMPP providers have what they call an "enquire link timeout", which is a type of inactivity timeout. They expect the SMPP client to send an enquire link packet every "x" seconds in order to tell the server that the client is still alive.

NowSMS calls this "x" seconds, the "Keep-Alive Interval". By default, NowSMS uses a timeout of 58 seconds (just under a minute), which works with most providers. But some providers require even lower intervals to avoid disconnection.

You can set this interval under "Advanced Settings" for the SMPP connection by selecting "Properties" for the connection in the "SMSC" list.

NowSMS Support

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