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Posted on Monday, November 21, 2011 - 07:09 pm:   

From a tech support e-mail:


As per our brief conversation our suppliers are want to send data via smpp
only and not 2 way this will allow us to capture date from them in regards
to the sms captured date, number and data. They require us to supply them
with an ip address and port number to forward on information.

What i need to understand does the nowsms offer this sort of backend whereby
we can collect this data?

Enable the SMPP server in NowSMS. This is where you define the port number on which SMPP connections will be accepted. More information on configuring the SMPP server and provisioning accounts that can connect via HTTP can be found here:

The scenario described in that article is a little different than what's being asked about here, but it's still a good starting point.

The configuration described in the article assumes that the messages being submitted via SMPP are to be routed to an upstream SMSC connection. So they are not routed to the 2-way command facility that would normally be used for posting messages to an application.

Instead, you define an HTTP SMSC in NowSMS. This is basically an HTTP URL, and NowSMS posts the messages that were received via SMPP to the configured URL. The parameters are a little different from 2-way SMS ... but it is
similar. See

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