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UDH for MECARD if possibleLars Nielsen, Mobile02-09-12  09:02 pm
Cant add modem to SMSC- only HttpDes - NowSMS Support11 02-09-12  07:44 pm
USSD support for nowsmsDes - NowSMS Support02-06-12  09:06 pm
Strange @@ at the start of a segmentChris02-02-12  04:10 pm
Sms are queued but they are not sent.please help me in thisDes - NowSMS Support02-01-12  05:42 pm
Delivery ReportsDes - NowSMS Support02-01-12  04:36 pm
Outbound SMS/MMS QueueDes - NowSMS Support01-30-12  09:19 pm
Move outgoing queue to another nowsmsDes - NowSMS Support01-26-12  03:11 pm
Way to bypass inbound message processor from the command line script?Des - NowSMS Support01-25-12  02:17 pm
NowSMS management works for user that installed it.Des - NowSMS Support01-23-12  09:17 pm
T-Mobile Rocket 4Gibm 210001-23-12  05:41 am
NowSMS http "listener"?marcia piccione01-21-12  03:04 pm
NOWSMS version 2011.07.05Anouchka01-20-12  06:22 pm
Serial NumberKlose Guan01-20-12  05:30 am
Block Certain PrefixDes - NowSMS Support01-19-12  09:09 pm
Templates html or java for downloadtailer teilor01-11-12  04:50 pm
Provisioning autenticationLeandro Alves01-11-12  12:35 pm
AsyncReceiveMessages=YesDes - NowSMS Support01-09-12  05:54 pm
Regarding Now SMS licenseDes - NowSMS Support01-04-12  12:26 pm
SMS 2-Way forwardender oksuz01-02-12  02:48 pm
Storage sms through phone on pcjason huwang01-02-12  12:25 am
Using PHP to extend NowSMSAnouchka12-29-11  08:47 pm
Alphabetic recipient address (Distribution list) over SMPP v5.51b...mSalimali12-29-11  05:31 pm
Validity PeriodDes - NowSMS Support12-24-11  01:26 pm
Wrong SMSC MsgId from SMSC of network simulatorDes - NowSMS Support12-20-11  09:27 pm
SMPP Validity PeriodDes - NowSMS Support12-16-11  04:03 pm
Async modeAlex Kaiser12-16-11  02:00 pm
Offline SMS to EmailDes - NowSMS Support12-09-11  05:42 pm
After installation trail version how to configure this and send sms...Des - NowSMS Support12-07-11  06:48 pm
List of Supported GSM Modems?Des - NowSMS Support12-07-11  03:55 pm
Nowsms Alerts - field is requireddinos12-07-11  09:11 am
Sending message to a gsm modemDes - NowSMS Support21 12-06-11  06:26 pm
Integration with phpMIS12-05-11  05:41 pm
SMSC ModemDes - NowSMS Support12-05-11  10:16 am
Php script of autoreply in 2-way smsDes - NowSMS Support12-03-11  11:39 am
Using SMPP with - errorsDes - NowSMS Support12-02-11  02:03 pm
DLR Status via HTTPsam12-01-11  01:42 pm
2way SmS not submitting incoming messages to my webDes - NowSMS Support12-01-11  10:44 am
Delivery reports aren't sent back to SMPP client ?Des - NowSMS Support11-29-11  01:20 pm
SMSC GSM Phone or ModemHuwad Dawuh11-26-11  08:14 pm
Issue with HTTP Basic Authentication passed to Web Interface from d...Des - NowSMS Support11-24-11  02:23 pm
Nowsms as smpp server that able to deliver_sm for load test smpp cl...Mohd Izhar11-24-11  02:21 pm
Port numberDes - NowSMS Support11-23-11  02:47 pm
System Error 0x08Alex Kaiser21 11-23-11  07:37 am
Sending and Receiving SMS with multiple modemsDes - NowSMS Support11-21-11  07:13 pm
SMPP PushDes - NowSMS Support11-21-11  07:09 pm
Limit SMS in days???Des - NowSMS Support11-21-11  07:03 pm
TP-SCTS (Timestamp from smsc) of incomming smsDes - NowSMS Support11-21-11  04:18 pm
Now SMS Trial (Version 2011.07.05) - HTTP Protocol only on SMSC Con...Francisco11-17-11  05:56 pm
Not Recieving Sent smsDes - NowSMS Support14 11-15-11  04:50 pm
Slow modem delivery (1 per minute)Des - NowSMS Support11-14-11  07:29 pm
Slow Modem DeliveryAbbas Soltanian19 11-12-11  10:50 am
Question of Unicode encodingBryce Norwood - NowS11-11-11  03:34 pm
SMS Shift Table SupportAndy2811-11-11  07:05 am
Can this be implemented in NowSMS?Timothy Clotworthy11-04-11  04:15 pm
Can't receive SMSDes - NowSMS Support18 11-04-11  02:18 pm
Regarding SMS Class 3 typeDes - NowSMS Support11-02-11  07:02 pm
Max attempts countDes - NowSMS Support11-01-11  08:42 pm
SMPP GatewayDes - NowSMS Support10-31-11  02:33 pm
SMPP Message routingIan Ruddell10-27-11  06:41 pm
SMS Submit Delaymulagondla nagireddy10-27-11  10:37 am
SDP connectionDes - NowSMS Support10-26-11  04:36 pm
MO messageDes - NowSMS Support10-25-11  06:07 pm
Smsc address from gsm modem in 2way commandDes - NowSMS Support10-21-11  12:48 pm
Account provisioningDes - NowSMS Support10-18-11  07:15 pm
Admin Web InterfaceDes - NowSMS Support10-18-11  07:11 pm
Machine dependencyMathew Mathachan10-18-11  12:55 pm
Route all sms in 3 user into one user.Des - NowSMS Support10-13-11  07:17 pm
ThrottlingDes - NowSMS Support10-12-11  05:37 pm
How to send different messages to different phone numbers?Tran van Linh10-11-11  09:12 am
2ways: howto make different incoming and outgoing???Des - NowSMS Support10-10-11  03:54 pm
2ways not work after simcard fullDes - NowSMS Support10-10-11  02:27 pm
Callback issueDes - NowSMS Support10-06-11  06:41 pm
DR callbackAlex Kaiser10-05-11  08:53 am
Ask script php auto responDes - NowSMS Support10-04-11  07:11 pm
Flush Out Unsent MessagesDes - NowSMS Support10-04-11  07:05 pm
Class 2 messageDes - NowSMS Support10-04-11  06:46 pm
User Agent DetectionJules Maestro09-29-11  04:54 pm
SMSCRoute being ignored when using SMPPRik Clews46 09-26-11  04:20 pm
SMPP <-> UCP conversion using NowSMSDes - NowSMS Support09-21-11  06:31 pm
SMS to Email, remove + from sender addressDes - NowSMS Support09-21-11  05:10 pm
2-way SMS with Enfora ML GPS/GPRS ModemFaruk Ahmed09-10-11  04:43 am
Is there any way to Disable or Enable SMSC connection configured.Des - NowSMS Support09-08-11  07:19 pm
Receive sms more than onceDes - NowSMS Support15 09-08-11  06:18 pm
Exporting MMS users databaseDes - NowSMS Support09-08-11  04:49 pm
Exporting SMS users databasesvaore09-08-11  12:17 pm
Response 2-way in Flash SMS ?Faruk Ahmed09-08-11  01:00 am
Attach IMSI in CIMDDes - NowSMS Support15 09-06-11  05:20 pm
Nowsms upgradeDes - NowSMS Support09-05-11  10:28 am
Delivery ReportBryce Norwood - NowS08-31-11  09:49 am
Message IDBryce Norwood - NowS08-31-11  09:00 am
Change outgoing DCS value via SMPP ConnectionKKW08-23-11  05:21 am
How to send PING sms via GSM?Des - NowSMS Support08-19-11  02:08 pm
How to send silent sms? urgentDes - NowSMS Support08-19-11  02:07 pm
TCP Zero WindowAlexandre08-12-11  12:48 pm
SMS not send out when using accounting callback with SMSCRouteKKW08-12-11  04:21 am
Modem does not support SMS -- ERROR for Multi-Tech Verizon ModemDes - NowSMS Support08-11-11  10:59 am
MO Messages via SMPP and 2-wayDes - NowSMS Support08-10-11  08:32 pm
Sending Problem With WEBDes - NowSMS Support08-10-11  01:33 pm
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