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As per our conversation I need your help on how to configure our NOWSMS software.

Today we already have it configured, using ONE MODEM and redirecting all messages to one partner.

Let’s call this Modem #1 sending and receiving messages to Partner #1

We receive those messages from Partner #1 by HTML string, we send them thru Modem #1 (SMS).

When we receive SMS messages from customers on Modem #1 (we also check to confirm if the message contains specific strings) we forward them to Partner #1

Now we want to implement a second partner, so we will have another Modem (Modem #2).

We would like to identify when we are receiving the HTML string from Partner #1 or Partner #2 and send it to the corresponding Modem.

We also want to forward all the messages received on Modem #2 to different address (Partner #2) than the messages received from Modem #1.

It’s definitely possible, and not that difficult to configure.

However, I can’t explain it step by step without understanding the current setup. In other words, is all of their interfacing to NowSMS via HTTP? Using 2-way commands?

Since HTML is mentioned, I am guessing you are using 2-way commands and HTTP.

When receiving messages and routing to a 2-way command, the @@SMSCROUTE@@ variable can be used to tell you which route the message was received from. See If a Phone Number has been configured for the modem, the @@RECIP@@ variable will also report the phone number on which the message was received.

It is also possible to use the modem phone number in the "Receive Phone Number" field when defining a 2-way command. With this setting, NowSMS can use different 2-way commands based upon the phone number for which the message is being received.

For sending messages, and routing to a particular outbound route, see

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