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Sufyan Jabr
Posted on Wednesday, December 07, 2011 - 10:06 am:   

am lookging for GSM modem list that could be used with NowSMS without any issues.
i searched all over the forum couldn't find any recommended one.
Creating list of supported devices would be useful to everyone :)
Des - NowSMS Support
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Posted on Wednesday, December 07, 2011 - 03:55 pm:   


Unfortunately such a list is not practical, as there are hundreds of different devices and model numbers, with manufacturers constantly introducing new models and revisions to existing models.

We generally recommend that you get an unlocked modem and purchase it separately from the SIM that you will be using it with. The reason for this is that many mobile operators assume that modems are only used for internet access, not messaging, and the modem SIMs do not always have messaging (especially MMS) enabled.

When purchasing an unlocked modem, it is important to know what 3G frequency is used by the mobile operator you are planning to use.

Most modems are quadband for GPRS/EDGE, and will work anywhere in the world. However, 3G frequencies and support is more fragmented.

The 2100 Mhz frequency is used in a lot of the world (but not at all in North America). There are 3 different frequencies used in USA/Canada: PCS 1900 and CLR 850 are used by AT&T and the larger Canadian operators; AWS 1700 is used by T-Mobile and WIND. Different frequencies are used in Japan ... and because of spectrum overload and licensing in different countries, there are a number of different frequencies used by various different mobile operators. Wikipedia does a good job of highlighting the frequencies are where they are used ... Just note that this article also has some "future" references, and in many cases those "future" bands are not currently in use and will be used for LTE instead.

The good news is that if you are only interested in sending/receiving SMS, there's no real performance gain in 3G over GPRS/EDGE, so a quadband GPRS/EDGE modem will do.

Option and Huawei modems generally work pretty well.

We definitely recommend a dedicated modem device instead of a phone. (Phone modems can be useful for testing, but often have limitations such as many can only send messages, but not receive them.)

Another problem area is that if you want delivery reports, many modems do not support them. Support for delivery reports is even inconsistent between different models from the same manufacturer. For example, when I tested the Huawei E160G, I noted that it did support delivery reports. While a similar model, the E261 does not.

We haven't added any new reports to this list:

However, that is still a good reference point. Huawei modems can be tough to get setup, and the explanations we give in the article on the E160 still applies to most newer Huawei modems.

Similarly, Sierra Wireless modems still have the same quirks of setup that we describe in the article on the Compass 885, and that information will help you configure a Sierra Wireless modem.

I hope that helps. I wish I could give you a list of modems, but there are just so many. If you would like some feedback on particular ones that you are considering, I can tell you if we have had any feedback on them.

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