Does SMSC connection support an Android smart phone as GSM Modem?

Does SMSC connection support an Android smart phone as GSM Modem? SearchSearch

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Posted on Sunday, April 15, 2012 - 06:50 am:   

I have installed Now SMS , but can't configure successfully with Android smart phone as GSM Modem . So I want to know if SMSC Conenction support an Android smart phone as GSM Modem ? Thank you !
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Posted on Monday, April 16, 2012 - 01:31 pm:   

(Moderator Note: April 2014 - It is now possible to use an Android phone as a GSM modem for sending and receiving both SMS and MMS. For more information, please see

Hi Sabrina,

There are big differences between different Android phones. Some support a modem interface that provides AT command support, others do not.

My experience has been that Samsung GSM/3G/HSPA Galaxy and Galaxy II devices install a Windows modem driver named "Samsung Mobile USB Modem" or "Samsung Android USB Modem". These devices can be used for sending SMS only, not for receiving.

There are numerous model variations within the Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy II product line. Some versions might not have this modem support.

When the device is connected to a PC, check the Device Manager in the Windows Control Panel to look for any modem and/or COM port interfaces that are added when the device is connected. (We have seen some devices that add a COM port for AT command modem access, but do not install a modem driver.)

Our experience is that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus does NOT provide a modem interface.

I don't have much info on other models/brands. In general, we do not recommend using a phone as a modem. It is a better solution to get a dedicated USB modem device (brands like Option, Huawei, Sierra Wireless) ... the USB stick modems are relatively cheap and are designed to be used as modems, rather than that being auxilliary functionality ... and in particular, they support both sending and receiving messages.

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