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Count the total of MMS sent and received per dayDes - NowSMS Support15 08-21-12  11:18 pm
NowSMS Processing DelayDes - NowSMS Support08-21-12  10:01 pm
Multi Word 2 Way smsDes - NowSMS Support08-21-12  08:01 pm
Regarding send binary SMSJohnny08-09-12  07:03 am
Need Second USB GSM ModemPaul Crick08-07-12  10:08 pm
Cannot connect GSM Modem, NO DIALOG BOXDes - NowSMS Support08-07-12  01:38 pm
No MMS reception with iPhone 3GSDes - NowSMS Support08-06-12  08:41 pm
Regarding SMS Provider Specific Error Code 0x00000009 Des - NowSMS Support08-06-12  07:18 pm
Reporting or DBDes - NowSMS Support07-31-12  02:27 pm
Can an SMPP Optional Parameter be sent from an SMPP Client bind?marcia piccione07-24-12  07:23 pm
SMS FormatingShahaz Roy07-22-12  08:25 am
Request delivery receipt from web interfaceDes - NowSMS Support07-20-12  03:23 pm
SMS GhostingDes - NowSMS Support07-19-12  06:06 pm
Why the messages are submittedDes - NowSMS Support07-17-12  08:41 pm
SMS got stuck in 2wayDes - NowSMS Support07-17-12  08:35 pm
Problem on send sms text with javaDes - NowSMS Support07-17-12  08:25 pm
Regarding Class 0 Unicode messageDes - NowSMS Support07-17-12  06:17 pm
Email to SMSShahaz Roy07-16-12  11:06 am
Long message Erzhan Checkmarket07-14-12  09:59 am
$_POST when receiving SMS doesnt workDes - NowSMS Support10 07-10-12  02:02 pm
Load balancingDes - NowSMS Support07-04-12  12:42 pm
Delay QAlex Kaiser07-04-12  12:04 pm
Delay in processing incoming messagesDes - NowSMS Support07-03-12  11:09 am
MT couldn't be deliveredDes - NowSMS Support07-02-12  10:49 am
Can SMPPOption value be dynamic?marcia piccione06-29-12  02:58 pm
Longtext messagesDes - NowSMS Support11 06-25-12  07:01 pm
Start a ussd session like on my phone Des - NowSMS Support06-22-12  07:36 pm
How to buy?Emmanuel Mahuni06-15-12  10:05 pm
Error codes 540 from ModemDes - NowSMS Support06-05-12  02:22 pm
Can NowSms modify a message after a failure, but before a retry?Des - NowSMS Support06-04-12  07:30 pm
NowSMS CPU thrashingDes - NowSMS Support05-30-12  03:16 am
Samsung Galaxy S as ModemVinicius Silva05-30-12  02:37 am
Can NowSms extract and store carrier id?Des - NowSMS Support05-30-12  02:07 am
MMS BROACASTDes - NowSMS Support05-30-12  01:47 am
Problem seriousDes - NowSMS Support05-25-12  04:22 pm
Important QuestionDes - NowSMS Support05-25-12  04:16 pm
Web Application (PHP) and NowSMSFreddie Emerson12 05-25-12  03:29 pm
I cant process received messageDes - NowSMS Support05-21-12  07:39 pm
SEND MMS USING WAVECOM MODEMDes - NowSMS Support05-21-12  02:57 pm
Need step by step guidance to send sms using now smsDes - NowSMS Support05-17-12  04:35 pm
Routing Received SMS from SMPP To My Own HTTP Realbitt Co.05-17-12  04:06 pm
Unable to connect my mobile to nowsms gatewayDes - NowSMS Support05-14-12  12:46 pm
Need gateway username and password for sending SMS from my web appl...Des - NowSMS Support05-10-12  12:18 am
Nowsms integrate to playsmsDes - NowSMS Support05-09-12  03:21 pm
From Ahra Samaneh Iranian ( Iraj Nazarian Azad)Des - NowSMS Support05-07-12  02:48 pm
How to skip CMS ERROR: 500Des - NowSMS Support05-07-12  02:42 pm
Need to buy a gsm modem and know how to programme it for my mention...sandeep05-05-12  04:11 am
Routing of delivery receipts to correct instance of ESMEDes - NowSMS Support05-03-12  07:37 pm
Modem - Delivery ReceiptsDes - NowSMS Support05-03-12  07:00 pm
Xmlstatus file: SMSOUTQ is larger than queue size reported in UI.Des - NowSMS Support05-02-12  07:04 pm
Multiple Modems SetupDes - NowSMS Support05-02-12  06:49 pm
NowSMS slow sending to SMPP SMSCDes - NowSMS Support16 05-02-12  06:48 pm
Modem Response (2): +CMS ERROR: 500 Des - NowSMS Support04-30-12  03:25 pm
Sending Arabic SMS through HTTPDes - NowSMS Support04-24-12  05:55 pm
AT&T OMA OTA ConfigDes - NowSMS Support10 04-20-12  09:03 pm
Alternative to no DRDes - NowSMS Support25 04-20-12  06:45 pm
Does SMSC connection support an Android smart phone as GSM Modem?Des - NowSMS Support04-16-12  01:31 pm
Hardware RequirementsKishore04-16-12  10:43 am
Is class 2 sms sent from NowSMS locked for reply/forward?Des - NowSMS Support04-13-12  04:15 pm
NowSMS (v 2010.11.04) :- Message is failing when it has special cha...Des - NowSMS Support04-12-12  12:11 pm
Failure to confirm message deliveryBIKASH MANDAL04-10-12  06:42 pm
MMS problemDes - NowSMS Support04-09-12  11:33 am
Remove contact in phpDes - NowSMS Support04-09-12  11:32 am
Define Modem Reject Error CodesDes - NowSMS Support04-09-12  11:07 am
A2PService TypeDes - NowSMS Support04-05-12  07:59 pm
2 way commandDes - NowSMS Support04-04-12  06:16 pm
Request of creating destination port in the binary SMS messageDes - NowSMS Support03-29-12  02:16 pm
Limit speed of receiving messages for that account Des - NowSMS Support03-26-12  05:01 pm
Forward received email as SMS!?Des - NowSMS Support03-23-12  09:09 pm
WAP Push SMS filtered?Des - NowSMS Support03-22-12  06:30 pm
CBU-450D USB Modem support?Des - NowSMS Support03-22-12  06:15 pm
Data_sm or submit_sm with msg_payload parameter on which NowSMS ve...Des - NowSMS Support03-21-12  09:23 pm
SMSC require to connect as DATA_SM instead of submit_smDes - NowSMS Support03-21-12  09:22 pm
Trial Version of SMSGW stopsDes - NowSMS Support03-19-12  05:39 pm
SMPP dest_addr_ton and number formatDes - NowSMS Support03-15-12  02:30 pm
The messages are not arrivingDes - NowSMS Support03-14-12  06:26 pm
Sms reply not sent to email sendermnatives21 03-14-12  05:07 am
API to check Available creditsDes - NowSMS Support03-08-12  02:38 pm
Redundant schema for SMS sendingDes - NowSMS Support03-08-12  02:27 pm
Warning using phpDes - NowSMS Support02-28-12  06:12 pm
Product problemDes - NowSMS Support02-28-12  03:43 pm
NowSMS to forward a delivery report to a http serverDes - NowSMS Support02-28-12  03:01 pm
Separate modemsDes - NowSMS Support02-24-12  06:21 pm
2way SMStanumoy das02-23-12  12:02 pm
How to send sms to mobile from java code....Des - NowSMS Support02-22-12  05:54 pm
Now SMS Trial Webservice IssueDes - NowSMS Support02-22-12  03:57 pm
Email to SMS, remove email from sms textDes - NowSMS Support02-22-12  02:03 pm
Dont want to retry the message.Des - NowSMS Support02-19-12  09:01 pm
Default Route & Additional Route do not work as expectedDes - NowSMS Support02-17-12  02:06 pm
IP SMS setup with US Cell CarriersDes - NowSMS Support02-17-12  01:56 pm
High CPU from high amount of LCK filesBryce Norwood - NowS02-16-12  11:27 pm
Won't recognize Cinterion 2G ModemDes - NowSMS Support02-16-12  08:04 pm
SMPP Option type lengthpeter loleka02-16-12  11:40 am
SMS: 16bit reference numbers for concatenation / Sending "SMS-PP DO...Des - NowSMS Support02-15-12  01:45 pm
Distribution List Max Phone NumbersDes - NowSMS Support02-14-12  10:37 pm
UserData paramAlex Kaiser02-12-12  11:07 am
Update mysql with failed messagesBlair02-10-12  08:37 pm
Callback issue#2Des - NowSMS Support12 02-10-12  06:20 pm
SMS not being sent via web interfaeprincess jain02-10-12  10:25 am
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