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From the NowSMS support mailbox:

Q - We have currently NowSMS with 2 mes/sec license.
Could you tell me once the smpp connection will be dropped off, will the gateway try to reconnect automatically or has it to be done manually, please?

A - NowSMS will automatically reconnect.

The following text was adapted from and helps explain how NowSMS behaves, and how the behavior can be tuned.

When a connection fails (for SMPP this can be when a keep-alive/enquire link does not receive a response),
it goes back to an initialisation state.

Note that default behaviour in NowSMS does include some slight delays in reconnection after a connection failure. These delays are purposeful and have been adopted after study of various operator SMSC guidelines. SMSC operators are concerned that aggressive reconnection attempts can severely impact performance when recovering from system failure or extreme load. NowSMS is mindful of these concerns and delays reconnect attempts after successive failures.

The following parameters can be configured in the SMSGW.INI file to control how long NowSMS waits to retry the connection.


These parameters can be set globally to apply to all SMSC connections by placing them under the [SMSGW] section header. Or to apply settings to a specific SMSC connection, these parameters may be set under an SMSC specific section header (e.g., [SMPP - server:port]).

By default, if NowSMS cannot connect to an SMSC (or initialise a modem), it will wait 20 seconds before attempting another connection. For each successive connection failure, NowSMS will wait an additional 20 seconds (e.g., 40 seconds after 2 failures, 60 seconds after 3 failures, etc.), up to a maximum of 300 seconds (5 minutes) between retries. The reason for these delays is to adhere to various operator guidelines which are designed to prevent an SMSC from becoming overloaded with reconnections when recovering from a failure. It is possible to modify these retry timings using the following SMSGW.INI file parameters under the [SMSGW] section header:

InitRetryDelay=#### specifies a number of seconds to wait to retry after a connection failure, the default value is 20.

InitRetryDelayMultiplier=### specifies a multiplier to be applied for successive connection failures, the default value is 1. For each failed attempt, the retry delay will be the product of InitRetryDelay+((InitRetryDelay-1)*InitRetryDelayMultiplier*#FailedAttempts). To use a fixed retry delay of InitRetryDelay, specify InitRetryDelayMultiplier=0.

InitRetryDelayAfterAttempts=### specifies that the retry delay should only be applied after ### failed attempts, the default value is 1.

InitRetryDelayMax=### specifies the maximum number of seconds that NowSMS will allow to elapse between connection retries, the default value is 300.

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