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Posted on Thursday, July 25, 2013 - 02:29 pm:   

Another recent tech support e-mail:


I had a follow-up question on the WAP push. Our partner requires us to set the optional “payload_type” field to be set to “0” to recognize the WAP message and construct the WDP header. I don’t see that parameter being set with the “Send WAP push” web interface. Is there a setting to force that ?

Here is a quick way to add that setting.


If there is not an existing [SMPPOptions] section header (I would not expect there to be one), add one with the following content:


Also in SMSGW.INI, locate the section header that defines the SMPP connection you are using to submit WAP Push (e.g., [SMPP - server:port]). Under that header add:


This will cause payload_type=0 to be included for all messages sent over that SMPP connection ... so this might not a perfect solution if the same connection is used for WAP Push and standard text, but this will allow you to include this parameter for your WAP Push messages now.

We have reviewed the relevant specifications, and payload_type is optional. However, as it is clearly (and unambiguously) defined in the WDP/WCMP Adaptation specification, we will make a change for future versions to automatically include this parameter for WAP Push messages when the WDP/WCMP Adaptation setting is enabled.

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