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Luis Cazares
New member
Username: Lcazares

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Registered: 07-2014
Posted on Friday, August 01, 2014 - 02:48 pm:   

Hi, i have problems again send SMS messages, this work perfect just one day.

I have installed this program in a: Windows 7 32bits
The version of SMS Gateway is: v2013.11.15

I follow the suggestions you send me in the next thread that open last days.

I had open this thread but i dont have answer:

Des - NowSMS Support
Board Administrator
Username: Desosms

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Registered: 08-2008
Posted on Friday, August 01, 2014 - 06:34 pm:   

Hi Luis,

I realize that this is frustrating, but I need to refer back to some of my previous questions and advice, for two reasons. First, I need more information. You told me before that you were using a Nokia CS-10, but you were trying a different modem ... I don't know what the model number is of that different modem, or if it is another CS-10.

Second, I'm not sure all of my advice was followed. I had suggested upgrading the version of NowSMS, but you still reference the previous version.

So, let me summarize, step-by-step, the recommended action.

1.) Try restarting the NowSMS services. If this alone fixes the problem, let us know because this requires more investigation.

I AM ASSUMING that restarting the NowSMS service does NOT fix the problem. If it does, we are troubleshooting this all wrong. Please confirm this assumption is correct.

I am also assuming that on the "Service" page of the NowSMS configuration screen, that a modem error is being reported. If it is not, we may need to do little more troubleshooting.

2.) Try the updated version of NowSMS. I do not expect it to make a difference, but there are some modem handling changes. Use the version at to update.

3.) Check to see if the modem uses a Prolific PL2303 chipset. See and scroll down to the post that inludes screen shots. Go to the Windows Device Manager and look at the area highlighted in those screen shots. If the modem uses that Prolific PL2303 driver, the driver needs to be updated.

4.) Check the modem manufacturer web site for any updated modem drivers (likely not an option for a product like the Nokia CS-10 which has been abandoned by its manufacturer and is no longer supported).

5.) Try different USB ports/computers, as a faulty USB port with power fluctuations can crash modems. (I assume you are already using a different PC with Win7 32-bit, so you have already tried this.)

6.) Try the setting in NowSMS that reboots the PC if the modem goes off-line and cannot be recovered.

There is an option in NowSMS under the properties of the modem in the SMSC list to "Reboot System if modem is not accessible". This is only recommended if the system is dedicated for NowSMS. In this case, if the modem fails and NowSMS cannot recover, it will reboot the PC, which will reset the modem.

(In NowSMS Lite, to enable the automatic reboot if the modem cannot be accessed, edit SMSGW.INI. Locate the [Modem - your modem driver name] section header, and underneath of it, add RebootOnModemError=Yes )

This is obviously a last resort effort, but if restarting NowSMS services does not recover the modem, this means the modem has crashed, and there is no other way to recover.

7.) Consider using an Android phone as a modem. In most cases, a quality inexpensive Android phone like the Moto G will be more reliable than a dedicated modem device.

It would help if you could walk through these steps with me. Tell me what you've done or tried related to each ... or say that it does not apply.

NowSMS Support

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