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NPI and TONDes - NowSMS Support04-16-15  12:53 pm
SAR issueDes - NowSMS Support04-16-15  12:39 pm
Flash SMSDes - NowSMS Support04-13-15  08:28 am
SMS Sending TechnologiesDKTech Pvt Ltd04-09-15  08:01 am
SMS sending using Android modemsDes - NowSMS Support04-04-15  01:48 pm
Credits availableJose Rodrigues04-03-15  03:07 pm
Fsockopen errorDes - NowSMS Support04-02-15  11:16 am
Segment Arabic SMSDes - NowSMS Support03-20-15  11:23 pm
Sms not getting read reportDes - NowSMS Support03-18-15  01:44 pm
Invalid RcvDate Des - NowSMS Support03-16-15  06:18 pm
Uer SMS route to specific SMPP connectionDes - NowSMS Support03-16-15  04:07 pm
EMail to SMS - hide mail senderDes - NowSMS Support03-16-15  03:45 pm
API for configurationEvergreen Electronic03-16-15  03:19 pm
Receive Text Message using phpKishore17 03-06-15  07:51 pm
Automate MTSMS from NowSMS to SMSCDes - NowSMS Support03-06-15  06:02 pm
OTA Provisioning: STREAMING PARAMETERSDes - NowSMS Support03-03-15  07:28 pm
Delivery reporthindustan03-01-15  03:37 pm
The Odd Man Out Error?Des - NowSMS Support02-25-15  02:03 pm
OMA OTA SETTINGS IN ITALYDes - NowSMS Support02-23-15  02:04 pm
SSL/TLSDes - NowSMS Support02-17-15  11:28 am
Web InterfaceDes - NowSMS Support02-17-15  11:12 am
Can not send sms, Error code:28Des - NowSMS Support02-16-15  04:00 pm
How to send National Language SMS in 160 chars without UnicodeDes - NowSMS Support02-13-15  05:57 pm
Authenticated Access to Confiuration ManagerDes - NowSMS Support02-13-15  04:27 pm
Regarding class 0 DCS sendingDes - NowSMS Support02-11-15  09:51 pm
Sync data SMSIN, SMSOUT to database like MSSQL or MYSQLDes - NowSMS Support02-09-15  10:26 pm
How to fix SMSCReceiptMsgID format from hexadecimal to decimal?Des - NowSMS Support02-09-15  10:22 pm
SMSC Connection issueshaik kalesha02-08-15  11:03 am
Type of delivery reportDes - NowSMS Support02-03-15  03:47 pm
How to request a delivery receipt back to nowsms?Des - NowSMS Support02-03-15  03:47 pm
Getting ERROR_NO_BINARY_SUPPORT when sending XML Settings DocumentDes - NowSMS Support01-30-15  09:29 pm
Accounting callbacksPavel Chelisant01-30-15  11:30 am
NOWSMS sends out WAP PUSH Message, Mobile cannot receive itjie.hu01-23-15  12:51 am
Questions for Sending text message Des - NowSMS Support01-22-15  02:20 pm
Send SMS with different parametersdeepak kumar01-22-15  05:25 am
The APPID is invalid when send oma cpDes - NowSMS Support01-21-15  09:43 pm
Cannot connect to mobile with Android Jelly BeanRajesh kumar01-18-15  07:07 am
Sending 1 - 5 sms at a time then a timed delayisanul hoque12-30-14  02:44 am
Auto responderDes - NowSMS Support12-18-14  01:38 pm
Message Text HandlingDes - NowSMS Support12-16-14  05:54 pm
About pending SMS status ......Des - NowSMS Support12-16-14  05:49 pm
Create Queue for each userAshima Dubey12-16-14  06:48 am
IPhone & nowsms supportDes - NowSMS Support12-14-14  05:15 pm
Tracing.Des - NowSMS Support12-04-14  05:05 pm
"Class" setting not working through AndroidDes - NowSMS Support12-04-14  04:35 pm
Install NowSMS to other PCDes - NowSMS Support12-02-14  05:18 pm
HEX AND DECIMAL RECEIPT ISSUEDes - NowSMS Support11-29-14  02:41 pm
Outbound email rejected by remote smtpFunCoolio11-29-14  08:40 am
SMS message with confirmation boxlifestar pharma11-19-14  04:53 am
Unable to receive IN SMS using SMPPWahab Hussain11-13-14  03:54 am
NowSMS retry pending error sms for more than 500 times ....Des - NowSMS Support11-12-14  09:32 pm
SMS Gateway IssueDes - NowSMS Support11-12-14  04:37 pm
Regarding OMA Provisioning Contents menuBryce Norwood - NowS11-10-14  05:11 pm
SMS Queue HangsDoug Macdonell11-06-14  02:06 pm
Binary DCS for MO messages not appearing to workChris10-30-14  06:45 am
How to find the status of a particular Message IDDes - NowSMS Support10-28-14  06:28 pm
HTTP SMSC - Limit @@Sender@@ fieldDes - NowSMS Support10-28-14  06:08 pm
ReceiveSMSCommandGautam Kharel10-25-14  05:56 pm
Trying to setup and recieved this error: ESME_RSUBMITFAIL Broganire10-24-14  12:25 pm
Message RouteMathew Mathachan10-22-14  08:14 am
SMSGWS.EXE Idle state but still 50% CPU Usage?Des - NowSMS Support25 10-15-14  11:38 am
HTTP Status CodeMathew Mathachan10-15-14  09:33 am
HTTP SMSCDes - NowSMS Support10-14-14  07:13 pm
Problem with smscRouteDes - NowSMS Support10-10-14  02:04 pm
SMS Modem supportMundos10-10-14  07:14 am
SMS not store in mobileDes - NowSMS Support10-03-14  12:38 pm
Files without extension in smsoutDes - NowSMS Support10-01-14  12:01 pm
Delivery Receipts using SMPPDes - NowSMS Support10-01-14  12:00 pm
NowSMS - New license Globe09-30-14  12:55 pm
SMSC does not accept + as prefixAnthony Dyson09-29-14  01:27 pm
Type B ESME to SMPP GWDes - NowSMS Support09-26-14  03:29 pm
Email to SMS from Microsoft Dynamics CRM?Anthony Dyson10 09-24-14  09:10 am
HTTP Provider and Delivery ReportsColin09-18-14  09:15 am
2 way doesn't send output to HTTP urlDes - NowSMS Support09-15-14  03:50 pm
2 way doesn't send output to HTTP urlkashif mushtaq09-15-14  10:27 am
Delayed DeliveryDes - NowSMS Support09-08-14  05:10 pm
When i send 1 mms, 2 are sent to the recipientDes - NowSMS Support09-08-14  05:04 pm
Alert sms sending failed Rubns Benz09-08-14  02:48 am
Sierra Wireless AirLink GX400 won't send SMSDes - NowSMS Support09-05-14  12:49 pm
NowSMS submitted concatenate SMS with a space character added to th...Des - NowSMS Support08-28-14  05:11 pm
SMS Office 365Des - NowSMS Support08-27-14  03:56 pm
Don´t send messageDes - NowSMS Support11 08-26-14  08:01 pm
Datagram modeWalid Boudhir34 08-25-14  09:46 pm
Now SMS , SMPP routerDes - NowSMS Support11 08-25-14  03:24 pm
NowSMS failed to receive/send 2-way SMS messagesVijay Kalagara11 08-23-14  03:18 pm
Software upgrade agreement is expiredDes - NowSMS Support08-22-14  01:37 pm
No message received when sending OMA OTA or WAP Push using GSM modemDes - NowSMS Support08-21-14  04:49 pm
Delay SendRubns Benz08-15-14  02:31 pm
Distribution ListsRubns Benz08-15-14  02:20 pm
Creat a command for 2-way SMSDes - NowSMS Support08-13-14  07:44 pm
See received SMS + import received SMS in ExcelDes - NowSMS Support08-13-14  07:36 pm
Block Non US SMS MessagesVijay Kalagara08-13-14  12:44 pm
Authorised E-Mail Senders are case sensitive!!Anthony Dyson10 08-13-14  06:25 am
Error log on MMSC - REJECTED-FAILEDRambeloson Andry Juv08-05-14  06:11 am
Subject line when forwarding incoming SMS as emailAnthony Dyson08-04-14  04:09 pm
Configuring a custom outgoing SMTP portAnthony Dyson08-04-14  01:40 pm
Message queuedDes - NowSMS Support08-01-14  06:34 pm
Java code to send sms (mex)Des - NowSMS Support07-31-14  02:07 pm
Problem Test MMS on modem DasetDes - NowSMS Support07-30-14  03:18 pm
SMSOUT Logs show unassigned LocalUserLee Eidson07-28-14  05:47 pm
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