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We are trying to send OMA OTA settings to feature phones using a GSM modem riding on a regional carrier in the US. We have successfully sent plain text SMS messages using the modem, but when testing with OMA OTA or even WAP Pushes, the message never makes it to the destination number. The logs do not show any error and seem to indicate that the message went out. (We are also running in debug mode) We currently are running the trial version downloaded from your site. (We will be purchasing a license once we see the OMA OTAs properly update settings on the phone) We are wondering if there are any known issues with doing this on regional carrier networks or if perhaps there is any additional configuration that might facilitate this. Thanks!
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OMA OTA is a form of WAP Push.

The only US carrier that we've seen that allows mobile originated WAP Push is T-Mobile. And that only works sending to other T-Mobile numbers. If you try to send to another network, you'll get this text message in response: "Free Msg: Unable to send message to xxxxxxxxx. Please try again without a symbol in the text."

There's a thread here about how it does not work on AT&T:

It did used to work on AT&T, until they started blocking around 2010 (and you could even send them across networks between T-Mobile and AT&T a few years earlier). One of our customers found a work-around (also referenced in the above thread), but it appears that is also now blocked.

You may want to look at this document: ...and try different DCS and PID values. But most likely the messages you are sending are being discarded by the operator.

Before giving up, try sending a simple WAP Push to the modem's own phone number, and see if the modem receives the message. And if so, have any attributes been changed? I expect no message will be received, but it is worth trying.

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