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Posted on Thursday, January 22, 2015 - 08:49 am:   


I use Now SMS 2014.12.12 and now Now SMS connect to SMPP
I have some questions for sending text message.

- 99pages can not send using now sms.

I input 15047 characters(99pages) and then send a handset.
But mobile phone receive the 54 pages.
Does now sms send sms max 54pages?
How can I send 99page sms message to the handset?
I attach the log files

- Sender error
when I input some text to the seder field, sender is different.
Why sender is different.

I attach log files for sender error, smpp debug log and smsgw ini file

sender error_150122.txt (25.6 k)
smpp debug log_20150122.txt (3141.4 k)
smsgw ini.txt (0.4 k)
 sms debug log.txt,text/plain
99page not sent _sms out log (27.7 k)
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Posted on Thursday, January 22, 2015 - 02:20 pm:   


NowSMS truncates text messages longer than 8191 characters, which is just over 53 segments. The 54th segment would be truncated.

The sender issues look like your SMPP server does not understand alphanumeric sender (TON=5), or it expects some other format.

Note that to the best of my knowledge, the raw SMS PDU format only supports GSM alphabet characters in the sender field.

To specifically address the test cases:

test1234test467 was encoded as test1234test467, TON=5, NPI=0. I have no idea why it would appear garbled.

testbed was encoded as testbed, TON=5, NPI=0. Note that the SMPP spec defines the source_add parameter a being a C-Octet String, which means it is null terminated There is no separate source_addr length parameter, so the null character is used to terminate the sender address. The null character is the GSM character set encoding for @, so the SMPP server seems to be interpreting the null as @, which is an error.

The Chinese characters cannot be s supported as a source/sender address. NowSMS replaced the characters it could not encode with ?

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