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Username: Epicycler

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Posted on Friday, December 04, 2015 - 10:16 pm:   

when I turn off an Android phone in use as an SMSC connection the Status in nowSMS remains "OK" for about 10 minutes before changing to "5 (NowSMSModem - 352520062031696) : Failure -- Unable to connect to NowSMS modem 352520062031696". Same in web interface and XML stats.

SMS messages are queued so I guess nowSMS is aware of a change of state.

Question. How long before nowSMS reports the Android phone is no longer there?

Question. Is there a configuration (ini) parameter to shorten the time to a minimum?
Des - NowSMS Support
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Posted on Friday, December 04, 2015 - 10:51 pm:   

Hi Julian,

It is a 10 minute check interval.

The server polls the Android modems every 10 minutes to see if they are responding. On the Android app side, if there has been no activity (including this check), after about 12 minutes, various actions are taken to reconnect. At 15 minutes, a more complex set of recovery actions are initiated. And at 20 minutes, another type of recovery is attempted.

We agree that there may be scenarios like yours where more robust recovery timings would be desired.

To that end, we have made a small change to make timeouts configurable.

There is a new version of NowSMS in the interim release area at the bottom of (currently version 2015.09.01).

A newer version of the Android app (currently version 2015.08.07) can also be found there.

Starting with these updates, the timeout is configurable.

By default, NowSMS polls modems every 10 minutes (600 seconds). If the Android app does not see activity within that period, it asssumes there is a problem and begins to take corrective action. Previously, this would take between 12 and 20 minutes for recovery action to complete. This is now configurable. In SMSGW.INI, under the [SMSGW] header, add ModemAppCheckInterval=###, where ### is the polling interval in seconds. The Android app will initiate recovery attempts at interval + 10%, alternating between the previous 12 and 15 minute recovery processes. At interval + 100%, another type of recovery is attempted.

NowSMS Support
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Username: Epicycler

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Posted on Friday, December 04, 2015 - 11:14 pm:   

wow, that was quick!

thanks muchly Des, for explanation and changes. My experience is its always difficult to establish "state" in long chains of communications.

Certainly not a show stopper.

I have legacy diagnostics in our server for old modems. For example, sending an sms from any modem to any other modem, or all combinations at once (very pretty on a web page :-)). Since our traffic is light but round trip important I will probably also make some judgements from the smsNow server sms queue by polling the xml statistics periodically. eg if the queue is increasing and the sent is not then there's probably a problem and I can alert people from our server.

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