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Posted on Wednesday, April 27, 2005 - 11:59 am:   

Hi Bruce,

I found this discussion board very useful,I have written java server application which services the mobile users pull requests, The server connects to SMSC via SMPP to send SMS to mobile

the problem i am facing is, whenever i try to send the SMS data as 0x09 the recieving mobile recieves it as 0x20.. i tried lot to investigate the reason but couldn't. I assume the relation between the 0x20 which is "ASCII space" and the 0x09 which is "ASCII tab" may be the problem. could you try guess what wrong i may be doing?

Bryce Norwood - NowSMS Support
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Posted on Wednesday, April 27, 2005 - 06:05 pm:   


The "tab" character is not part of the GSM alphabet. So it is likely that the SMSC is just considering it to be white space and turning it into a space character.

In the GSM alphabet, 0x09 is Ç.

Most SMPP implementations use the GSM alphabet, so that if you submitted 0x09, it would come out as Ç.

But some SMPP implementations use the iso-8859-1/Latin character set (standard ANSI charset for North America/Western Europe), or have an option to use that character set. So if you were using that character set to talk to the SMSC, the SMSC would not be able to translate the tab character into the GSM alphabet ... hence the substitution with the space character.


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