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Sending SMS binary using SMPP APISekaran Nanja07-14-05  03:06 am
Sending SMS binary using SMPP APSekaran Nanja07-14-05  03:03 am
Detecting WAP Push CapabilityJonathan Sheena07-14-05  12:16 am
Unable to view picture messagerebecca07-13-05  05:52 pm
SMPP error 9Anton Raharja07-13-05  06:01 am
GSG modem status when NowSms Service is offna07-12-05  05:14 pm
Nokia 6020 wort connect to GPRSanam07-12-05  11:12 am
COM Port or Driver?na07-12-05  03:17 am
Wavecom M1206B Power Supplyashot shahbazian07-11-05  09:08 pm
Flushing received SMS messages using SMPP APIdvkrishna07-11-05  12:10 pm
Com Port problemCybp07-11-05  07:13 am
Web Interface (Send Text SMS) adds @CiCkanY07-10-05  01:49 pm
Where to buy MultiTech external wireless modems? Anonymous07-09-05  04:48 pm
Forging SMS sender?P Y07-09-05  04:45 pm
Probleme with french characteressandeep07-08-05  11:29 am
Use of Now SMS/MMS Gateway as 'private' SMSCSimon Luttrell07-07-05  05:17 am
About SMS via HTTPAnonymous07-06-05  07:31 am
Binary messages in SMPPDarek Chorazewicz07-05-05  09:46 pm
"Send MMS Message" not routing to my modem.Doug07-05-05  03:11 pm
2-Way(Process Received SMS Messages)Hisham Ali07-05-05  11:39 am
FROM fiend problems - MMSAlexandre Padrin Cal07-04-05  04:11 pm
2 way issues while receiving a sms message, please help me out???Anonymous07-04-05  02:02 pm
Easy way to send text file as an SMS?Anonymous07-04-05  10:13 am
Send jpeg file from pc to nokia 3230Anonymous07-03-05  07:43 am
WAP PushMohamed Salim ALI07-02-05  04:19 pm
Please help meAnonymous07-02-05  09:39 am
Wavecom AT command does not work with Kermitneofyte07-01-05  02:02 pm
Gateway keeps sending SMS messages on its ownBC Information Syste07-01-05  11:54 am
Motorola v620/v635 OMANick S.06-29-05  02:22 am
SERIOUS HELPmohamed06-28-05  08:52 pm
SERIOUS HELPmohamed06-28-05  08:52 pm
Problem with MMS testMBJ06-28-05  10:00 am
This is really strange! smsgw.exe blocked!Anonymous06-28-05  05:49 am
GSM Modem for commercial useAaron Chin06-27-05  03:49 pm
SMS-in folderMohamed Salim ALI06-27-05  12:16 pm
SMS Automatic Forwardingstephen mckenna06-27-05  11:10 am
Help !!!!Mohamed Salim ALI06-26-05  09:22 am
OMA SETTINGS IN NOKIA 6020Nick S.06-26-05  07:21 am
MMS settings for NOKIA 6220/6230/5100 with OMA OTANick S.06-26-05  03:45 am
GPS messageMohammed06-25-05  04:21 pm
Problem with the calling party format in SMS MT Anonymous06-24-05  11:27 am
8 bit encoded provider messageAnonymous06-24-05  08:06 am
Cannot receive SMS messagesMohamed Salim ALI06-23-05  03:40 pm
Encoding for binary messagesNishant06-23-05  11:00 am
I Cannot see my SMS-IN folder, Please help me to receive SMSMohamed Salim ALI06-23-05  07:39 am
Send GPRS settings file via MMS gateway Kinjan Shah06-23-05  05:05 am
Network SetupAlexandre Padrin Cal06-22-05  07:02 pm
SMPP AND UCP connectionmohamed06-22-05  06:01 am
Displaying the output of the executed command on the mobile screen Mohamed Salim ALI06-21-05  03:03 pm
Eagletec GSM/GPRS modemAaron06-21-05  12:36 pm
Can i send to puplic?Mohamed Salim ALI06-21-05  11:29 am
MMSC Setting with a Dynamic IP AddressMohamed Salim ALI10 06-21-05  11:11 am
How to process received smsMohamed Salim ALI06-21-05  11:02 am
Regarding multipart/mixedpradip d salve06-20-05  07:04 am
Can we read email through sms?Suzanne06-20-05  05:53 am
Problem with ver 5.51bAnonymous06-18-05  12:19 pm
Queue ManagmentAnonymous06-17-05  07:10 pm
Flash RingtoneSumedha06-17-05  11:29 am
Always first message sent, next messages gives an errorDevrim Ergel06-17-05  11:24 am
Replace SMSBryn Chapman06-17-05  12:12 am
NOKIA AT Commands - Programming in Visual BasicDiemTrance06-16-05  06:39 am
PDUCandme Peterson06-15-05  11:58 am
Mblox originatorType parameter?Dani Riera06-15-05  07:51 am
O2 cannot receive WAP PUSHNZ14 06-14-05  02:14 pm
How to check link is active fengyj06-14-05  09:23 am
SMS to EmailTheoder D06-14-05  04:15 am
SMPP failure alertAnonymous06-13-05  06:32 pm
Virtual SMSCAnonymous06-12-05  08:23 am
Can nowmms used in debian ???? toink mania06-11-05  03:47 pm
Siemens C65 CSD WAP OTA SettingsAnonymous06-09-05  07:27 pm
Phone type by SMS code?Dominic Smith06-09-05  02:10 pm
Sending alert messagesAnonymous06-09-05  10:56 am
The content of 2-way's @@FULLSMS@@ neoera06-09-05  09:45 am
NowSmSDarek Chorazewicz06-08-05  03:15 pm
Replace or delete pre-submitted smsBryn Chapman06-08-05  05:32 am
Preferred connection list not workingSam Rafel06-07-05  12:48 am
Confusion with mblox_operator and mblox_tariffKuma Ma06-06-05  10:40 pm
MMS gateways in USA?1000606-06-05  09:23 pm
Mms plain texAnonymous06-06-05  01:13 pm
Configuration on retry pendingdennis trunks06-05-05  11:22 pm
SEND MSG ERROR TRAPGeOmen06-05-05  01:38 pm
Running Multiple 2-way SMS Applicationsrhea06-05-05  08:33 am
Receive sms and store into an odbc databaseMathew A.06-05-05  08:24 am
Gif to otaDarek Chorazewicz06-04-05  11:55 am
Newbie Needs HelpErica A Ramsey06-02-05  05:20 pm
SMPP Server not routing received SMS'swalter Betances06-02-05  11:37 am
SMS System On HTTPDarek Chorazewicz06-01-05  10:48 pm
Routing SMS via several SMSC'sDarek Chorazewicz06-01-05  10:42 pm
Different user different MMSCDATA directoryAnonymous06-01-05  05:21 pm
MMWAPURLOnly not workingAnonymous06-01-05  04:46 pm
SMS 2-way https command dosn't workBryce Norwood - NowS06-01-05  03:50 pm
To Process received SMS using C languageBryce Norwood - NowS06-01-05  03:29 pm
Problems with 2 WAY SMSvishal05-31-05  08:05 am
Can't add connection type to DKU-5 CableAnonymous05-31-05  04:19 am
How to add sender info and subject onto URL for MMS notificationAnonymous05-31-05  02:29 am
ConfigurationErica A Ramsey05-30-05  05:09 pm
2- way functionsuresh11 05-30-05  04:35 am
SMS keyword responds with MMSsuresh05-30-05  04:26 am
Question about long smssushan05-29-05  04:02 pm
GSM MODEM +PHONE + VASMohamed Salim ALI05-29-05  07:39 am
Anybody tried MAESTRO 100 GSM Modem?na05-28-05  12:50 am
URL Parameters + Protocol ID (PID)na05-28-05  12:03 am
Support for MultiTech Wireless modemsBryce Norwood - NowS05-27-05  07:39 pm
Entry Level GSM Modem PhoneBryce Norwood - NowS05-26-05  05:08 pm
Maesto 20 MODEM Bryce Norwood - NowS05-26-05  05:00 pm
Statusquery-messageBryce Norwood - NowS05-26-05  04:46 pm
SMSc in connection with a real SwitchBryce Norwood - NowS05-26-05  04:43 pm
Hello.Bryce Norwood - NowS05-26-05  04:37 pm
GSM ModemBryce Norwood - NowS05-26-05  04:24 pm
SMPP problem with 5.51Bryce Norwood - NowS05-26-05  04:19 pm
Sending MMS notification----failed!Bryce Norwood - NowS05-26-05  04:13 pm
SMS - pdu/Binary Mode Bryce Norwood - NowS05-26-05  04:00 pm
Using smpp to sens mms ?Bryce Norwood - NowS05-26-05  03:57 pm
SMPP Unknown Error 00013CCCBryce Norwood - NowS05-26-05  03:56 pm
Does anybody know of an SMS Center.....ronan tobin05-26-05  12:28 pm
Notification for SMS deliveryBryce Norwood - NowS05-25-05  07:43 pm
Delivery StatusBryce Norwood - NowS05-25-05  07:37 pm
New to this, require general infoBryce Norwood - NowS05-25-05  07:31 pm
Fastrack (Wavecom) gsm modem becomes unresponsive spontaneously...Bryce Norwood - NowS05-25-05  07:16 pm
OMA provisioning for Windows Mobile 2003Anonymous29 05-25-05  03:08 pm
On using NowSMS programatically from a web server ..na05-20-05  11:30 am
How to send SMS command by CMGC?Bryce Norwood - NowS05-18-05  09:13 pm
Help!!Can you give me a list of cell phones support the NowSMS gate...Bryce Norwood - NowS05-18-05  09:08 pm
Having different phonenumbers for different projectsBryce Norwood - NowS05-18-05  09:04 pm
Protect contentBryce Norwood - NowS05-18-05  08:45 pm
MWI to Verizon Wireless.Bryce Norwood - NowS05-18-05  08:29 pm
Send contact in the phone adress bookBryce Norwood - NowS05-18-05  07:20 pm
Ota picture converterBryce Norwood - NowS05-18-05  07:14 pm
How to find out if NowSMS is queuing the messagesBryce Norwood - NowS05-18-05  07:11 pm
SMSC HTTP API recommendationSteve Bennett05-11-05  02:05 pm
New 2 this HELP PleaseBryce Norwood - NowS05-10-05  05:09 pm
Sms sending with HSCSDBryce Norwood - NowS05-09-05  05:25 pm
SMS - SMPP ConnectionBryce Norwood - NowS05-09-05  05:22 pm
SI comes with which port numberBryce Norwood - NowS05-09-05  05:16 pm
Nokia 5110 as GSM ModemBryce Norwood - NowS05-09-05  05:05 pm
6230 not setting APN for Internet access.google16305-07-05  01:11 pm
Problem connecting c100 to NOWSMSBryce Norwood - NowS05-06-05  06:32 pm
Receiving SMS in a SMPP client - Originated from a handsetBryce Norwood - NowS05-06-05  06:16 pm
Active X ComponentBryce Norwood - NowS05-04-05  08:23 pm
WAP Push over SMPPYossi05-04-05  01:33 pm
SMPP delivery receiptsBryce Norwood - NowS05-03-05  07:30 pm
Cms error 500 with AircardJed05-03-05  04:24 pm
Need sms mms portalDmitry Gordienko05-03-05  10:07 am
Problem Receiving SMS on Nokia 30Bryce Norwood - NowS05-02-05  08:21 pm
E-mail Client Provisioning on P900/P910 ?hummer05-01-05  06:28 am
Read WAP PushBryce Norwood - NowS04-29-05  07:57 pm
Long Text Messages over SMPPBryce Norwood - NowS04-28-05  08:06 pm
Missing SARBryce Norwood - NowS04-28-05  07:55 pm
Class 0 SMS issue with unicode char backward apostropheBryce Norwood - NowS04-28-05  04:13 pm
Using GSM Mobile Phones as GSM Modem for SMSBryce Norwood - NowS04-28-05  02:40 pm
SIEMENS LOGO Problem (SEO)Bryce Norwood - NowS04-28-05  02:37 pm with NowSMSBryce Norwood - NowS04-27-05  06:16 pm
SMS over SMPP to SMSCBryce Norwood - NowS04-27-05  06:05 pm
HTTP request from your Java application Andrew Thomas04-27-05  08:56 am
Update settings sent via OMA or OTABryce Norwood - NowS04-26-05  08:07 pm
Question About UsageBryce Norwood - NowS04-26-05  06:49 pm
SE k500 sau se k700Bryce Norwood - NowS04-26-05  06:34 pm
2-way problemBryce Norwood - NowS04-26-05  06:28 pm
Newby neen helpBryce Norwood - NowS04-26-05  06:20 pm
So do you provide sms gateway services or not?Bryce Norwood - NowS04-26-05  06:17 pm
Mms smsBryce Norwood - NowS04-26-05  06:15 pm
How to send a WAP Push without storing the messageBryce Norwood - NowS04-26-05  06:11 pm
What's to do?Bryce Norwood - NowS04-26-05  06:03 pm
Sharp EMS problemBryce Norwood - NowS04-26-05  06:02 pm
SMS Submission LimitationsBryce Norwood - NowS04-26-05  06:01 pm
„Command to Execute“ doesn’t access in 2-WayBryce Norwood - NowS04-26-05  05:47 pm
Installing NowSMS on Windows2003 ServerBryce Norwood - NowS04-26-05  05:03 pm
How to submit bulk SMS through web interfaceBryce Norwood - NowS04-26-05  04:54 pm
Nowsms 5.5 Load balanceBryce Norwood - NowS04-26-05  04:49 pm
Send Chinese SMS Via NowsmsBryce Norwood - NowS04-26-05  04:44 pm
HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found Connection: closeBryce Norwood - NowS04-26-05  04:12 pm
NOWSMS with VB 6.0Bryce Norwood - NowS04-26-05  03:47 pm
SMS Gateway limitationsBryce Norwood - NowS04-26-05  03:02 pm
MSG_ID in wap pushBryce Norwood - NowS04-26-05  02:12 pm
Conection faildBryce Norwood - NowS04-26-05  02:04 pm
Motorola V600 - MMSBryce Norwood - NowS04-25-05  05:03 pm
How to access the sms information from user through ur gate way int...Bryce Norwood - NowS04-25-05  04:59 pm
EMS Message Data FieldBryce Norwood - NowS04-25-05  04:37 pm
How to Change SENDER ID from Mobile number ?????Bryce Norwood - NowS04-25-05  04:26 pm
Pocket PC as a GatewayAndreas Froland04-17-05  05:23 pm
HiiiAnonymous04-11-05  10:18 pm
Nokia 6600 download problemAnonymous04-11-05  12:21 pm
Inbound SMS to SMS-IN directoryBryce Norwood - NowS04-10-05  12:27 pm
Send a link through MMSBryce Norwood - NowS04-10-05  12:24 pm
Simple question - 2 way SMSBryce Norwood - NowS04-10-05  12:22 pm
Wap Push ErrorBryce Norwood - NowS04-10-05  12:20 pm
Cannot send MMS to more than one email adress...Bryce Norwood - NowS04-10-05  12:18 pm
RECEIVING SMSBryce Norwood - NowS04-10-05  12:11 pm
WAP push issueBryce Norwood - NowS04-10-05  12:09 pm
2 way problemBryce Norwood - NowS04-10-05  12:04 pm
System Type and PasswordBryce Norwood - NowS04-10-05  11:59 am
SL messageBryce Norwood - NowS04-10-05  11:57 am
Unable to Initialize TAPIBryce Norwood - NowS04-10-05  11:46 am
Adding & removing SMS Users with a script / command line?Frank04-10-05  07:21 am
Nowsms capabilities questionBryce Norwood - NowS04-10-05  12:44 am
2-way receipt (urgent)Bryce Norwood - NowS04-10-05  12:38 am
Arabic with nowsmsBryce Norwood - NowS04-10-05  12:36 am
Mms notificationBryce Norwood - NowS04-10-05  12:28 am
No WAP PUSH notification Bryce Norwood - NowS04-10-05  12:24 am
How to use MMSCOMP to create mms file, plz...Bryce Norwood - NowS04-10-05  12:20 am
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