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Posted on Monday, May 02, 2005 - 03:00 am:   

I have a Nokia 30 setup properly for receiving and sending SMS via nowsms. The problem is, every time I send a message to the SIM number on the Nokia 30, it gets sent to the SMS-IN folder as a .SMS file. Below is a sample file.

ModemName=Nokia 30 (Cable) #2

I checked the "Process Received SMS Messages" checkbox, added * as the SMS command prefix, and a command like "http://localhost/gw/sms_gw.dll?parseAcct?phone=

My questions:

1. With the abovementioned info as the only entry in my SMS command table, I assumed all messages will be processed by my dll, is this so?

2. Assuming Question#1 is correct, why is it that nowsms receives SMS messages as binary even though I'm sending text messages to the Nokia 30?

3. Is there a way where nowsms can just receive plain text messages in the SMS-IN folder, that is, Data=plain text msg and Binary=0?

Bryce Norwood - NowSMS Support
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Posted on Monday, May 02, 2005 - 08:21 pm:   

I'm confused about why this message would be showing up as binary as well. That is not normal. (And DCS=4 is clearly an indication that the message is in binary format.)

I'd like to see an SMSDEBUG.LOG that shows your system receiving a message. The easiest way to enable the SMSDEBUG.LOG is via a checkbox setting on the "Serial #" page of the configuration dialog.

It would be good if you could enable that log, then send at least 3 messages in to the modem. It would also help if you could tell me what text the messages should contain.

Then either post the SMSDEBUG.LOG as an attachment here, or e-mail it to with a subject line of "Attention: Bryce" and a reference to this thread so I know why I'm looking at the log file.

It is normal that binary messages are not presented to 2-way commands by default. If you have a need to process binary messages by a script, then please see the explanation of how to do this in the following thread:

However, before you do that, I think we should understand why NowSMS thinks these messages are binary ... because something is going wrong somewhere. How are you sending the messages to the modem? Via the standard way that you send SMS from a phone? Or via a service?


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