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Norbert Naveen
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Posted on Friday, May 16, 2014 - 09:48 am:   

Hello All,
I am new to Now SMS.
For a small mobile operator . Can NOW SMS be deployed to work as
a. WAP Gateway / Proxy
b. HTTP Transparent Proxy
c. Carry out HTTP header Enrichment for MSISDN,IMSI, RAT, MCC MNC
d. Ensure that it compliments MMSC for charging by appropriate encapsulation and MSISDN enrichment

If so , what all features should be bought

Bryce Norwood - NowSMS Support
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Posted on Friday, May 16, 2014 - 02:56 pm:   

Hi Norbert,

Change Now SMS to Now WAP and the answers are:

a. Yes
b. Yes, but a router/switch/firewall needs to intercept and redirect the request to NowWAP.
c. Yes
d. Yes

The product required is NowWAP (sometimes we call it a proxy, sometimes a gateway).

If the information is available from the network, NowWAP will insert the following HTTP headers:

X-MSISDN: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
X-WAP-3GPP-IMSI: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
X-WAP-3GPP-RAT-TYPE: 1 or 2 (1 = 3G, 2 = EDGE/GPRS)

How it works and how to configure...

A mobile device is assigned an IP address when it connects to the GGSN (access server). This IP address is dynamically assigned and changes between sessions.

The WAP gateway needs to receive information from the “access server” in order to identify the MSISDN of a device associated with the IP address making a request of the WAP gateway.

The NowWAP proxy integrates with access servers using the Radius accounting protocol, which is one of the Radius (Remote Authentication Dial In User Service) protocols. The Radius authentication protocol is defined in internet RFC 2865, and the Radius accounting protocol is defined in internet RFC 2866. The two protocols are frequently used together.

These are distinct but similar UDP based protocols, and each usually operate over their own separate port.

NowWAP only needs NowWAP Accounting, but there are some configurations where Radius authentication and Radius accounting cannot be decoupled, so it can support both, but we recommend only configuring NowWAP for RADIUS accounting.

The Radius authentication protocol is used to authenticate a user.

After a connection has been authenticated, the access server can be configured to use the Radius accounting protocol to inform an accounting server of a new connection. Similarly, the access server notifies of a dropped connection. The Radius accounting protocol is also UDP-based, but it is an informational protocol. After a new connection is authenticated, the access server sends a Radius accounting packet over UDP to the configured accounting server(s).

To provide MSISDN support, NowWAP needs to be configured as a Radius accounting server, so that it receives Radius accounting packets from the access server. This support is activated in NowWAP on the MSISDN configuration dialog.

In the configuration dialog, you must specify a port (1813 is the default according to the specification, but some access servers default to 1646 which is an incorrect default from an older specification), and the appropriate shared secret.

This setting enables the NowWAP Proxy to receive Radius accounting packets from the access server.
Check “Forward MSISDN to Content Servers”, and add your local domain name as a content domain. The gateway will then include the MSISDN in any requests to content servers within any listed domains. For example, if “” is listed as a supported content domain, then the MSISDN would be forwarded to a content server named “”, or a content server simply named “”. The gateway will forward the MSISDN to the content server in all HTTP requests sent to the content server, using the HTTP “X-MSISDN:” header.

As long as the Radius accounting feed from the access server is reliable, it may be desirable to require an MSISDN for any connections to the WAP gateway. This can be enabled by checking “Require MSISDN for all gateway connections”. Connections from IP addresses where the WAP gateway has not received an MSISDN assignment from the access server will be rejected with HTTP error 403 Forbidden.

Getting the Radius accounting feed setup in the access server correctly, so that it is sent to the WAP gateway, is the hardest part of this process. Unfortunately, NowWAP doesn’t give you much indication as to whether or not it is receiving a Radius accounting feed. If NowWAP is receiving any RADIUS packets, it will create a RADIUS-yyyymmdd.LOG with details of received packets in its program directory.

When testing, it can be useful to enable the debug log in NowWAP (edit WAPGW.INI, add Debug=Yes under [WAPGW] section header), and monitor the WAPDEBUG.LOG for a keyword of “Radius”, where it will log all Radius packets that the gateway receives. Wireshark can also be very useful for troubleshooting.

NowWAP can also be configured to be a Radius authentication server, but it is a VERY simple Radius authentication server. When NowWAP is a Radius authentication server, it will accept all authentication requests. We do not recommend the use of this setting, unless there are reasons why authentication and accounting cannot be decoupled.


Bryce Norwood
Now Wireless Support

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