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A question from the tech support mailbox that I thought would be of more general interest...

A customer noticed that when NowSMS is used to send an MMS message over a modem connection, if the message is being sent to more than 20 recipients, NowSMS breaks the recipient list into groups of 20, and then submits multiple messages.

They asked why this was done and if it is configurable.

Different versions of NowSMS handle sending MMS messages via a modem connection with some differences.

In the early days of MMS, we had problems with some operator systems in that they had a limit of how many recipients they would accept for an MMS message.

So, we set a default limit of 5 recipients per MMS when sending out via a modem connection. This means that if you send to 10 recipients, the recipient list will be split into two, with two messages being sent to 5 recipients each.

In mid-2012, we decided that this default limit was too low and changed it to 20 recipients (version 2012.06.19 and later).

Other MMSC interfaces have similar limits. For MM7 we default to 100 recipients per message instance, and for MM4 the default is 1 recipient per message instance.

This default limit can be adjusted by editing the configuration file for the outbound MMS routing ... /VASPOUT/routename/VASP.INI. Under the [VASP] header, specify MaxRecips=### to adjust this per MMS message recipient limit.

If you do adjust this limit, be sure to test with your mobile operator to make sure you do not exceed any limits they impose.

(Note: For NowSMS Lite, routename is always nowsmslite)

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