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From a support email:


I would like to ask you something more about MM4 traffic:
We have on the MMSC.ini the parameter “MMSMessageSizeLimit=1024” which makes the NowMMS to accept up to 1Mb MMSs originated on our network, is there any way to set the same limit to MM4 messages? Something like “MM4MessageSizeLimit” or so?

If an MMSMessageSizeLimit setting is present in MMSC.INI, this MMSMessageSizeLimit will be automatically applied also to inbound MM4 connections. (The MM4 limit will be set slightly higher to account for the fact that binary objects are usually base64 encoded for MM4, which increases size over that transport.)

If you want a different limit for MM4, use MMSMessageSizeLimitMM4=#### to set a limit for MM4 only. Use 0 to disable the MM4 limit. #### is size in KB over MM4 transport, so consider that base64 encoding can increase size by 33%.

For outbound MM4 connections, a size limit can be set for each external MMSC connection. If a message exceeds the configured size limit, the MMSC will attempt to scale images to a smaller size before sending the MMS message. This setting is configured in the VASPOUT\routename\VASP.INI file, under the [VASP] header: MaxSize=#### (value in KB). If the content cannot be scaled down (video), the message will be rejected and the sender will receive a non-delivery notification.

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