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ganesan subburaj
New member
Username: Essgan

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Registered: 03-2007
Posted on Thursday, June 28, 2007 - 09:43 am:   


We had purchased a nowsms product from you,we are facing an issue when configuring smpp smsc

When we try to configure smpp smsc
we are getting the following error

"Unable to login to SMPP server with specified parameters.Error : Invalid Distribution List Name"

This is happened for particular smpp server only
We have configured other some smpp smsc and they are working well.

What does it mean?

Could you please tell me how to fix the issue

Bryce Norwood - NowSMS Support
Board Administrator
Username: Bryce

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Registered: 10-2002
Posted on Thursday, June 28, 2007 - 04:49 pm:   

Hi Ganesh,

When you attempt to login/bind to the server, it is returning SMPP error 0x34 (ESME_RINVDLNAME). The SMPP specification defines the following text description of this error: "Invalid Distribution List name"

Obviously, in this instance, this error makes no sense. But this is the error code that the SMPP server is returning, so we can only report it back to you. (It's the old saying ... garbage in, garbage out ... they return an invalid error to us, and we provide a text description of the invalid error.)

I can only conclude that the SMPP provider is returning an invalid error code. And all we can do is guess about what they really mean when they return this error.

What would my guesses be?

Well, the error code abbreviation ESME_RINVDLNAME might have been interpreted by the programmer as "invalid name", and they might think that this is the error that they should return if an invalid username or password is supplied in the login/bind attempt.

Or it may be an error where the provider will only allow you to connect from certain IP addresses, and you are attempting to connect from a different IP address.

Or, there are some situations where the provider wants you to specify a system_type parameter when you login. And they reject the connection if this value is not specfied.

I've also seen a provider that required Bind TON and Bind NPI settings to be specified when logging in ... these can be set under the "Advanced Settings" page of NowSMS.

Those are guesses, but usually in this type of situation, the only solution is to ask the provider for more information on why the login/bind is failing ... as they may have more information (than an invalid error code) on their end ... and they are the only ones that can tell you what parameters you should be using when you login. In other words, if a particular system_type value is required, they need to tell you what it is, you can't just guess.

So ask your provider what settings you should be using when logging in/binding. If you are having trouble translating their terminology to NowSMS terms, then please reply back explaining what parameters the provider has asked you to set.


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