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Chia-Hsiang Kao
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Posted on Friday, February 13, 2009 - 04:45 am:   

Dear all,

I tried to implement a test application which can send smart message to Nokia CDMA phone(1606). Firstly, I tried to use GSM phone with at command with the nokia smart message format "//SCKL" to do it, but it didn't receive anything (Nothing even a sms received notification). I guess maybe this smart message format has been modified when it traveling from GSM to CDMA, so I use Nokia CDMA phone(6275) with at command to do it, but it also didn't receive anything. Than I use Now SMS to send wap push message, but it only get a sms which said the message can't be displayed. I guess that maybe Nokia 1606 doesn't support EMS. I put the smart message format which I use in the following:


I also tried the EMS format to send it but get the same result as what Now SMS get.

In this case, is there anyone know how to send smart message to CDMA phone? Since I guess Nokia 1606 doesn't support EMS format, the way to send by EMS is dead. Use smart message format the phone didn't get anything, so I guess may be there still have a chance to send it via smart message format, it just because the format I use has some mistake, so is there anyone has idea about it? Any clue is appreciated! Thank you very much!

Best Regards,

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