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Wap Push Service Load
Started by Alam Sher Khan
02-16-09  04:03 pm
Des - NowSMS Support
Send smart message to CDMA phone
Started by Chia-Hsiang Kao
02-13-09  05:45 am
Chia-Hsiang Kao
How to instal
Started by probowaseso
01-26-09  09:04 pm
Des - NowSMS Support
General Error on opening OTA Sync Settings
Started by xyz
01-13-09  07:32 am
WSP Headers (wap push)
Started by Frank Jonson
01-09-09  10:17 pm
Des - NowSMS Support
How to send WBXML
Started by chenyuchang
01-08-09  02:05 pm
How to send ota gprs setting for O2 and IPhone...
Started by chaoraksa
11-20-08  07:27 pm
Bryce Norwood - NowSMS
Windows Mobile device ignores the WAP Provisioning message.
Started by Anupam Mangudkar
11-07-08  08:02 pm
Des - NowSMS Support
OMA Settings Nokia 7260 (urgent!!!)
Started by Nguyen Trong Tho
11-07-08  01:43 am
Nguyen Trong Tho
Now wap question
Started by weeyongseok
10-28-08  02:35 pm
frederick zimran larte
Please help on text message programatically
Started by Sajid Ahmed
10-09-08  02:03 pm
Des - NowSMS Support
NowSMS inside UAProfs
Started by vitor novaes
09-03-08  02:56 pm
vitor novaes
WAP Push encoding - Length Quote
Started by Frank Henningsen
07-11-08  06:37 am
Khmer Tech
RSS to SMS ??
Started by nathan
04-17-08  09:27 pm
Swaping sim between phone n aircard
Started by M Long
03-03-08  01:58 am
M Long
How to extract the mms received?
Started by Vivek K. Rokade
02-27-08  12:33 pm
Abhishek Pandey
Can I send a pdf file with MMS?
Started by Harald Roer
02-27-08  12:26 pm
Abhishek Pandey
Is the Nokia/Ericsson "Over The Air Settings Specification v7" stil...
Started by Rob Harding
02-27-08  12:23 pm
Abhishek Pandey
Problem with sending OMA SyncML settings via SMS
Started by Antonio Ong
02-14-08  09:22 pm
adam michalak
OTA with GPRS settings and some phones
Started by Viatcheslav
01-31-08  12:41 pm
udenna akachukwu
Sending vCARD via UDP - Port 9204
Started by vij
01-18-08  02:45 pm
How MMS works in GSM and CDMA environment
Started by Shrayash
10-05-07  07:55 pm
WSP Content type format?
Started by Suchit Agrawal
10-01-07  12:48 pm
Suchit Agrawal
Started by dang
09-19-07  10:56 am
Problem sending WAP OTA to X495 (samsung)
Started by Gabriel Aloha
09-17-07  07:20 pm
Gabriel Aloha
MMS notification problem
Started by Michal Krestan
09-05-07  09:11 am
Michal Krestan
Started by Steven Tyler
08-27-07  08:04 pm
Steven Tyler
OTA configuration file
Started by Tomislav
13 08-21-07  09:32 am
Rights content through WAP push?
Started by Rathish
08-03-07  10:14 am
Rights content through binary sms?
Started by Chezhian
08-03-07  09:19 am
Sending Rights content through WAP push
Started by Chezhian
08-02-07  01:11 pm
Getting Alert message while accessing HTTPS sites.
Started by Richa Saxena
07-23-07  03:19 pm
Richa Saxena
About mms notication data
Started by powernet
07-22-07  08:49 am
WAP network architecture
Started by dwayne brown
07-22-07  03:47 am
dwayne brown
Http/1.1 500 Internal Server Error
Started by yoyo
07-17-07  09:26 pm
Bryce Norwood - NowSMS
How to Send OTA Settings - binary
Started by vijay
07-10-07  05:17 am
Windows Mobile - OTA CP
Started by Rafael Pacheco
07-05-07  11:05 pm
Jonathan White
How to get delivery report of an SMS?
Started by vijay
06-29-07  07:12 pm
Bryce Norwood - NowSMS
Sending XML Settings to get OTA file dynamically
Started by vijay
06-27-07  11:31 am
Any other Gateway to send XML rights objects to device
Started by subashini
06-26-07  01:30 pm
Linking to an J2ME app in a WAP Push message
Started by Joe Nicholson
06-26-07  06:26 am
Joe Nicholson
SL vs SI
Started by Ruan Fourie
06-25-07  08:06 pm
Bryce Norwood - NowSMS
Content Disposition problem: incorrect filename
Started by Graham Macaskill
06-25-07  08:03 pm
Bryce Norwood - NowSMS
Can I push a wmlc to phone instead of si ?
Started by cfj
06-25-07  07:58 pm
Bryce Norwood - NowSMS
Nowsms can't send wap push
Started by steven he
06-25-07  01:16 pm
Kiran Magi
GSM 11.14
Started by shyam amrawat
06-25-07  10:00 am
Loney Lambert
Started by Joterito
04-23-07  02:06 pm
Get info with PXLOGICAL
Started by Joterito
04-23-07  11:31 am
Problem facing in WAP1.2 for not fully closing the session
Started by Richa Saxena
04-19-07  01:55 pm
Richa Saxena
OMA download URL
Started by nltr
06-03-05  09:56 am
SI / SL and Content Types
Started by Jeremy
02-25-07  02:16 am
Wap multimedia message
Started by milon
02-17-07  05:19 am
Tayyab Ilyas
Siemens AX72, CF110... OTA Client Provisioning
Started by Tim Becker
01-31-07  02:39 pm
Tim Becker
Kannel GW and MMS
Started by Marty
11 12-25-06  12:20 pm
NOW SMS as a WAP Gateway
Started by eragon
12-22-06  07:51 am
Multipart OMA Provisioning SMS
Started by przemeck
12-19-06  03:40 pm
How to specify return URI for wap push
Started by Lukasz Osipiuk
06-09-06  12:51 am
Lukasz Osipiuk
Nowsms can't send wap push message
Started by steven he
12-13-06  04:03 am
deepkamal singh
WAP Push message
Started by Yassmin M
12-13-06  04:01 am
deepkamal singh
OMA settings
Started by smruti compubits
12-07-06  07:35 am
smruti compubits
SyncML problems related to nokia 6600
Started by smruti compubits
12-06-06  05:43 am
smruti compubits
Started by smruti compubits
12-04-06  08:41 am
smruti compubits
Send OTA SyncML Settings in Sony Ericsson T601
Started by Kinjan Shah
11-24-06  08:30 pm
Why i received pdu like this after WSP POST
Started by singgih
11-20-06  02:20 am
How to judge a wap push message is in XML format or WBXML format?
Started by geng yan
11-15-06  08:56 am
geng yan
Started by jim blaney
11-11-06  03:47 pm
jim blaney
WAP 3.0
Started by SD
11-09-06  12:21 pm
Any Guidelines to Develope SMS Gateway
Started by venkatesh guttal
11-09-06  12:10 pm
venkatesh guttal
WAP gateway IP ranges
Started by Peter Broido
11-05-06  02:04 pm
Sending ringtones via WAP Push
Started by Andy Cantley
10-30-06  09:56 am
yonatan kalev
Transfer of sms to PC via bluetooth
Started by Gurpreet singh Bhatia
10-28-06  03:58 pm
Started by abdo
10-26-06  03:03 pm
SMPP Client receiving phone number without "+"
Started by muthu
10-26-06  12:45 pm
Picture and server
Started by andreajaar
10-07-06  08:15 pm
Reg. Ringone/wallpaper delivery
Started by Anand Vijayakumar
09-27-06  01:45 am
Anand Vijayakumar
Pls give me some help about wdp header and user data
Started by cheng yan
09-17-06  02:56 pm
cheng yan
Can any1 help me plz ?????
Started by pamela
09-13-06  12:59 pm
WAP Push SI with Chinese character encoding
Started by sam osnovikov
09-01-06  11:15 pm
sam osnovikov
WTP abort code E1h
Started by Tamy Herold
09-01-06  01:57 pm
Tamy Herold
Setting and configuring WAP gateway for Device Emulator testing
Started by mukhtar sayed
08-23-06  04:29 pm
mukhtar sayed
Can't Ericsson K750i receive any OTA setting
Started by ql.jiang
08-23-06  12:33 am
Changing a phone's menu
Started by Joe Nicholson
08-20-06  04:35 pm
Joe Nicholson
Nokia 7210 and others MMS Receive problem
Started by KaHa6uc MapuxyaHa
08-15-06  01:49 pm
KaHa6uc MapuxyaHa
GPRS-settings as a file, send with IR
Started by Anonymous
04-29-06  06:56 am
norm hosken
Downloading java game
Started by Jeremiah Togonon
09-27-05  09:36 am
Jeremiah Togonon
Nokia wap gateway msisdn
Started by misge
02-15-06  11:23 am
Sending WAP Push (Does it require Gateway)
Started by Anonymous
08-01-05  07:39 pm
Started by Bob
06-21-06  11:19 am
WAP 2.0 protocol stacks
Started by Anonymous
11-24-05  03:58 am
SMS via active GPRS connection
Started by Anonymous
05-08-05  12:35 pm
Forest Luo
O2 Genie sim card and WAP problems
Started by Anonymous
07-18-06  12:06 pm
Sandra Sinellie
Bluetooth Download Guide
Started by jay Jones
08-16-05  10:03 am
How to change order of fragmented WTP packets
Started by Dilshod
06-12-06  02:32 pm
Question about wap push MMS notification to MS
Started by ZhongJian
04-29-06  02:20 am
OTA Settings for Samsung D500, D600
Started by Vasily
06-07-06  02:47 pm
monde konini
WAP Push using the Web interface on the Gateway Problem
Started by Kiran H
03-16-06  10:10 pm
Kiran H
Samsung D500 Email Settings
Started by Jon
04-19-06  01:03 pm
Wap Page
Started by Gilberto De Castro Vieira Jr.
02-16-05  02:32 pm
Pushing a jpg
Started by Andrea Ferrari
06-15-06  10:52 am
Andrea Ferrari
Connect to GPRS, and use of PPP commands
Started by Ye JJ
04-29-06  05:15 am
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