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Response from Now SMSArnold10 11-09-18  09:33 am
No more gateways from providers, how do we send direct without andr...Des - NowSMS Support17 12-29-16  07:14 pm
Looking for AT&T (US) 3G and later modemJason06-03-16  07:58 am
Sending wap using rooted Androidsourav02-10-16  05:31 pm
Decode WAPBryce Norwood - NowS13 03-14-14  02:49 pm
WAPPUSH receives as SMSDes - NowSMS Support01-07-14  12:23 pm
SMS Marketing: Still does the trickjeorgewane11-06-13  04:35 am
Wap Push Messagesagar viradiya07-04-13  04:19 am
WAP handset proportionDes - NowSMS Support02-01-13  07:19 pm
SUPLaholdtan15 11-21-12  10:02 am
Encoding t o be used when sending PAP push message to an SMSCBryce Norwood - NowS09-19-12  05:04 pm
How to create UDH Des - NowSMS Support09-04-12  07:02 pm
Wtls class 3 certificate from client sidechetan jain06-02-12  05:40 pm
SMS vs. WAP push SMSC storage timesBryce Norwood - NowS02-29-12  05:36 pm
PAP_2.0_DTDDes - NowSMS Support02-15-12  01:59 pm
Delay in sending SMS from NowSMSabhishek lohana01-09-12  05:20 pm
OMA OTA AndroidAlexander11-09-11  11:06 am
OMA OTA with no pinDes - NowSMS Support09-06-11  03:29 pm
WAP Push via SMSDes - NowSMS Support75 09-05-11  10:23 am
WAP GW differences between CDMA and GSMjohn O'Brien08-11-11  06:50 pm
System Requeriments to handle 5000Des - NowSMS Support07-13-11  09:44 pm
Can i send WAP messages using phone as GSM modemDes - NowSMS Support05-19-11  08:14 am
Maximum audio MMS size allow in now SMS 2009 Des - NowSMS Support03-25-11  09:27 pm
Windows server 2008 versus windows server 2003Des - NowSMS Support03-05-11  02:09 pm
Unable to access yahoo mail server Des - NowSMS Support02-09-11  10:06 pm
How to Send or Receive MMS by using wap2/HTTPsreenivas01-06-11  05:12 am
WSP GET or POST PROCEDURE for MMS whit a modemJuan Ruiz12-30-10  06:12 pm
WBXML to SE XperiaDes - NowSMS Support12-20-10  02:24 pm
OMA DM Notification Messageali12 10-27-10  11:03 am
Help needed.amit10-18-10  08:29 pm
Windows Mobile - Identifying WAP Push SMSvetriselvi10 08-24-10  06:54 am
Why can i not retrieve picture messages on my sagem MYX5-2?Des - NowSMS Support07-06-10  01:40 pm
Wap WakeupDes - NowSMS Support06-29-10  03:29 pm
If a wap push message could contain 2 URL in one message?SubscriberZ06-29-10  12:20 am
Multipart Entry Header typesDes - NowSMS Support05-12-10  05:21 pm
Nowsms trial is quarantine as trojanDes - NowSMS Support05-08-10  01:04 pm
OMA OTA setting for Nokai N96, N85, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic...Oclv15 04-29-10  10:01 am
How do i send xml OTA document to my device without converting to w...Des - NowSMS Support04-21-10  02:36 pm
MetroPCS with NowSMS Sonny T.04-16-10  03:46 pm
Mail for Exchange (MfE) settings using OMA CP ?Peter Mohr03-08-10  01:13 pm
Wapurl parameter ?amir dobba02-23-10  10:52 am
Multiple BindKiran K02-13-10  11:15 am
Unicode Wap Push SMSDes - NowSMS Support01-07-10  07:33 pm
Windows mobile configuration SMSJulia12-23-09  06:19 am
Windows mobile configuration SMSDes - NowSMS Support12-21-09  02:56 pm
GPRS Login Problemrahman79 12-19-09  04:23 pm
WAP bootstrappingDes - NowSMS Support12-02-09  08:12 pm
Iphone MMS sending failureDes - NowSMS Support11-25-09  02:57 pm
Problem sending long SMS using NowSMS SMCRaghu10-05-09  09:54 am
How to make Wml pages secured ?Des - NowSMS Support09-17-09  05:08 pm
I need to know defination of wap push servicesDes - NowSMS Support09-08-09  05:24 pm
Changing SMSC center address USING OTA MessageVishal Awasthi08-14-09  06:35 am
Wap push VS MMSDes - NowSMS Support07-05-09  05:27 pm
Send sms with @ character Des - NowSMS Support06-12-09  12:13 pm
WAP Push to MidletDes - NowSMS Support05-01-09  03:09 pm
PPG Java implementationPaul Adrian04-29-09  10:50 am
Configuring wap gateway on testing serverElijah04-28-09  03:37 pm
Now WAP integration in the operator networkDes - NowSMS Support04-27-09  06:59 pm
Extract WBXML code from a binary SMSDes - NowSMS Support04-27-09  05:05 pm
Can not send MMS > 64K from prepaid sub to MMSCapache03-26-09  04:12 pm
Developing an online news digest via mobile phone using wap push te...Des - NowSMS Support03-26-09  01:56 pm
Does nowsms ota support Sony Ericsson T610 Des - NowSMS Support03-16-09  08:27 pm
Send OTA message to Oversea Number problemsafetnt@hotmail.com03-06-09  04:42 am
Archive through February 16, 2009Des - NowSMS Support215 101 02-16-09  03:03 pm
Archive through August 01, 2006Anonymous391 94 08-01-06  02:57 pm
Archive through March 07, 2006Anonymous551 198 03-06-06  11:07 pm
Archive through December 08, 2004jenny marshall441 201 12-08-04  11:14 am
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