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NowSMS 2009 AvailableKeith Norris07-09-09  04:15 pm
NowSMS Lite AvailableKeith Norris07-08-09  07:16 pm
NowSMS Update available for Test ReleaseKeith Norris11-05-08  05:44 pm
NowSMS/MMS Load Balancing and Fault ToleranceKeith Norris06-18-08  06:45 pm
NowSMS 2008 UpdatesKeith Norris06-18-08  06:39 pm
NowWAP Load Balancing and Fault ToleranceKeith Norris06-17-08  08:09 pm
NowSMS 2008 and Important Security IssuesKeith Norris02-26-08  04:57 pm
Now SMS 2007 EditionKeith Norris06-26-07  07:23 pm
NowSMS 2006 UpdatesKeith Norris11-02-06  02:22 pm
NowSMS 2006 Now AvailableBryce Norwood - NowS03-09-06  07:52 pm
Information on Now SMS/MMS 2006 EditionKeith Norris01-24-06  07:10 pm
Now IMP - Instant Messaging and Presence Server (IMPS / Wireless Vi...Keith Norris04-28-05  07:05 pm
NowSMS v5.51 Patch Available (v5.51b)Keith Norris04-28-05  06:44 pm
Latest Patches for NowSMSKeith Norris04-28-05  06:32 pm
Potential MMS Virus Issues: Security UpdateKeith Norris03-11-05  02:02 am
Upcoming Events - Spring 2005Keith Norris12-31-04  04:12 pm
NowSMS v5.51 Patch Available (v5.51a)Keith Norris12-31-04  04:06 pm
NowSMS v5.51 Release AvailableBryce Norwood - NowS08-19-04  08:25 pm
NowSMS v5.50 Release AvailableKeith Norris05-01-04  02:24 am
v5.50 Beta Release AvailableKeith Norris05-01-04  02:09 am
Upcoming Events - Spring 2004Keith Norris01-15-04  06:52 pm
NowSMS 5: Patch 4 AvailableBryce Norwood - NowS12-31-03  07:54 pm
NowSMS 5: Patch 1 AvailableKeith Norris10-17-03  04:22 am
v5.0 Release AvailableKeith Norris10-17-03  04:14 am
v5.0 Beta Release AvailableBryce Norwood - NowS07-29-03  02:11 am
v4.20 Update AvailableKeith Norris05-07-03  07:16 pm
Indian Bank launches MMS Service with Now SMS/MMS GatewayKeith Norris05-07-03  04:41 pm
Now SMS/MMS Gateway v5.0 coming soon!Keith Norris04-29-03  04:47 pm
NowSMS @ Global Messaging 2003 - 13th & 14th May @ London OlympiaKeith Norris04-17-03  08:15 pm
v4.11 Update AvailableKeith Norris02-10-03  06:27 pm
Technical Bulletins On-LineKeith Norris02-10-03  06:16 pm
v4.10 Update AvailableKeith Norris01-12-03  09:37 pm
v4.01 Update AvailableKeith Norris12-12-02  07:29 pm
v4.0 Release Availablekeith12-12-02  06:32 pm
Press: Unstrung - Now Juices Up SMS/MMS Gateway  
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