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Bulk sms providersNeha Sharma219 02-23-21  10:45 am
MM1, unknown byte in front of to/from party fields?Robert Barretto07-17-20  05:37 pm
Outgoing sms language settingsanju pawar10 07-07-20  12:59 pm
Problems with access.log very huge!!!Des - NowSMS Support04-23-20  01:41 pm
How to Send SMS from Oracle Database using NowSMSCeaser jabar02-29-20  10:13 pm
ENVELOPE field values in OTA transactionsSuq Madiq02-19-20  09:53 am
SMS special delaySuq Madiq02-19-20  09:49 am
Can not connect proxySuq Madiq02-19-20  09:43 am
PID and DCS values for Notification message (wakeup message or PKG#...Suq Madiq02-19-20  09:39 am
Web-interface "Message Route" - customize for UserMiguel Cole16 03-21-19  01:18 am
MMS using Android phone - User Agenteddyking03-12-19  10:55 am
SIM Provider SMS Policyeddyking03-12-19  10:52 am
MMS Showing successfully Delivered but not received at HandsetBryce Norwood - NowS02-07-19  07:20 pm
How to send a APDU over NowSMSHassan Yeganeh55 01-06-19  11:52 am
Guide to change Gmail notificationsLuna Lily11-22-18  02:49 am
Create Hotmail account Luna Lily11-22-18  02:48 am
Response 503 from mmscMina Fischer11-22-18  02:45 am
MMS text messages issues.BenjaminJohnson07-19-18  01:58 pm
MMS not receive Abhijit Mishra07-18-18  09:27 am
Do unreceived SMS messages get cancelled after not being received?Jim Hansen10-15-17  12:25 pm
AT over IPDes - NowSMS Support04-25-17  09:00 pm
Is it possible to fill message_payload in deliver_sm ?Alexander Skryl02-08-17  10:14 am
Vodafone mms having technical issueMuskaan11-28-16  08:01 am
Fix a gsm modem to a particular cell towerRamón07-06-16  08:04 pm
We offer Bulk SMS Service with Affordable Prices 100% Delivery Ratio.shreyasd04-16-16  05:49 am
Is it possible to have multiple SMS providers for a single numberDes - NowSMS Support03-01-16  07:41 pm
APN or MMSCDes - NowSMS Support02-18-16  01:45 pm
Himanjunath m m10-13-15  10:27 am
MMS doesnt display properly when using SMILDes - NowSMS Support06-08-15  02:06 pm
Detect location of sms senderdiablo7sms05-19-15  10:43 am
Trending SMSRaghav Chouhan05-01-15  05:46 am
Read Sim numberDes - NowSMS Support04-21-15  02:29 pm
About a change of the TTLDes - NowSMS Support04-20-15  05:02 pm
MMS not getting delivery reportDes - NowSMS Support03-16-15  02:47 pm
Receiving MMS - Obfuscate part of senders number - SMS to EmailDes - NowSMS Support12-08-14  05:55 pm
Which Sim Host rack unit would you recommend?Jacob Jensen11-07-14  02:19 pm
MMS Recieving Problem!!! Support Neededpankaj sharma11 06-02-14  05:22 am
I have a question regarding smpp serverposhankith05-12-14  03:41 pm
I want to send 1 sms after 5 secondsTabish Qazi04-02-14  06:47 pm
How to take picture from microcontroller and send mms from mobile d...sushant kadam03-01-14  01:45 pm
How to set up Nowsms for SENDING MMS using smartbroadband modem.. t...PATHAN ABRARKHAN AIY02-06-14  12:01 pm
MMS SCAP v1 supportAYON HATI12 12-23-13  07:46 pm
Cannot View Recived SMSDes - NowSMS Support11 11-25-13  03:12 pm
2-way auto reply and Inbox (web interface)Des - NowSMS Support11-22-13  05:59 pm
Receiving group MMS via nowSMS Rakesh Kumar11-22-13  08:43 am
Total noob question about SMS and picture receipt.Steve Strong09-19-13  01:00 pm
From Carrier Short Code to Database Mylo J. Haba08-22-13  08:34 pm
Applying Sender by filtering operatorprvut07-03-13  08:20 am
I have problem in HTTP connectionDes - NowSMS Support06-24-13  08:53 pm
TP-DCS octetDes - NowSMS Support06-06-13  08:27 pm
How to send a DLR back to a SMPP userDes - NowSMS Support05-17-13  06:58 pm
MMS send method is not working with every carriersOlivier Paris04-02-13  12:02 pm
HTTP Requests to SMPP 3.4 Des - NowSMS Support03-30-13  07:17 pm
MMS notification but not via SMSsam02-14-13  04:50 am
Send Unlimited Free SMS To Indiasam mohanthy01-15-13  04:50 am
SMSC configrationDes - NowSMS Support01-02-13  04:48 pm
Flash SMS via SMPPrishk khan11-29-12  12:38 pm
Incoming SMS timestampSantosh R. Kamble11-20-12  11:50 am
QuestionDes - NowSMS Support11-15-12  06:20 pm
Android Text Message / SMS backupdave cote11-15-12  02:03 pm
Sending MMS from PC faizanparacha10-28-12  09:21 pm
Terms of Service & Privacy Policy for a SMS websitePeter10-26-12  06:42 am
Mms costskingdon10-25-12  05:16 am
Having trouble adding gsm modemDes - NowSMS Support09-11-12  06:50 pm
SMS not getting deliveredMayur R.S. Keni09-04-12  05:03 pm
Gsm modems for north americaDes - NowSMS Support08-31-12  03:02 pm
Is NowSMS can be used as SMSC or only as SMSE ?peter onine08-12-12  06:24 pm
UCP/EMI SMSCRoy Budiantara07-26-12  05:52 pm
SMS Messaging on device specific port no .Des - NowSMS Support07-23-12  01:25 pm
Android Verizon PDU decodingPhilip krogel06-27-12  03:50 am
SMS protocols in GSM and CDMAsuzain william06-11-12  11:31 am
SMS Cell BroadcastParthiban N05-12-12  11:17 am
SMS Barcodeabhishek04-23-12  09:30 am
Attribution of false messagesdaniel Houlihan04-21-12  07:36 pm
National Language Shift Table And Concatenated SmsDes - NowSMS Support03-23-12  09:13 pm
API to check Available creditsDes - NowSMS Support03-08-12  02:38 pm
Problem In Receiving SMSDes - NowSMS Support02-28-12  06:08 pm
Outgoing sms language settingDes - NowSMS Support02-19-12  09:09 pm
Trouble adding X-Mms-Aux-Applic-Info header fieldaaron huttner12 02-19-12  01:21 am
Best GSM Modem / Maximum Messages Per Sec (MPS)Aaish02-13-12  08:29 am
Nowsms 2006 limitation on message size in receivingmedium kuriboh02-11-12  09:55 pm
How to get server, username and password for connection to now sms.Des - NowSMS Support02-10-12  02:43 pm
MMS under Mobile Number PortabilityDes - NowSMS Support02-07-12  04:02 pm
Android send/share contact (sonyerricson x10 mini pro)Iba Kharduit02-05-12  06:40 am
Message service center?Iba Kharduit02-01-12  04:16 pm
NowSMS MMSC in A2P modeNaresh chandra das01-17-12  02:03 pm
SMSC Transceiver Connection performanceDes - NowSMS Support01-12-12  04:36 pm
What's SMS CIR?Des - NowSMS Support12-20-11  01:32 pm
Mobile Broadband for SMS sendinglee ah fei12-13-11  03:14 am
OpeningSMsEasy12-09-11  09:49 am
How MMS Forwarding workssai11-13-11  09:21 am
How practicable is thisAdieu The Desktop11-04-11  01:48 pm
Device discovery over MM7john O'Brien11-03-11  12:00 am
World class solutions, from the Communication Professionals!Teena Augustine10-28-11  10:19 am
Android Mobile config with NowSMSDes - NowSMS Support10 09-23-11  05:43 pm
National Language SupportDes - NowSMS Support09-13-11  10:26 pm
Can nowsms software create an mms ?Des - NowSMS Support08-24-11  06:40 pm
MM1 message format over CDMADes - NowSMS Support08-02-11  10:51 pm
Some questions from Newbie ( need help )Des - NowSMS Support07-13-11  08:21 pm
SMPP, SMS & National Language Shift TablesJK07-11-11  11:15 am
A couple newbie questions MMSDes - NowSMS Support06-21-11  06:42 pm
Archive through June 02, 2011Des - NowSMS Support355 101 06-02-11  06:32 pm
Archive through November 21, 2009Juan Moreno344 102 11-21-09  03:34 am
Archive through November 12, 2008Martin Westin184 101 11-12-08  06:39 pm
Archive through March 23, 2004 830 201 10-04-08  06:03 pm
Archive through July 24, 2007Peter Callaway311 56 07-24-07  07:30 am
Archive through April 05, 2007Ramjendra Dixit1067 234 04-05-07  09:37 am
Archive through April 10, 2006AG402 201 04-10-06  09:06 pm
Archive through October 05, 2005Nikos Fotiou381 201 10-04-05  10:42 pm
Archive through February 03, 2005Anonymous341 201 02-03-05  07:24 pm
Archive through August 08, 2004Anonymous432 201 08-08-04  06:36 pm
Archive through October 29, 2003Kris785 201 10-29-03  09:12 am
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