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Looking for reference reading on MMS content creationMartin Westin11-12-08  06:39 pm
MMS messaging, who's fault is it ???lorena budo10-24-08  03:22 pm
Help using an Openwave as SMSCDes - NowSMS Support10-20-08  06:08 pm
WM6 emulator + Now MMS Des - NowSMS Support10-14-08  07:59 pm
Please help on text message programaticallyDes - NowSMS Support10-09-08  12:05 pm
How to determine remaining escape charecters ?Des - NowSMS Support10-09-08  11:57 am
NowSMS + ClickatellBryce Norwood - NowS10-01-08  08:15 pm
Visual Basic SupportBryce Norwood - NowS10-01-08  08:13 pm
In MM7 can TransactionID be empty or not?Bryce Norwood - NowS10-01-08  08:08 pm
DRM - limit but not lockingJeff Mitchell10-01-08  08:06 pm
Is NowSMS Vista 64-bit compatible?Bryce Norwood - NowS10-01-08  08:05 pm
Bulk SMS & CPU UtilizationDes - NowSMS Support10-01-08  07:57 pm
RE: DRM (forward lock) on SMSBryce Norwood - NowS10-01-08  07:49 pm
2-Way Received SMSDes - NowSMS Support10-01-08  07:34 pm
Combined delivery content-type?Des - NowSMS Support10-01-08  06:39 pm
Forced Sender AddressDes - NowSMS Support10-01-08  06:31 pm
GSM Modem ManagementDarien Alvarez de la09-30-08  02:22 pm
Create app for sending mms to cell phonesLuis Del Pozo08-25-08  04:23 pm
Getting MMS notification as Expired on HTC mobileRicha Saxena08-20-08  05:44 am
Converting SMM to jpeg or gifRoly Keates08-18-08  09:45 pm
Format of Reciving/Sending Greek Message via SMPP v3.4 abhishek sahu07-30-08  08:48 am
How does VASP Charging happenRaj07-09-08  04:28 am
MM7 ExamplesNauman Malik06-19-08  05:28 pm
Mono tones for nokia 3230Anshuman06-03-08  11:22 am
Sending mms whit .sis attachAbhishek Pandey05-06-08  03:09 am
Mms version flag decode problemZenan Qin05-04-08  02:23 pm
Could we send a STK Applet by NowSMS? (OTA)amanda chen04-28-08  07:49 am
How to send a APDU SMS by NowSMS?amanda chen04-25-08  07:27 am
GPRS connection kills other connectionsdouglas antonio03-06-08  05:12 pm
Newbie question - SMS Subject on repliesAbhishek Pandey02-27-08  11:50 am
Exeternal Http AccessMarrakech02-27-08  09:22 am
Modem problem?Hrvoje02-13-08  06:13 pm
SMS speed for Multi-Tech EDGE modemMike Nelson01-16-08  12:32 pm
PREMIUM SMS BILLINGJonathan01-05-08  08:55 am
Storing SMS Delivery Report into SIM MemoryBensly Shanmugam12-19-07  07:05 am
Upload file to server using MMS satty kabade12-19-07  06:02 am
Rohde & Shwartz CMU200 and nowSMS?David Jenkinson12-18-07  09:54 pm
AT Commands for MMS messagesNeena12-09-07  12:04 am
MMSCOMP QuestionsWalter Thomas12-05-07  07:18 pm
SMS/GPS/MapPeter Callaway11-28-07  06:48 am
MMS Throught HTTP POST : ABORT REASONRaphaël11-22-07  02:07 pm
Post data throught UDP socketRaphaël11-14-07  05:22 pm
Sending MMS with NowSMS in MM1vivimob11-12-07  11:29 pm
Urgent: vCard using OpenSMPP APIhesm hesm11-11-07  08:41 pm
vCard using OpenSMPP APIhesm hesm11-11-07  08:39 pm
Outside hosting account and domainAndre11-10-07  12:56 pm
Purchasde SMS GatewayChristoffer Corzani11-09-07  07:12 am
Sms GatewayChristoffer Corzani11-07-07  12:42 pm
Multitech MTCBA-G-U-F4Kiwi11-05-07  08:03 pm
Recieving SMSDavid Mac10-29-07  07:23 pm
Recieving SMSDavid Mac10-29-07  07:21 pm
Help plsss- want to send sms via internet as email to a mobilesenthil10-29-07  02:10 pm
Set AT command yuanney10-27-07  03:22 am
Unknown type SMS message receivedHassan Hamed10-26-07  04:26 am
Receiving MMS tru Nokia PhoneJack10-24-07  06:06 am
Online nowsms that i can already use?Tomer BD10-22-07  06:40 pm
2 Different SMS connecionschady nemer10-19-07  12:49 pm
MMS Exception in javaDonald Walters10-18-07  11:58 am
MMS Aggregator in IrelandMatthew Wood10-18-07  09:18 am
USSD HelpSaqib Akhtar10-18-07  06:11 am
Alternate Line Service Activation via SMS?inte10-16-07  04:37 pm
Hellozenobius zeto10-07-07  03:56 pm
MMS procedureShrayash10-06-07  07:44 pm
OMA OTA Settings again..Hakan Lager10-06-07  11:24 am
How MMS works in GSM and CDMA environmentShrayash10-06-07  07:36 am
Replacing an existing Wap Push messageVincent NOEL10-05-07  08:33 am
Looking to implement SMSjuri10-04-07  08:32 am
Port Numbersmandeep dhillon10-02-07  05:55 am
Help plz! How do I set up a basic sms (text only) msg alert system?...Sukhjinder Singh10-01-07  03:07 pm
OTA Setting SMammar n09-30-07  09:39 am
How to send file names in UTF8 formatTitus Abraham09-27-07  03:29 am
Send SMSfreja09-27-07  12:05 am
TP-More messages to sendShyam09-25-07  07:45 am
Rabbit microprocessorfreja09-20-07  06:53 am
Video MMS is getting resizedTitus Abraham09-19-07  10:56 am
Rund site like smscity.commido love story09-18-07  01:41 am
Newbee automated OTA send serviceNauman Malik09-17-07  05:17 pm
New line i Command line, sending a text messageNauman Malik09-17-07  05:12 pm
How to get User Agent Profile from MMSC.Nauman Malik09-17-07  05:10 pm
Retry Pending - ERROR: Timeout waiting for response from server or ...Nauman Malik09-17-07  05:02 pm
Problem with Sending MMS through SMPP to Sony Ericsson W830i HandsetVijaya Rama Kannan09-17-07  11:05 am
Problem with MMS-send (Internal gateway error)Alexey Belov09-16-07  12:36 pm
Hiii frnds i have recently gone thru a portal thru whiiich we can s...ronald09-07-07  06:16 am
Sending GPRS settings to WM phonesJonas Bengtsson09-06-07  08:16 pm
MMS2Email?Stephen Howells09-06-07  12:56 pm
Install Wavecom Fastrack GSM Modem M1213A-ONAgha Mehdi09-05-07  05:02 am
WEB-SMS Greetings bridges da gap betwen Internet users & cell users...ronald09-04-07  11:55 am
Pls help meNauman Malik08-22-07  07:46 pm
GSM Modem doesn't pass SMS class 0 / MMS notificationsNauman Malik08-22-07  07:29 pm
Binding between HTTP & SMPP is done! How to parse smpp into http?Nauman Malik08-22-07  07:26 pm
Recommended GPRS modem .. pleaseLeon van den Berg08-19-07  08:49 am
SMSOUT log file format!Bita Karamloo08-01-07  08:54 pm
How Logging WorksBo Tanaka08-01-07  08:04 pm
T-Mobile SDA Modem AT Command SetNauman Malik08-01-07  07:43 pm
Does this voilate FCC Mandate?Rag Man08-01-07  01:45 pm
Regarding PING mechanism in UCP/EMI protocolDeepak Angeswar08-01-07  08:24 am
MMS in -> Database and SMS outNauman Malik07-31-07  05:36 pm
Sending SMS from message from database / custom appNauman Malik07-31-07  05:31 pm
UDH for concatenated binarydeepkamal singh07-26-07  02:17 am
How to send MMS from PC (connect to handsets) to handsetsNauman Malik07-24-07  07:14 pm
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