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Siemens sl55 will not accept o2 wap settingsjenny marshall12-08-04  11:14 am
SMS Polyphonic tonesRakesh Singh12-06-04  08:30 am
Differences between WAP Push and SMS PushDaniel12-04-04  06:22 am
WTP- ESAR Supportpunsch12-01-04  01:41 am
Retry sending MMSAnonymous11-19-04  09:26 am
Getting user phone number in wapSuvinay11-17-04  03:46 pm
Shrp gx10 webmail?tom11-14-04  02:34 pm
Hardware settings with Orange sim "Access to URL barred" - HELP!...steve11-05-04  05:13 pm
Configuring DNS in 6600 sending SMS with OTA WBXMLMiguel11-03-04  02:41 pm
How to develop app in phone to process the OTA configure SMSAnonymous11-02-04  12:45 pm
Im lost, pls help me find the way...tommy john10-31-04  03:25 pm
From where I can get Mobile Service Provider or Operator List ?asdfg sewrt10-31-04  09:57 am
Send ringtone by emailandy10-26-04  02:14 am
Wat is the different btw WAP and SMS i'm stukedUche Dike10-23-04  02:59 am
Unable to push the OTA settings Motorola V600 & Nokia 6600Anonymous10-19-04  08:31 am
Personal WAP RASStefan10-14-04  07:35 pm
Port 9201 and 8080 differencemiklosb10-13-04  09:00 am
Looking for WAP push content management systemLars Nielsen, Mobile10-12-04  07:41 pm
Diff between WAP n MMS imageMANI10-08-04  09:55 am
NEED HELP WITH WAP PROBLEMSMatty Griffiths09-29-04  02:38 pm
Wap Connection Problem with nokia 6820,6230 and 6620Mike09-27-04  11:37 am
Wapurlanonymous09-25-04  05:41 pm
Help: content type of wap reply message?anonymous09-25-04  07:00 am
Image and WAP-PUSHAnonymous09-24-04  04:21 pm
Wap Push contentJuan Pedro López09-24-04  09:57 am
Wap Push ExampleAtul Verma09-24-04  06:04 am
Wappush of WAP and simplepush of Bluetoothkarthik bala guru09-23-04  09:55 am
WAP protocol !!karthik bala guru09-23-04  09:48 am
Nokia 3660 SyncML settings woud not workBjoern Michalik09-21-04  01:44 pm
Help me about wap flowAnonymous09-21-04  07:12 am
WSP Headers valueAnonymous09-20-04  04:58 pm
Long URL Wap Push Via SMSAnonymous09-17-04  11:56 am
Sending WallpaperVolkan09-17-04  07:51 am
Wap error 30pouk09-15-04  08:01 am
Please help! General question concernig provisioning.Bjoern Michalik09-12-04  09:37 pm
OTA Bitmap ??? !!!Nauman09-09-04  10:45 am
Wap push(SI) ucpAnonymous09-06-04  10:37 am
How to encode "WAP Push Message" into SMSAibo09-02-04  09:39 am
WAP/ SMS gatewaymarcus adams09-01-04  06:44 pm
Logo with wap pushweb_tur08-25-04  09:56 am
How do i make my v300 go on wapAnonymous08-21-04  04:44 pm
WAP Push Not WorkingMurli08-19-04  05:17 pm
Using Now SMS gateway with Nokia 7650Anonymous08-17-04  08:11 am
I need help about Service Loading (wap push)George A. K08-16-04  10:43 am
"<...>Page too large to send back"Anonymous08-16-04  10:29 am
Possible TP-DCS field values for SMS Push message????den_b08-16-04  05:21 am
Delivering DRM WBXML rights in WAP PushGeorge A. K08-16-04  04:11 am
DRM problemsGeorge08-13-04  10:26 am
OTA message for ISP settingsRahul Hukku08-12-04  06:32 am
I need help about WAP Pushpico08-09-04  02:22 pm
Phone number in wap requestMurali Mohan.K08-02-04  09:46 am
Difference between MMS push notification and OMA DRM Rights Push.Anonymous08-02-04  08:31 am
Sending WAP Push binary SMS message via SMTP Gateway?Kevin07-27-04  02:57 am
WAP MAXIMUM FILESlippery07-27-04  01:37 am
UDH & UDAnonymous07-26-04  01:39 pm
SDU size Jamie H07-23-04  01:41 pm
Example of Send Wap Push via SMScolomacrespi07-16-04  06:48 am
UAProf RDF toolsPriyadharshini07-15-04  09:42 am
WML over SSL on PIE 2003??Mats07-12-04  08:03 am
X-wap-profile incorrectSpacen Jasset07-09-04  09:17 am
WAP Push probs with 3650Anonymous07-08-04  01:10 pm
How to connect asp with nowsms gatewaycjegadees07-06-04  07:39 am
OMA CP + internet settingsAnonymous07-04-04  06:40 pm
WAP2.0 GatewayVenkata Akella07-01-04  02:01 am
How to send wap push through multi SMSAnonymous06-29-04  01:32 am
WAP WBMPG06-27-04  12:09 pm
Please help ! what is a custom udh ??rasko06-20-04  06:15 am
How to hide WAP URL from the users?Dhiram 06-19-04  05:08 am
WAP URL ForwardingJohn06-18-04  02:50 pm
How to implemet the functionality to show the SI contentAnonymous06-16-04  06:32 am
WAP push with hint message in Chinesesamuel06-10-04  08:09 am
Need suggestion 4 a good WAP gateway !Regan Rajan06-08-04  05:40 am
WTLSJerry06-08-04  02:06 am
Openwave download fun specAlan Mekan06-03-04  12:07 am
Wap 2.0Darina06-01-04  03:48 pm
Sending a WAP PUSH over CDMA SMS via a CDMA ModemAnonymous05-20-04  01:53 pm
Unknown file format errorPetr05-20-04  08:25 am
Is any possible to access internet service without "Proxy"?ginee05-18-04  05:19 am
Clients don't access their contentM05-17-04  12:07 pm
Wap Push ( Question And Summary ) with HTTP and SMSAnonymous05-13-04  07:38 am
WAP Push message header formatdonald siu05-12-04  02:41 am
2-Way SMS SupportBIJO05-09-04  07:19 am
Wap Push ContentSebastian Green05-03-04  10:46 am
WAP PUSH with parametersAnna Novo04-29-04  04:25 pm
Totally confused.pls help???Anonymous04-29-04  10:43 am
User Agent ProfileAnonymous04-19-04  06:03 am
SI PDU HeaderShirley Wang04-16-04  07:49 am
WAP GPRS Problem....LAUGHTER04-15-04  10:37 pm
URL escapingMurali Mohan.K04-14-04  11:43 am
Operator WAP GatewayLaszlo Rak04-13-04  08:29 am
WAP PUSH over CDMA SMSChenJinxiang17 04-13-04  02:21 am
XML PARSERAnonymous04-12-04  11:42 am
....Retry Pending - ERROR - Modem Response (2): +CMS ERROR: 21 ...Tan Woon How04-12-04  07:23 am
How to implement download via wap?harshini04-10-04  10:26 am
Polyponic ringtonesnur demirbas04-09-04  07:42 am
WAP Push Specificationrodneyxiao04-09-04  01:32 am
OTA SyncML SettingsDhaval 03-31-04  09:11 pm
How to obtain the MSISDN from a WAP sessionfreewill03-31-04  08:38 am
Trying to configure phone to surf the web and get ringtones.Richard Knox03-30-04  04:59 am
The Topic about how can one Terminal platform and OS support the P...Comete Yi03-29-04  01:46 am
.INIAnonymous03-26-04  11:10 am
MMSC.INIAnonymous03-25-04  04:29 pm
Dynamic linkAnonymous03-24-04  02:08 pm
RTSP as a WAP Push?Comete Yi03-22-04  01:44 am
How to determine if Phone supports WAP PushRuby Pan03-19-04  07:35 pm
GPRS/WAP on O2 (Nokia 6310i)Chris Mackenzie03-19-04  04:28 pm
WAP-Push SI PDU encoderAnonymous03-19-04  04:33 am
WAP GW Simulatorvenu_disc03-17-04  02:52 pm
WAP User Agent and UAprof issueFrank Xiong03-16-04  11:39 am
Wap or Proxy Push Gateway ?Comete Yi03-15-04  08:17 am
A tale of Wap Push, Wap Bookmarks and OTA BookmarksMax Kington03-11-04  10:09 am
Need of OTA-HTTP in MSrodneyxiao03-09-04  01:19 am
Size limit to GSM SMS packets?rodneyxiao03-09-04  12:45 am
US Cellular Networks supporting WAP PushAnonymous03-08-04  11:57 pm
Meaning and use of Datagram Reference NumberAnonymous03-06-04  10:33 pm
Sneding a cookie in a WAP pushMac03-05-04  01:45 am
Is there a unique header sent by all mobile devices?John03-04-04  11:12 pm
How do you set GPRS Modem Settings OTA for a Nokiamohamed nazim03-04-04  12:08 pm
Using sms on a applicationpankaj_somvanshi03-01-04  03:28 pm
Wap and Downloading RingtonesMatthew Dane02-27-04  12:38 pm
WAP PUSH WITH TOO BIG CONTENT!!!!!!:-(((marco02-26-04  09:45 am
WAP Compliant???Didi Ho12 02-26-04  04:25 am
WAP gateway limitations when working over GSM/CSDOleg Ivanov02-25-04  08:40 am
MMS OTA for MS Smartphoneczierl02-24-04  02:30 pm
Simple UDH for Binary Text SMS John Marcos02-23-04  01:42 pm
GSM air interface and WAP PUSH via SMSComete Yi02-23-04  05:54 am
Wap-Push UDHMr Trade_p2k02-23-04  12:17 am
Purpose of "origin port" in Push UDH?Jeremy02-21-04  01:26 pm
How to force connection-oriented WAP Push delivery?AF02-18-04  02:47 pm
MIDlet activation from a wap browserStas Maksimov02-18-04  12:33 pm
PPG rejects "push content" from MMSCKelvin02-17-04  09:39 am
S-MethodInvokeDataAnders02-16-04  03:26 pm
The different format between push si and push filechris02-12-04  03:38 am
Nokia Communicator 9210 redirectWilly Wonka02-11-04  01:25 pm
Setting a WAP gateway from ADSL Routerbprasety02-09-04  11:21 pm
Bookmark LinkAnonymous02-09-04  05:58 pm
Downloading a picture message or ringtone from wap??fbpyrmd02-09-04  01:29 pm
Unable to install midlet via wap-push - only on series 60Emmanuel02-07-04  09:55 pm
OTA downloadinglili02-06-04  03:40 am
Configure phone settinglili02-06-04  01:14 am
Java apps downlaodinglili02-06-04  01:10 am
WAP-Push SMS vs normal SMSmichael02-04-04  05:36 am
Nokia 6220 - wap help pleaseAnonymous02-03-04  08:10 pm
How MMS Client send M-Send-req to MMSCNguyen Trong Tho02-03-04  01:15 am
Encoding APIDario02-02-04  01:50 pm
WAP PUSh hex decoderBryce Norwood - NowS01-28-04  07:34 pm
Wap bookmark via sms binaryBryce Norwood - NowS01-28-04  07:19 pm
RingtonesBryce Norwood - NowS01-28-04  06:56 pm
WAP-Push Title Element On Nokia PhonesBryce Norwood - NowS01-28-04  06:50 pm
Incorrect URL displayed on phoneKent Williams01-15-04  06:06 pm
WTP and WAP headersKent Williams01-15-04  06:01 pm
Multpile content for the same URIKent Williams01-15-04  05:56 pm
Problems downloadingKent Williams01-15-04  05:46 pm
Gprs connection not available (Nokia 6310i)Kent Williams01-15-04  05:29 pm
Push slc message to mobile phoneKent Williams01-15-04  05:25 pm
Testing for WAP WML in WAP BrowserKent Williams01-15-04  05:16 pm
Hmmmmmmmm interestingKent Williams01-15-04  05:00 pm
Pretending to be a phoneChris01-12-04  04:07 pm
How do I interpret this WSP messageMarty12-16-03  08:04 am
How to parse this push si -pdurodneyxiao12-10-03  08:57 am
The difference of SDU & Message Size???rodneyxiao12-08-03  06:53 am
Where can I find real CDMA SMS?abhishek12-07-03  12:24 pm
Wap server problemStefan Gidlund12-05-03  06:31 pm
About Option TPI encodingrodneyxiao12-05-03  06:23 am
Formatkaraoke12-04-03  11:35 am
Push flowAnonymous11-27-03  10:20 am
Wap push on sony ericsson phoneAnonymous11-26-03  02:40 pm
Bad gateway errorrodneyxiao11-25-03  04:04 am
WAP Push message...confused...?tedbear9z11-25-03  03:17 am
Which wsp head for java downlaodrodneyxiao11-25-03  02:59 am
Infrastructure required for setting up a WAP gateway.Sudhir Pisipati11-22-03  11:46 am
What's meansFabricio11-22-03  12:46 am
Color screens and imageformatsLars Nielsen11-20-03  09:05 pm
SAR and HTTP header insertion for NOWSMS gatewaySharon Ovadia11-18-03  04:40 pm
T720 UAPROFLars Nielsen11-18-03  09:18 am
OTA Settings in Sony Ericsson PhoneAnonymous11-18-03  08:52 am
MSISDNMarty11-18-03  07:35 am
MCFMarty11-13-03  11:19 am
Connection - less/oriented?Marty11-13-03  10:26 am
A quesiton about wtp wait timout intervalAnonymous10-30-03  04:38 am
Chinese Character in SICLC10-16-03  01:46 am
T68 pictures i WML pagesBryce Norwood - NowS10-14-03  06:46 pm
Can I distribute my app written in C for the Series 60 via OTA?Bryce Norwood - NowS10-14-03  06:46 pm
What product you have to allow me to do this?Bryce Norwood - NowS10-14-03  06:45 pm
MMS headers - encoding and decodingBryce Norwood - NowS10-14-03  06:32 pm
Wap push and clickatellBryce Norwood - NowS10-14-03  06:20 pm
Nowsms gateways supporting WAP PUSH SIBryce Norwood - NowS10-14-03  06:08 pm
Receiving WAP-Push, how to decode??Thuran09-23-03  08:14 am
WML ScriptsAshish Chaudhary08-15-03  12:58 pm
Completely newbie here!Bryce Norwood - NowS08-06-03  07:24 pm
WAP Push to Samsung PhonesBryce Norwood - NowS08-06-03  07:09 pm
WAP GPRS problems...Kent Williams08-04-03  02:57 am
Pushing a .gif file to a wap phone...Kent Williams08-04-03  02:55 am
Https in WAP environmentComete08-01-03  04:44 am
WAP Protocol StackBryce Norwood - NowS06-17-03  02:15 pm
Apache ServerKent Williams06-13-03  10:57 am
Bookmark supportlars nielsen, mservi05-21-03  10:24 am
? What can I do ?Kent Williams05-08-03  02:13 pm
WAP PUSH OVER SMSBryce Norwood - NowS02-26-03  07:24 pm
N4IUI-JAMES MONROEBryce Norwood - NowS02-17-03  08:15 pm
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