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SMS from UK to Vodafone Japan?Anonymous02-03-05  07:24 pm
Best way to WAP Push to any North American carriermdtoxy02-02-05  11:04 pm
Embedded MMS receiverAnonymous02-02-05  03:02 pm
Decode image base64Anonymous02-02-05  06:51 am
Inroamer cannot receive mesagesSimona Tulbure02-02-05  06:27 am
6610Santosh02-02-05  06:11 am
Please test my VB MMS ClientAnonymous01-28-05  04:22 pm
Datalogger with SMS-moduleAnonymous01-28-05  01:47 pm
Problem:receiving SMS with MC35Anonymous01-26-05  07:48 am
Sending SMS to multiple phone numbersb_satyendra01-25-05  03:24 pm
Simple MMS send confirmation binaryvampire_janus01-25-05  08:09 am
Content type decoding please help...vampire_janus01-25-05  07:51 am
Send Ringtone by SMSAndrei Albu01-24-05  11:20 am
MMS Weird EncounterAnonymous01-22-05  01:40 am
Private smscAnonymous01-21-05  04:57 pm
HTTP Header of MMSFritz Schweizer01-21-05  12:11 pm
Does Openwave support the OMA OTA format?ciaranb01-21-05  11:17 am
Send DNS configuration in SMS using OTA WBXMLcaosheep01-21-05  02:38 am
Can you please help me????annie chung01-20-05  01:44 pm
WSP GETAnonymous01-18-05  02:05 pm
How does SMS/MMS work? (newbie)Buddy01-17-05  05:02 pm
Retrieve.conf errorMurali Mohan.K01-17-05  01:31 pm
very new at thisc0va01-16-05  09:19 pm
M-retrieve-conf Binary formatVampire Janus01-14-05  01:43 am
MC35Vampire Janus01-13-05  11:39 pm
Constrained encoding vs. encoded stringVampire Janus01-13-05  08:09 am
How to find MSISDN from 3g card or wap gatewayAndrew Bird01-12-05  10:59 pm
Automatic MMS???M.Khurram Bhatti01-09-05  08:24 am
Microcontroller command for MMSM.Khurram Shehzad Bh01-09-05  07:59 am
Microcontroller command for MMSM.Khurram Shehzad Bh01-09-05  07:56 am
MMS settings for Cincinnati-Bell?Anonymous01-07-05  09:27 pm
AT command through data cable?Kuan Eu Rik01-07-05  03:33 am
MMS Linkyael haim01-06-05  07:08 am
Sending a picture messagedevaraj01-05-05  11:06 am
EMI/UCP capable SMSC simulatorc0va01-04-05  11:41 am
I need to develop a VB application to which will communicate with n...chong01-04-05  04:39 am
Trouble in receiving SMS from DataloggerAnonymous01-03-05  12:52 pm
X-Mms-Expiry EncodingRenee01-03-05  07:46 am
Is it J2ME "feature"?Olga Rudchenko01-03-05  04:18 am
Sending ringtones - brief compilationGabriel Reis01-01-05  02:21 am
Happy New YearAbhishek Pandey12-31-04  10:13 am
Nokia 6220 Connection SettingsAbhishek Pandey12-31-04  03:34 am
Only SMS sim cardsNic Teunckens12-30-04  08:47 am
Reading SMS from SIM using GSM modem regardless of encoding used Anonymous12-30-04  08:20 am
List of phone capabilitiesHichem Zait 12-27-04  02:25 pm
Nokia 7250iNikki Druiven12-27-04  10:23 am
Charset encodingAnonymous12-27-04  06:28 am
Auto send smsKM12-26-04  08:30 am
NothingAnonymous12-25-04  08:44 am
Reading MMS into ServletAmol Tajave12-23-04  09:55 am
MM1 via WSP - responder re-transmits AckGary Chapman12-23-04  03:10 am
Send sms to smsc through cimd2praj_manipal12-20-04  06:21 am
MMSC Simulator vik12-18-04  03:47 pm
Transfer speeds for MMSJim 12-18-04  12:30 am
SMS UPI not workingTom12-16-04  11:49 am
SMS PDU not working ....Why ??? Khalid Sweeseh12-16-04  10:44 am
CDMA Wap Teleservice (WAP Push)Mahendra Saraf12-15-04  06:39 am
How to catch the MM submitted thru kannelDono12-14-04  02:51 am
MMS messages are sending twiceAnonymous12-13-04  10:12 pm
How to include non-centered text in MMS?Anonymous12-13-04  03:49 pm
Help needed for EMS picture and text Anonymous12-13-04  11:45 am
WAP 2.0 OTA sent to port 2948 instead of 49999Anonymous12-09-04  01:22 pm
Flash SWF as input in MMS fileAnonymous12-09-04  05:45 am
SUPER SIMClarkKent12-08-04  08:26 pm
Modem problemsAmir Askarov12-07-04  06:51 am
Reverse Billing MMS Short CodesHoward Bell12-04-04  10:09 am
Device independant content controlBill Comer12-03-04  02:44 pm
Unable to process unicode messagesAnonymous12-02-04  06:16 am
X-Mms Header Name Hex TranslationRe: Confusedgirl12-01-04  07:36 pm
MMS cannot be downloaded using SE phonesamir12-01-04  02:56 am
IMelody, eMelody, AMF, SMAF, etc.Andrei Albu11-29-04  09:15 am
Can you help me? please...Mark Swift11-28-04  07:47 pm
How split off content-type from headers in WSP ReplyAnonymous11-25-04  09:03 am
Re minimising polling over GPRS and j2me.william merrett11-24-04  10:19 pm
Send MMS thru SOAP MM7 interface - using phpkaran11-24-04  11:19 am
MMSc connect errorVictor Arokiam11-24-04  04:11 am
What is in an SMS header ?Abhishek Pandey11-23-04  12:25 pm
An MMS sending issue in Singtel's networkAnonymous11-19-04  12:48 pm
MMS retryAnonymous11-19-04  12:09 pm
MMS retry Anonymous11-19-04  12:08 pm
MMS Notification not properly received on Nokia (6230)Kamjith11-19-04  04:36 am
How reliable is a sms message?Anonymous11-18-04  07:34 am
What is the difference between VAS and VASP ?Ram kumar11-18-04  07:10 am
Nokia6100 can not receive mms,but nokia6250 canmonir11-18-04  06:06 am
M-MBoxsaurav singla11-16-04  08:48 am
MMSCAnonymous11-15-04  09:48 am
Operator <-> Content aggregatorMark11-14-04  05:25 pm
MMS over HTTP Eddy Kvetny11-13-04  05:36 pm
Mms responseAnonymous11-13-04  04:40 pm
2-way SMSAlexDBA11-11-04  06:38 pm
How to extract MM files from an MM1 packet in a reasonable time?M.11-09-04  09:53 am
Getting my pc to send and receive sms Anonymous11-08-04  04:22 pm
How to send MMS Delivery Acknowledgement using WTP&WSP?Anonymous11-06-04  04:12 pm
Wap2.0 provision push data examplesunst11-06-04  06:52 am
MMS with added sound won't work on a Samsung E800 when sent from a ...Anonymous11-05-04  12:16 pm
LG u8120chris miller11-04-04  10:31 pm
Maximum subject lengthDono11-04-04  09:53 pm
MM1 Format in CDMA NetworksJeff Knowles11-03-04  07:01 pm
Trouble with RAS connectionsCarlos Moya11-03-04  12:09 pm
Binary Help Please!binaryhelp11-02-04  03:36 pm
Multiple users on Now SMS WEB interfaceRade Vujovic11-02-04  12:17 pm
One number several times in one DL?Rade Vujovic11-02-04  10:06 am
SMS for Samsung Palm phoneAnonymous11-02-04  12:37 am
MmsCcppAcceptEncoding in UAprofKoichi Kishida11-01-04  11:35 am
Wsp pdu default 1400Anonymous11-01-04  12:52 am
How to use the *.ota files with Nowsmsjerrel10-28-04  10:27 am
IVR/MMSLance Reid10-27-04  03:01 am
GC 83 GSM Modem card and calling planfreddie kruegger10-26-04  11:27 pm
MMS Testing with Agilent 8960 & NowSMS Gateway?Bryce Norwood - NowS10-26-04  02:58 pm
'Send a DRM forward lock MMS accordint to MM7'Jorge Hernandez10-26-04  01:08 pm
"WSP GET" request get rejectedmunawwar10-26-04  06:36 am
OpenWave MMS libraryDavid Chkhartishvili10-25-04  10:39 am
MMSC simulators ?bishu thomas10-25-04  05:34 am
GGSN integration with MMSC via WSB(Logica)Anonymous10-23-04  06:01 am
How can I address a SMS to a particular SIM application? John10-22-04  03:03 pm
Error downloading > Sybery10-22-04  08:37 am
MMS FormatStonely10-22-04  12:36 am
Not getting MMS message to my handsetGuillaume Cottenceau10-21-04  02:05 pm
SMS Concatenation Support in PhonesGuillaume Cottenceau10-21-04  02:04 pm
EMS and actual compatibility with phonesGuillaume Cottenceau10-21-04  02:01 pm
MMS notifications via WAP push => SIRraghav10-21-04  09:07 am
Is M-NotifyResp.ind sent via SMS?Anonymous10-20-04  08:47 am
Reliable advertiser sponsored SMSC?Allon Bendavid10-19-04  06:37 pm
About send xml setting documentsumeshi10-18-04  01:30 am
Pls pls help me ,i am very confused!mistwander10-18-04  01:29 am
Sharp gx30 mms and wap settings kirsten10-16-04  12:33 pm
SMIL slides - Ericsson MM7 SDK - Nokia phonesHaifa Qattan10-16-04  09:59 am
Servlets/mmsRicardo Alvarez10-14-04  07:34 pm
Doing a bit of researchAaron Schuler10-14-04  02:26 pm
Question of Length Quote on content-type encodeingmistwander10-14-04  03:07 am
FL ContentStuart Walker10-13-04  08:14 am
Showing network errorkp irshal10-10-04  05:28 pm
Don`t store SMS in SIM or MEFranz Meneses10-09-04  02:52 pm
Viewing mms messageskurtis10-08-04  01:15 pm
Difference between WAP & MMS imageMANI10-08-04  10:02 am
MMS - no textThushantha De Alwis10-08-04  03:48 am
Timestamps of segments in a multi-segment notification.Anonymous10-07-04  10:55 am
Sending files through infraredamrita b10-05-04  10:47 pm
DRM on NokiaShehzad10-05-04  05:47 am
Fraudulant text messagePaul Makfinsky10-03-04  10:23 pm
Samsung E700 MMS sendingAnonymous10-03-04  05:47 pm
NEW PHONE BUT KEEP OLD NUMBERjoe coyle10-03-04  04:16 pm
Sending MMS from O2 to T-Mobile Problemazam10-02-04  08:03 pm
Innostream 90 UK Settings for T-MobileLeonard Guppy10-02-04  12:44 pm
RTTTL to OTAAnonymous10-01-04  05:32 am
Need pointers to GSM newsgroups for questionsJeff Rhodes09-28-04  11:20 pm
Help please!! MMS delayAnonymous09-27-04  07:59 am
Unable to save MMSC URL in Nokia6600Anonymous09-24-04  05:09 am
Are all devices able to read lock forward restrictions?Luis Keller09-22-04  08:53 pm
Nokia6310i DataCableMichMich09-21-04  11:08 am
Launching J2ME apps using SMSAnonymous09-21-04  12:29 am
Which country support TCP/IP to send MMS?sandy09-19-04  04:04 pm
Anonymous Txt MessagingAnonymous09-17-04  01:01 pm
TransactionId in notification Anonymous09-17-04  12:40 pm
MMS Notifications WAP PushAnonymous09-17-04  12:20 pm
Sending only Text using MMSAnonymous09-17-04  05:29 am
Unable to calculate the MAC value, while pushing the OMAPAnonymous09-17-04  03:32 am
DRM - Lock ForwardLars Nielsen, Mobile09-16-04  05:27 am
MMS replayLiu Yanxiang09-16-04  12:23 am
Cross network MMS sizesAnonymous09-15-04  08:17 am
The problem when I use SE T618reena fu09-13-04  01:30 am
Mms common filesLance Reid09-11-04  12:01 pm
Sending sms using pdu modeMatt Inckle09-10-04  11:53 am
This is weird! New Orange SIMS giving truncated MMS NotificationsAnonymous09-08-04  08:31 am
I want making a service for my customers (Ringtones, Pictures, Java...Hadi Aladdin09-07-04  12:39 pm
How to send group vcard over smssamuel09-07-04  12:53 am
Mms diagram flowAnonymous09-03-04  04:44 pm
Short Codes: How do they work?Monster09-03-04  06:40 am
Hi could some one please help me its urgentMartin Feeney09-02-04  11:21 am
Sending sms using smartphoneisha09-02-04  05:42 am
Charset parameter encoding for Content-TypeGeorge A. K09-01-04  07:37 am
Wap push over ericsson T610/T616 Mario09-01-04  05:19 am
Sending Ringtones EMSGemma Turner08-30-04  08:48 am
Some field in SI I don't understandNguyen Trong Tho08-30-04  04:10 am
MMS NotificationNguyen Trong Tho08-27-04  09:54 am
Alpha address in SMSAnonymous08-27-04  06:21 am
VASPGautam Saha08-26-04  01:21 pm
Streaming support for MMSMurali Mohan. K08-26-04  07:41 am
Where should set te POST for protocol ?Anonymous08-26-04  05:31 am
MMS ConformanceGeorge A. K08-25-04  02:57 am
Help plz with my thesislia08-23-04  04:32 pm
Definition of SMS PushAnonymous08-22-04  01:36 pm
M_send_conf - why Response_status is Error-Sending-Address-Unresolved?Nambu08-20-04  01:11 am
Sending a MMS push msgWill08-19-04  05:35 am
MMS Read-Reply Reports, anyone ever got any ?twee08-17-04  02:55 pm
Numbering formatCharles-Christophe T08-16-04  02:03 pm
Help!why can't I get the MMS through the HTTP GET?jinlin dai08-16-04  02:49 am
Incompatible phones?jamespaulmckenna08-13-04  02:31 pm
Encoding UTF-8 MMS Subject Linemanuel08-13-04  02:34 am
SMS/MMS to/from my Nokia phone ?Saeed Paksima08-12-04  05:45 am
Wsp binary mime type code for "audio/amr"manuel08-12-04  02:55 am
MMS Image CompressionJason Hillin08-11-04  11:07 am
File formatram dixit08-11-04  10:39 am
Bryce,.. Please help me decode the PDU !Murali Mohan.K08-11-04  07:08 am
Max size of MMS file and its dependencyAnonymous08-10-04  01:49 pm
AT commands with hyperterminal vs PHPhamid el abassi08-09-04  10:02 pm
Reverse Bill and WAP PushNick08-09-04  02:21 pm
MMS Header EncodingLee08-09-04  07:17 am
NowSMS support for MMS SDKJames08-09-04  07:15 am
How send WAP Push?Anonymous08-08-04  07:39 pm
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