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Receiving mms with gprsRamjendra Dixit04-05-07  09:37 am
Object format not supported. Tool for testing MIME?Ramjendra Dixit04-05-07  09:29 am
Problem regarding WAP Push messageRamjendra Dixit04-05-07  09:23 am
Problem sending/recieving MMS - Please helpRamjendra Dixit04-05-07  09:16 am
Help me,, MMS PDU errorRamjendra Dixit04-05-07  09:11 am
Help me decoding MMSRamjendra Dixit04-05-07  09:08 am
How to do HTTP post the framed MMS to MMSCRamjendra Dixit04-05-07  08:33 am
MMS Basic QuestionRamjendra Dixit04-05-07  08:29 am
Sending message from a tmobile samsung phone to my email.Ramjendra Dixit04-05-07  08:21 am
Attachments cant open?Ramjendra Dixit04-05-07  08:18 am
What kind of mobile gcm i can use?Ramjendra Dixit04-05-07  08:14 am
Configuring MMS between 2 PLMNsRamjendra Dixit04-05-07  08:12 am
HELP!about HTTP SERVERsnowtank04-04-07  02:00 am
Queryfrowzzy04-02-07  07:05 pm
Wavecom firmwareDaniel Andres04-02-07  05:06 pm
02 300 free texts unlockerJohn Rumsey45 04-01-07  06:57 am
Drm files (dr) send fail over xml settingsManuel Montana03-30-07  06:17 pm
Free sms worldwide via Internetkashif saleem03-30-07  04:23 pm
Mms to flashGezerler03-30-07  08:58 am
MMS from nokia 6070Cristiano Cumer03-26-07  07:43 am
SMPP Port geting HangedSamir Kumar Rakshit03-23-07  02:45 pm
For sell Brand New N800 at $400 N95 at $300 N93i at $250 N93 at $200akinwale03-23-07  12:44 pm
Different types of InsertSubscriber Data PacketsSamir Kumar Rakshit03-18-07  07:54 pm
MMS delivery report jaPco03-11-07  09:20 pm
NowSMS with T-Mobile (US) & GPRS?Alan Lougher03-07-07  12:51 am
MSISDNHeaderPrefixConvert for recipient addressesDziugas Baltrunas03-01-07  12:17 pm
Usage of TRX mode in SMPP communicationamar02-21-07  01:48 pm
MS Exchange 2003 sync to Nokia series 40Stanislav Shuvaev02-19-07  07:32 pm
2-way processing on two smsc connectionsNana Kwabena Agyei-O02-19-07  04:33 pm
Sending MMS from my siteIrfan Jamal02-17-07  06:45 pm
Sms messageswilliam beattie02-17-07  04:15 pm
=2E to FULLSTOPMark Hamlet02-17-07  12:08 pm
MMS Notification?bvnk02-06-07  08:29 am
How to force MMSC to use specific X-Wap-Application-Id?Sergey02-02-07  07:44 am
Forward lock apply on individual object onlyWu Jiong Hui01-26-07  01:48 pm
Configuring MMS between 2 PLMNsBrandon Francis01-24-07  08:46 pm
Siemens M20 firmwareMary01-12-07  03:29 am
Problem to receive mms?maaxobelix yeye01-10-07  04:27 pm
Help to convert GSM Modem PDU to SMPP PDUDeepak Angeswar12-21-06  09:11 am
SMS and charge cell phonejames12-19-06  11:02 pm
Wavecom fastrack gsm modemcharisse del castill12-18-06  03:09 am
PROBLEMS SENDING PHOTO MESSAGES ON MOTOROLA V500Chris Woodcock73 12-15-06  11:12 am
Need Help!!Keegan Meyer12-14-06  08:46 pm
SMS SIM data downloadLeif Festin12-14-06  12:08 pm
Sending SMS from PC : alternativeskigan khadka33 12-13-06  03:33 pm
Incoming SMS to Nowsmsting12-13-06  11:05 am
Sms Short codedeepkamal singh12-12-06  09:33 pm
Create SMSdeepkamal singh12-12-06  09:30 pm
E-mail to SMSdeepkamal singh12-12-06  09:27 pm
Buy New Lrg Sidekick 3 for $130 Panasonic TH-42PX50U for $700Micheal phillips12-09-06  02:37 pm
Your Own Message Centre Number ?Jhase Campbell154 12-08-06  08:14 pm
AT Commands for Delivery Report indicationeBank Works Team12-07-06  12:27 pm
How to Get Result(Status) once we send XML docvenkatesh guttal12-06-06  04:53 am
Send SMS via web applicationAgha Mehdi12-04-06  12:46 am
Bulk MMS Messages?Ming Han Chung12-02-06  04:39 am
Setting Up new SMPP channelAmer Saeed11-29-06  07:19 pm
Configuring GSM Modemkathe11-28-06  11:18 am
Help with configurationelvis kuma forson11-28-06  08:35 am
Need to know the format of SMS being received on computerjaswanth11-28-06  04:54 am
UDH for Nextel i265Mahesh Joshi11-27-06  06:11 am
UK SMSCorin11-25-06  01:43 am
VCARD/VCALENDAR in MMStor h botnen11-24-06  07:00 pm
Picture messaging to logicagsm smscasher tarno11-23-06  03:48 pm
I CAN'T SEND SMS THROUGH COMPUTER nazeer derlakatte11-18-06  08:56 am
Reciving MMs on PCZobra11-15-06  12:31 am
Pc to Mobile MMSMiketv11-13-06  10:27 pm
Am i Receive the correct one ?singgih11-13-06  04:10 am
Any Guidelines to Develope SMS Gatewayvenkatesh guttal11-09-06  11:17 am
Why i can't receive MMS with the t-mobile settings for mms ?jonathan fear96 11-07-06  09:59 am
GSM modem----- which one?John11-05-06  10:58 am
Send free SMS to a China Mobile aacountray men11-03-06  02:29 pm
What values to set for NPI and Ton numbers?Deepak Angeswar11-03-06  02:24 pm
MMS status header field values?Narasimha11-03-06  08:20 am
NowSMS MMSC high availability clusterJohn McAleer11-02-06  05:05 pm
Nokia 7250 MMS on a o2 (genie sim card) ????? HelpJohnMcGaughran103 10-31-06  02:08 pm
2 way sms- php codedwi widayana10-31-06  12:31 am
OTA - message size limitationT. Markussen10-30-06  02:59 pm
Setting up an SMS environmentJohn10-28-06  01:54 pm
Use Now SMS/MMS from external AppJohn10-28-06  01:50 pm
Converting 8-bit encoded binary data to 7-bit encoded data & vice v...Deepak Angeswar10-27-06  09:09 am
Converting GSM modem PDU-Serial to SMPPDeepak Angeswar10-26-06  11:50 am
SMS Consultantjuri10-25-06  06:48 am
Request some SMS PDU for testTony Ng10-25-06  03:52 am
Connecting 15-pin sub-D connectorSunil Mohan10-24-06  06:48 pm
Sms pdu questionAveen10-24-06  09:27 am
Motorola iMelodyAveen10-24-06  09:25 am
Problem with Mobile Terminated Hyperlink Infomation ElementAveen10-24-06  09:13 am
Newbie looking for basic MMS instructionsMatt Jackson10-20-06  09:11 pm
Apropos EMS Andrea Ferrari10-20-06  09:46 am
MMS Gateways in the USAAnthony Papillion10-16-06  07:59 am
Send a SMS from a midlet to NowSMSEsmeralda Pomar10-14-06  10:22 pm
Best Approach for Calendar deliveryGary Shacklock10-12-06  09:56 am
Queries regarding GSM Modem ; SMPPDeepak Angeswar10-12-06  08:07 am
Converting UCP to SMPP ?Deepak Angeswar10-11-06  10:15 am
Sending mms to operator gatewayGunther Ahamer10-10-06  09:10 pm
Problem in sending V card Aveen10-10-06  11:20 am
Registering mobile key presses when in voice connection with GPRS M...Mitja10-09-06  11:13 am
SMSC gateway or GMS modem?Paula Santos10-09-06  10:39 am
SMSC connection and EMI windowingPaula Santos10-09-06  10:23 am
Limit minimal phone number digitsdwi amk10-07-06  02:10 pm
Problem in receiving MMSSunil Mohan10-07-06  04:30 am
Methods for WBXML decodingsachin jain10-05-06  02:33 pm
UCP SMSC simulator Deepak Angeswar10-05-06  11:09 am
Need bulk SMS to Brazil with large coverageschaumparty10-05-06  07:31 am
WAP push message : sometimes work 5%kim changwan09-29-06  11:50 pm
WBXML to XML conversion on WM5.0 PPCsachin jain09-29-06  09:56 am
SMS to Phone via BluetoothChris Johnson09-28-06  11:44 am
Separate Delivery / Combined Delivery Killing ME!Goldsms09-28-06  08:40 am
Kannel.confRodrigo C Souza09-27-06  01:11 pm
Nokia mobile phones in SMS pdu and text modeJohn09-26-06  06:01 am
How to decode 7-bit encoded SMS ?Li Yucheng09-26-06  02:09 am
How can I make a Motorola Bookmark? thx!Li Yucheng09-25-06  08:21 am
Vasp submit mms via MM7 problemchowyunlee09-24-06  02:25 pm
Working on smart phone WM5.0 not in WM5.0 pocket PCsachin jain09-22-06  01:57 pm
Java SMS parserNikos Fotiou09-19-06  09:57 am
Picture message problemmellson09-19-06  07:43 am
EMS picture+texthajdarhoti09-14-06  03:44 pm
How to send sms from tomcat 5.0 to j2me emulator..pls helpraj mckenzie09-14-06  08:18 am
Wanted content managing platform for NowSMS!Pavel Morozov09-13-06  07:00 am
T-mobile profile needed can anyone help?Catherine Blake09-11-06  07:45 pm
SMS-Gateway that supports repliesChristian Hasselstro09-08-06  01:47 pm
Low rate SMS aggregator for AfricaChristian Hasselstro09-08-06  01:37 pm
OMA Client Provision failure.Would you help me.thxzuoluo09-05-06  10:43 am
SAP plug-insIndian SMS Solutions09-05-06  05:25 am
Php script can not send sms, but super terminal can!guaerjia09-05-06  02:35 am
K750i picture message problemsSyth09-01-06  05:09 pm
SMS Expert Need to Help with Mobile Phone SolutionJon Pirie08-31-06  04:27 pm
DisplayOnly in MM7 Submit.ReqMichel Auduc08-31-06  02:56 pm
OTA Provisioning Motorola POC phonesmarcos pernambuco08-30-06  02:06 pm
I wanna convert gif,jpg,bmp file to oparator logo khandaker Erfan08-30-06  05:21 am
Invalid Content Type -ReplyEddy08-29-06  02:32 am
Seeking SMS Application DeveloperMobile Text Solution08-25-06  02:34 pm
How to send MMS from one application to other application in my loc...weigang08-25-06  09:15 am
Corrupt SMS Message received on my mobileEddy08-24-06  03:47 pm
Mms attachment vs. mms objectsKTYang08-23-06  05:30 am
Serial Control w/ SMS (Nokia 7210)James Jesse08-19-06  01:45 am
Using siemens A70 phone as modemHendra Jaya08-17-06  03:27 pm
MMS Server to receive bulk messages in USATom Griffith08-13-06  11:09 am
Mms - help for the blonde female?!tracey bloy58 08-12-06  08:58 pm
What does this WSP header mean?YunSeok, Ahn08-10-06  04:22 am
Duplicate SMS being sentMatt Inckle08-07-06  09:47 am
Export MMS from phone to computer?mfu08-06-06  01:36 pm
SMS tone questionsuperitfan08-06-06  10:27 am
Providing TextsK Rockmore08-05-06  05:38 pm
Unlock 'gennie' o2 sim cardAnonymous08-01-06  03:19 pm
MMS Gateway in SpainAnonymous08-01-06  03:18 pm
Communication with modem Anonymous08-01-06  03:13 pm
How to use default proxy in OTA,client provisioning? Anonymous08-01-06  03:11 pm
Problem to get XML scriptAnonymous08-01-06  03:10 pm
Reliable Source for Asia Pacific operators GPRS Settings?Anonymous08-01-06  03:09 pm
SMS SHORT CODEAnonymous08-01-06  03:09 pm
Why NowSMS adds .dm to FL content?Anonymous08-01-06  03:08 pm
What is LRq field in UCP Specifications ???Anonymous08-01-06  03:06 pm
VASP stuck in loop?Anonymous08-01-06  03:06 pm
Now.sms implemenation opportunity at venture funded startupAnonymous08-01-06  03:03 pm
Orange MMS / Wap Gateway 'Problems'Anonymous107 08-01-06  02:59 pm
Can/Shld we show the download error message to the user?Anonymous08-01-06  02:59 pm
I create a mms's working in Nokia,Motorala.but not in Sony ...Anonymous08-01-06  02:56 pm
Sending MMS to Optus MMSCAnonymous08-01-06  02:53 pm
How to test email to smsAnonymous08-01-06  02:50 pm
How to transfer sms from mobile to computerAnonymous08-01-06  02:47 pm
Problem in binding to SMSCAnonymous08-01-06  02:44 pm
MMS message via BluetoothAnonymous08-01-06  02:42 pm
Sending jar file from PC to mobile phoneAnonymous08-01-06  02:39 pm
Forward lock on .mms fileAnonymous08-01-06  02:30 pm
".mms" test fileAnonymous08-01-06  02:27 pm
SMS to ArgentinaAnonymous08-01-06  02:22 pm
How can i send a mms message anonymously Anonymous08-01-06  02:16 pm
Short code providers in ukAnonymous08-01-06  02:15 pm
SMS service help in USAnonymous08-01-06  01:55 pm
V500 missing "Service Centre" menuAnonymous08-01-06  01:54 pm
Hi Bryce,Anonymous08-01-06  01:50 pm
How send a pic from pc to a mobile phone?Anonymous08-01-06  01:42 pm
Modem Issues - GlobalSat gu-702Anonymous08-01-06  01:38 pm
Configuring MultiTech Modem to send SMS over GPRSAnonymous08-01-06  01:35 pm
How to explain this MMS?Anonymous08-01-06  01:33 pm
AT+cmgl without the text?Anonymous08-01-06  01:32 pm
EMS GenerationAnonymous08-01-06  01:27 pm
Accessing NowMMS from more than one IPAnonymous08-01-06  01:26 pm
How to send the SMS from PC to Mobile needed ScriptAnonymous08-01-06  01:24 pm
How to use a gsm modem to send sms?Anonymous08-01-06  12:09 pm
Retry in SMPP ProtocolAnonymous08-01-06  12:02 pm
The minimum required to accept incoming SMSAnonymous08-01-06  11:41 am
My Nokia 6600 is infected by virusAnonymous08-01-06  11:17 am
Sending picture messages to swedenAnonymous08-01-06  11:06 am
Multipart/XHTML & imageAnonymous08-01-06  11:01 am
NowSMS / WAP PUSH guru for hire ?Anonymous08-01-06  10:59 am
Nokia Java MMS API Anonymous08-01-06  10:55 am
Setting up MMS on my virgin V3 razrAnonymous08-01-06  10:36 am
Embed "Thread ID" in User-Data or elsewhere?Anonymous08-01-06  10:33 am
Sharp GX10 Unlocked to o2. No MMS...HelpAnonymous51 08-01-06  10:29 am
Billing infoAnonymous08-01-06  10:24 am
Motorola V300 Vodafone MMSAnonymous08-01-06  08:41 am
Sms out delayAnonymous08-01-06  08:33 am
Running now.sms on a server with pc gsm modemAnonymous08-01-06  08:24 am
SMS query and auto replyAnonymous08-01-06  08:16 am
Messages from ICQAnonymous08-01-06  08:03 am
Wappush binary sms with chinese characters.Anonymous08-01-06  07:56 am
EMS for large ringtoneAnonymous08-01-06  07:27 am
Windowing on smppAnonymous08-01-06  07:07 am
MMS size measurementAnonymous08-01-06  07:05 am
Message_payload in smpp3.4 Anonymous07-31-06  08:51 pm
CDMA (Plz Help ....)m.phani sasannk07-31-06  08:01 pm
T-Mobile UK & MMS retrieval problemsfrancis07-31-06  03:25 pm
VCard on motorola phone....Anonymous07-31-06  02:45 pm
MMS send confirmation "MMS defective"??Anonymous10 07-31-06  05:57 am
MMS SMIL HeaderAnonymous07-30-06  10:48 pm
EMS with MOTOROLAAnonymous07-30-06  11:34 am
SyncMLGuy Vachtel07-30-06  11:29 am
How to receive MMS message on mobile phone - Internal MMSC modeErnez Catovic07-27-06  12:41 pm
I cant send mms! Please Help!BTD07-27-06  10:55 am
SmartPhone receiving MMS problemAlex Lin07-26-06  12:35 pm
PEARL on SMPPAnonymous07-25-06  02:00 am
PDU SMS in BrandsAnonymous07-25-06  12:55 am
J2ME Opportunity- £35-£55k basic- ReadingJason07-21-06  09:52 am
Why Capabilitiy Ignore??Anonymous07-21-06  09:00 am
Send wspConnect={0x0E,0x00,0x87,0x12,0x01,0x10,0x0A,0x00,0x04,0x80,...Anonymous07-21-06  08:57 am
WapForum Bookmark with Chinese Charactersbenhoskins07-21-06  03:13 am
PHP script having trouble reading e-mail from phone.K. Benson07-20-06  09:11 pm
Global SMS providersH Platt07-20-06  11:22 am
How to retreive MMS notification on 3G PCI cardlylian07-19-06  02:21 pm
MMS from PC to mobile without datacable,bluetoooth and IRKarthikVela07-17-06  08:11 am
I need Bulk sms Anonymous07-16-06  11:56 pm
Fargo Maestro 100 stuck in loop +WIND: 3Colin Gray07-14-06  10:41 am
Send from My phone on Orange an MMS to the email address the MMS in...Anonymous07-11-06  12:17 pm
I could not succesfuly send my MM7 Submit.Req onto NowMMSCErnez Catovic07-10-06  01:10 pm
SMS virgin seeks help on startupnyasha mike james07-09-06  08:42 pm
Problem with Run Via OTAGayathri Karthik07-07-06  12:21 pm
Sending a MMS from a modem siemens MC35i mario batista07-07-06  03:12 am
+CMS ERROR: 331diop07-06-06  11:21 am
I want to identify one connection to send over itkarim fawzy07-03-06  12:51 pm
NOKIA JAVA MMS API Source CodeAnonymous05-24-06  07:58 am
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