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Receiving Escape 1B ProblemJuan Moreno11-21-09  03:34 am
Auto provisioningDes - NowSMS Support11-16-09  05:08 pm
Can Now SMS be used for a ringtone and picture service?Des - NowSMS Support11-09-09  08:55 pm
How can i read the arabic SMS Submitted from the Log filesDes - NowSMS Support11 11-09-09  02:40 pm
Strange MMS notification resultDes - NowSMS Support10-27-09  05:44 pm
How do I transfer sms from my Cingular Mobile to my computer? Des - NowSMS Support10-16-09  12:05 pm
How to detect SMS reply by passing some header infoBryce Norwood - NowS10-12-09  01:18 pm
Free SMS/MMS sending thru the webjackson john10-12-09  12:40 pm
+CMS ERROR: 302 in the debug fileDes - NowSMS Support10-05-09  06:56 pm
Licence CostsDes - NowSMS Support10-02-09  03:10 pm
Access point group configuration via SMSDes - NowSMS Support09-28-09  07:38 pm
SMS deliveried to B number but no CDR generated for A numberRajesh Reddy09-23-09  01:27 am
Modify mms_submit_req(mm1)Thilani Abeysinghe09-17-09  10:23 am
MMS encoding versionDes - NowSMS Support09-11-09  01:11 pm
Siemens TC65 throwing 535 error for CMGST V13 09-10-09  09:12 pm
Now SMS in test ModeDes - NowSMS Support09-10-09  03:33 pm
How to send SMS using ATT Mercury USB device via AT HyperterminalT V09-07-09  05:44 am
Need Picture message to sendshohaibale08-20-09  08:49 am
OMA delete settings ?Des - NowSMS Support08-19-09  01:56 pm
NowSMS APIDes - NowSMS Support08-18-09  11:23 am
MMS with text in arabicDes - NowSMS Support08-17-09  02:53 pm
Ringtone helpmedium kuriboh08-15-09  08:20 pm
Remote device to SMSLol08-14-09  02:09 pm
How to send /recieve MMS via Emailpowertec08-10-09  12:06 am
Problem sending mmsDes - NowSMS Support08-06-09  12:22 pm
NowSMS removes + symbol from the Sender AddressDes - NowSMS Support07-30-09  05:23 pm
Error SMS not supported on the modemDes - NowSMS Support07-30-09  05:08 pm
MMS decoding problem.Des - NowSMS Support07-29-09  04:26 pm
Send long sms without segmentation doesn't workDes - NowSMS Support07-28-09  05:38 pm
Sms broadcastDes - NowSMS Support07-17-09  12:55 pm
MMS Send IssueManjunath V07-02-09  11:15 am
Log limit and sending smsmedium kuriboh07-01-09  03:28 pm
Send MMS from nowmms to an ASPDes - NowSMS Support06-29-09  05:33 pm
Why the xml format I received had been changed to wbxml?Daniel Liu06-23-09  04:53 am
Invalid ParameterThomas S06-19-09  06:12 am
Bulksms ResellersVinod Nadiadwala06-16-09  07:14 am
How to start as a Bulk SMS Providerkarthik06-13-09  12:34 pm
.REQ Files Queueing in Q driveDes - NowSMS Support06-12-09  12:41 pm
How to recive MMS ??Des - NowSMS Support12 06-11-09  02:28 pm
Send internet format message/content as MMSDes - NowSMS Support06-10-09  07:34 pm
Difference between mms 1.0 and 1.2 versionsswathi06-09-09  12:57 pm
Sending .mms fileswathi06-04-09  05:25 pm
M-acknowledge-ind issuesDes - NowSMS Support06-04-09  02:24 pm
How many modems??Des - NowSMS Support06-02-09  05:38 pm
MMS UA Prof schema alignmentsBryce Norwood - NowS05-28-09  12:44 pm
Mms corrupted Des - NowSMS Support05-27-09  03:33 pm
Help me with MMS Blogging....Des - NowSMS Support05-27-09  03:28 pm
Does NOWSMS Receive SMS?Des - NowSMS Support05-25-09  02:35 pm
MM1 Message body contentswathi05-22-09  05:55 pm
Problem sending MMSjay05-21-09  12:47 am
Mms via gprs modem Des - NowSMS Support05-18-09  01:33 pm
MMSC Local Host NameDes - NowSMS Support05-18-09  01:25 pm
Nokia 6500 unlocked that wont recieve or send MMS messagesDes - NowSMS Support05-18-09  12:55 pm
MMS delivery reports using NowSMSDes - NowSMS Support05-13-09  02:17 pm
Role of Content Server and MMSCmm7 gateway05-11-09  12:55 pm
Not Receiving MMSDes - NowSMS Support05-07-09  05:12 pm
Problem in sending MMStayyab javed05-01-09  08:21 am
To check for MMS headers in log filesDes - NowSMS Support04-27-09  05:22 pm
Can not send MMS > 64K from prepaid sub to MMSCThilani Abeysinghe04-17-09  06:43 am
Purchasing gsm modems of US useMatthew Udomphol04-15-09  11:28 pm
Promting the messge as Expired in HTC mobiles while retrieving the ...Bhanu04-15-09  10:06 am
Send sms using nowsmsMani04-15-09  08:27 am
Why I cant send MMS? Des - NowSMS Support04-06-09  07:04 pm
Large scale modem?Des - NowSMS Support04-06-09  03:26 pm
Connecting wavecom M1213A (15 pins) to computer (9 pins)...Des - NowSMS Support04-06-09  03:22 pm
How to connect 6610 to my pc and send sms by hyperterminal?Tina04-02-09  04:33 pm
How can i send Now SMS Config settings by more than one userMexcano19 03-27-09  08:43 pm
Send a multimedia WAP push message Paul Adrian03-12-09  08:45 am
Need help with data inqury using nowsmsDes - NowSMS Support03-09-09  03:54 pm
Question in 2-way SMSDes - NowSMS Support03-09-09  03:52 pm
How to send our own configured MMS?Chia-Hsiang Kao03-07-09  04:17 pm
RE:MMS Sending FailureDes - NowSMS Support03-06-09  02:24 pm
Uss now sms as a MMSC for mm7 protocolDes - NowSMS Support02-26-09  02:38 pm
A few simple questions...Sajid Ahmed02-24-09  05:57 am
Mask SMS short code to long numberDes - NowSMS Support02-23-09  07:46 pm
Outgoing SMS port SettingsDes - NowSMS Support02-22-09  10:17 pm
Newbie getting into sms Des - NowSMS Support02-21-09  01:58 am
How to use nowsms to send mmsDes - NowSMS Support10 02-17-09  04:59 pm
Sending sms using multiple connection same smscroutemedium kuriboh02-16-09  05:41 pm
MMS PDU questionDes - NowSMS Support10 02-16-09  04:29 pm
MMS with callbackDes - NowSMS Support02-13-09  01:01 pm
Premium ServicesDes - NowSMS Support02-07-09  03:01 pm
HammerNonResponsiveModeDes - NowSMS Support02-04-09  07:42 pm
Quick Question!Mike17 02-04-09  03:56 pm
DuplicatesDes - NowSMS Support02-03-09  05:04 pm
Need a virus affected Audio and video mms message samplePriyaMurthy01-22-09  10:23 am
MMS dumpPriyaMurthy01-22-09  10:19 am
Flash Smsash kara01-18-09  02:09 pm
Question about send MMSNone01-06-09  01:53 am
Open connection to WAP gateway over GPRSNone01-06-09  01:26 am
Problem with null dateDes - NowSMS Support01-05-09  03:09 pm
SIM508 sending SMS errorBryce Norwood - NowS12-31-08  02:17 pm
MMS for the web (PHP)Bryce Norwood - NowS12-26-08  02:33 pm
MMS Adaptations FieldDes - NowSMS Support12-18-08  07:12 pm
Need helpkaren goodwin12-13-08  08:07 am
MMS breakDown ProblemDes - NowSMS Support12-11-08  02:25 pm
Long messages in particular smsc give wrong broken text on receiveDes - NowSMS Support12-01-08  09:19 pm
How to read the log files?medium kuriboh11-27-08  11:01 am
Retrieving IMEI using SMShazhir hajian11-22-08  11:03 am
International sms deliver failuresafraawi11-20-08  08:02 pm
Does "now.sms" do this?Bryce Norwood - NowS11-20-08  06:07 pm
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