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Why am I here?AG04-10-06  09:06 pm
MM1 for embedded infoIain Haywood04-10-06  08:01 pm
Recieveing MMS through PCpenny porter04-09-06  01:57 pm
Hex string conversion confusionAnonymous04-08-06  08:50 pm
Unable to send or retrive photossarah04-07-06  06:11 pm
Mms settings for a motorola v220bobo04-05-06  09:40 pm
Sharp gx15 unlocked to o2 problem with smschrissyboy04-04-06  03:32 pm
I CAN'T SEND SMS THROUGH COMPUTER ankur04-04-06  11:57 am
I CAN'T SEND SMS THROUGH COMPUTERAnonymous04-04-06  11:54 am
How to Send SMS using CDMA and vb.Net LanguageHenry04-03-06  09:09 am
Message not delivered - error with DATA?Jason03-31-06  07:23 am
Best Option For US Text Messaging Gateway/ GSM SMSjohn demarco03-29-06  03:28 am
What's wrong with my EMS Sound EncodingNick.Cheng03-27-06  09:32 am
Failed & Pending status of Delivery reportManish Gupta03-27-06  08:00 am
Becoming a catalogue MMS service..Anonymous03-27-06  12:07 am
SIM SMS service & sms to internetAdam03-25-06  09:11 pm
Motorola V3 SyncML OTA problem..Anil03-23-06  06:29 pm
How to get mms notification??kt03-23-06  01:18 pm
SMS GatewayAnonymous11 03-21-06  10:08 am
Sony Ericsson W800i shows binary SMS as textshmulik03-20-06  12:57 pm
How to decode EXPIRY field in MMSAnonymous03-20-06  11:20 am
MMS -> WebsiteAnonymous03-18-06  06:44 am
Thu coitran minh03-17-06  11:55 am
Unable to download .mms file om sony ericsson w550iAnonymous03-17-06  06:35 am
I want mms video clipssamzion03-17-06  06:31 am
MMS problem on WM5masa03-16-06  04:23 am
MMS messages have no sound Razr V3Hollie G03-15-06  11:25 am
How to send multipart/concatenated SMS.N Phaneeswar Reddy03-14-06  03:09 pm
Retrieving MMS on an non compatible phoneLisa03-13-06  04:09 pm
Passing Data to NowSMS for sending (outbound)Help03-13-06  01:58 pm
How to find out the operators SMPP parameters?Neo03-13-06  12:51 pm
How to receive sms via Now SMS/MMS gateway?Anonymous03-13-06  02:58 am
What are the GSM modems that supports MMS?Anonymous03-12-06  12:01 pm
What are the GSM Modems that supports MMS?Anonymous03-12-06  11:58 am
How to send multipart/concatenated SMS.N Phaneeswar Reddy03-11-06  07:11 pm
ChargingDD03-09-06  02:17 pm
Mmsc users tabBrandon Francis03-08-06  08:16 pm
M-notification.ind over SMPP to SMSCAnonymous03-07-06  02:37 pm
Nowsms with Nokia 12Lalichan Thomas03-07-06  01:03 pm
Mms composerKev Williams03-07-06  08:46 am
Alphanumeric senderAnonymous03-07-06  01:44 am
Sms gatewayAnonymous03-07-06  01:41 am
Wap push Expiry fieldsAnonymous03-07-06  01:38 am
How parse mms content-type ?Anonymous03-07-06  01:27 am
Text slideshow to MMS devicesAnonymous03-07-06  01:18 am
Using CUTS to log-in to linux machineAnonymous03-07-06  01:15 am
Nokia Picture Messaging - compatible phonesAnonymous03-07-06  01:15 am
GSM Module Dirver (DLL)Anonymous03-07-06  01:06 am
Help needed urgentlyAnonymous03-07-06  01:06 am
Regarding the use of Nokia 8250 as GSM ModemAnonymous03-07-06  01:06 am
Problem with Validity PeriodAnonymous03-07-06  12:36 am
Overlength SMSAnonymous03-07-06  12:32 am
Hi, just a simple question ..Anonymous03-07-06  12:28 am
At commands for g18 gsmAnonymous03-07-06  12:16 am
XML --> WBXML --> HASH? what do I need?Anonymous03-07-06  12:03 am
How to configure application server for mms client get mms?Anonymous03-06-06  11:29 pm
MMS settings ... Anonymous03-06-06  11:27 pm
SMS Reverse Billing QuestionAnonymous03-06-06  11:25 pm
Single SMS ringtoneAnonymous03-06-06  11:07 pm
MAC supportAnonymous03-06-06  11:07 pm
Mms via gsm??Anonymous03-06-06  11:06 pm
WML/XHTML in MMSAnonymous03-06-06  10:58 pm
Mms: sms notify!Anonymous03-06-06  10:57 pm
How to send mms to PC?Anonymous03-06-06  10:55 pm
MM7 Connection QuestionAnonymous03-06-06  10:51 pm
Java program that can send/receive MMSAnonymous03-06-06  10:42 pm
MMS binary incompatibilities with SonyEricsson phones?Anonymous03-06-06  10:41 pm
Retrieving SMS from GSM ModemAnonymous03-06-06  10:39 pm
Siemens M20 terminal not SMS compatibleAnonymous03-06-06  10:38 pm
V220 probsAnonymous03-06-06  10:27 pm
Sms errorAnonymous03-06-06  10:22 pm
Cannot send or Receive MMSAnonymous03-06-06  09:58 pm
Hi,Mr Bryce,some mms problem need your help again!Anonymous03-06-06  09:53 pm
Missing content typeAnonymous03-06-06  09:48 pm
How to retrieve value from text box in J2ME and invoke a JSP?Anonymous03-06-06  09:46 pm
Picture block in smsAnonymous03-06-06  09:36 pm
MMS SendingAnonymous03-06-06  09:16 pm
Multi Language SMS fails on Motorolla Anonymous03-06-06  09:10 pm
Automatic reply - is it possible?Anonymous03-06-06  09:09 pm
HELP! Unable to send text messages O2 PAYGAnonymous03-06-06  08:58 pm
Identification of SMS, round-tripAnonymous03-06-06  08:45 pm
Problem in SMS PDU - Help neededAnonymous03-06-06  08:45 pm
Can anyone post a binary form of MMS pdu to let analyze? Anonymous03-06-06  08:45 pm
Where can i get the api for a GPRS modem?Anonymous03-06-06  08:39 pm
Sharp gx30i text msg alertAnonymous03-06-06  08:33 pm
Can I receive MMS on my web site?Anonymous03-06-06  08:14 pm
Autoprovisioning and Mail-to MMSAnonymous03-06-06  06:33 pm
Newby question (is there a software to put text from sms to an imag...Anonymous03-06-06  06:30 pm
Problems in sending picture message binaryAnonymous03-06-06  06:17 pm
I want to provide ringontes from my website. HOW? HELP!Anonymous03-06-06  06:16 pm
Complete SMS/MMS setup Anonymous03-06-06  06:08 pm
2-WAY SMS ISSUESAnonymous03-06-06  06:07 pm
Mmscomp and making mms from smilAnonymous03-06-06  06:06 pm
Download java gamesAnonymous03-06-06  06:05 pm
A little problemAnonymous03-06-06  06:03 pm
In search of GSM modemAnonymous03-06-06  05:55 pm
Create your own mmsc using apacheAnonymous03-06-06  05:54 pm
HOW MANY BYTES THE SMS TEXT SIZE IN GPRSAnonymous03-06-06  05:52 pm
Wap Push Dynamic OriginatorAnonymous03-06-06  05:49 pm
MMS - US aggregatorAnonymous03-06-06  05:49 pm
Setup for live systemAnonymous03-06-06  05:42 pm
SMS Initiations and questionsAnonymous03-06-06  05:29 pm
MMS Notification WAP Push ISSUENobin Mathew03-06-06  11:55 am
MMS not working for the MDA PRO 4/QTEK JASJAR/02 9000 UNLOCKEDJordan Walker03-03-06  01:15 am
MM7 link need help with the URL TemplateRoland A. Younes03-02-06  08:24 am
Best modem for mms?donald02-28-06  11:00 am
MMS messages from phone to PCAnonymous02-27-06  01:48 pm
Issiues about mms pdu transport?hui02-25-06  07:24 am
Problem in sending 160 char long sms from pc to mobileaassheesh02-24-06  05:49 am
Need some help on content type header !powernet02-23-06  03:13 pm
MMS Sending problemManan02-23-06  05:54 am
Motorola V300 sms settingsunregisterd guest02-22-06  05:38 pm
Hai therelihle sihlahla02-21-06  03:01 pm
Send mms from pc using at commd ,can you help mefunnyking02-20-06  08:09 am
Sending SMS to myselfYe JJ02-20-06  02:18 am
Sharp gx15big mack02-19-06  03:20 pm
Content Info SupportAnonymous02-19-06  10:21 am
Problm with sending through UCPhossam yassin02-16-06  09:10 pm
Parameter field in Content type Header.( MMS)Dinu Thomas02-14-06  12:41 pm
MMS ClientDinu Thomas02-14-06  04:47 am
How to send MMS from PC to Phoneshahid malik02-11-06  10:47 am
Looking for webapplication to processs HTTP requests Thomas Schramm02-10-06  11:44 am
Concatenated EMS with picture and textRégis kuckaertz02-08-06  02:02 pm
MMSC emulatorJatin Gandhi02-07-06  10:58 am
Web-based interface for composing and sending MMSmobi02-06-06  10:44 pm
Default SMS port of Nokia mobilessubhro roy02-06-06  11:33 am
"missing transaction id header" error with NMSS SDK 1.5Vincent02-03-06  07:48 am
MMS message Sharp GX10isoakedblonde02-02-06  02:13 am
X-Mms-3GPP-MMS-Version: 6.x.xGareth Prosser01-26-06  01:03 pm
Decode MMSAnonymous01-26-06  01:03 pm
Motorola V220 - wont send a ringtone ???Michelle01-25-06  07:56 pm
GSM Modem & LinuxNauman01-24-06  09:59 pm
HOW TO ENCODE AND DECODE BINARY SMSAnonymous01-24-06  06:08 pm
Send mms from my pc using gprsAcavada01-24-06  03:07 pm
What to buy for SMS gateway in USSyirrus01-22-06  03:06 am
MMS Retrievalneedhelp!01-21-06  03:54 pm
Nokia 32 connection to PCmohamed01-20-06  03:12 pm
Sending MMS from microprocessor via GPRS modemSergey01-17-06  12:33 pm
Decode SMS Content - LahiruAnonymous01-16-06  05:14 am
Newbie and SMS / MMS Gateway questionsSyirrus01-09-06  05:50 pm
MMS 1.1 & MMS 1.2Anonymous01-09-06  04:25 am
Decoding MMS Content typevishnu vardhan01-05-06  12:47 pm
Multiple SMS over Httpvishnu vardhan01-05-06  12:45 pm
Sms and callingsian gearing01-04-06  06:48 pm
MMS security systemTALOM KOUNGA LEONARD01-04-06  03:00 pm
Reading MMS from PC and connected mobileAnonymous01-04-06  05:43 am
Sending sms using PC already connected to internet?baby01-03-06  09:34 am
SMPP T-Mobile USATzar01-03-06  12:15 am
Timed SMSAnonymous12-30-05  09:39 am
Maximum attachement in MMSbina12-28-05  05:15 am
Sharp gx10 on orangeLaura Walker12-22-05  09:32 pm
Old sms retrievalLouise Renfrew12-21-05  10:50 pm
Send MMS nokia 6600Roberto12-17-05  10:19 am
Urgent MMS picture to mobileAnonymous12-12-05  04:52 am
Connecting to Mobile SMSC using SMPP and TCP/IP!! How?zeesh12-10-05  08:08 pm
Display_time in smpp (GSM)Bhanu Prakash12-08-05  03:28 am
Error detection & correctionNauman12-07-05  11:39 pm
Sms gateway serviceNauman12-07-05  11:35 pm
GPRS Modem/Treo - Cingular (USA)Nauman12-06-05  10:38 pm
HiSirjee12-05-05  12:51 pm
How to see message sourse.Nauman12-02-05  11:03 pm
We sell nextel i930 at.....$120usd nowjoseph sam11-29-05  11:49 pm
We sell nextel i930 at.....$120usd nowjoseph sam11-29-05  11:37 pm
Wap Push: Getting Phone SpecificationsNauman11-29-05  09:11 pm
About sms &mmsNauman11-29-05  09:07 pm
Get user agent profileNauman11-29-05  08:57 pm
MMS size for all model !Nauman11-29-05  08:47 pm
Error in sending ems ringtoneNauman11-29-05  08:40 pm
Query Regarding SMS centersNauman11-29-05  08:38 pm
PraveenNauman11-29-05  08:28 pm
MMSNauman11-29-05  08:22 pm
MMS MM7Nauman11-29-05  08:20 pm
SMPP Parameters for SagemFlavio Prado11-22-05  10:50 am
Hidhan singh11-17-05  03:37 am
Help about mmshenry lee11-17-05  02:45 am
Linux GSM Modem DriverNauman11-14-05  09:08 pm
Motorola Internet settingspixel11-14-05  08:10 am
How to send a 72*28 picture message by EMSC M J11-11-05  08:38 am
GSM ModemHenni sofiane11-06-05  07:12 am
How to create a MMS has a embedded a http link(or wap link)SENTHLI11-05-05  01:05 pm
Mblox operator questionRimon Erez11-02-05  05:26 pm
Sharp gx20 t-modile unable to send smskaren beaney11-02-05  08:34 am
Error trying to send an MMS message from PCtiran kaskas11-01-05  08:12 pm
Enable SMS for my applicationMyur11-01-05  07:42 pm
How to code the sms wap push which make the browser visit wap site ...runmin zhang10-28-05  05:09 am
Reveiving concatenated SMSAnonymous10-25-05  02:45 pm
Reply LabelMatt Inckle10-24-05  08:39 am
Hosting SMS ConnectionsAnonymous10-18-05  01:11 pm
About implement MMS send-receive application?minhu10-13-05  08:24 am
Technical Specs - anyone have any?Anonymous10-12-05  09:48 am
WE ARE SELLING THE NOKIA 8800 FOR JUST $150USDSunny Ola 10-09-05  09:57 pm
For sell the motorola v3 for just $150usdSunny Ola 10-09-05  09:53 pm
Which Protocol is most commonAnonymous10-08-05  07:07 am
How big can EMS images be? Carlos Villagran10-07-05  09:58 am
Free RIngtones Only At http://www.masti4india.comAditya Goel10-07-05  06:20 am
Need some information please.Aditya Goel10-07-05  06:14 am
Anyone using Now SMS for premium SMS in Australia?Aditya Goel10-07-05  06:12 am
MMS service provider in USGeorge Roberts10-06-05  06:27 pm
Testing mms / email parserGeorge Roberts10-06-05  06:17 pm
Mms examples / databaseNikos Fotiou10-04-05  10:45 pm
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