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Sending SMS to request USSDDes - NowSMS Support06-02-11  06:32 pm
SendmmsDes - NowSMS Support05-25-11  01:23 pm
Non tech mom needs helpDes - NowSMS Support05-19-11  08:20 am
Letter change in smsDes - NowSMS Support05-18-11  02:30 pm
10,000-50,000 Bulk sms @ 4 Paisa/sms-Database will be provided free.vinod verma05-05-11  06:16 am
Send Routing Informantion on MMSAsad akram05-03-11  01:22 pm
Operator mmsc connectionDes - NowSMS Support05-03-11  12:48 pm
SMS Receiving Problem Nabeel Ahmad04-27-11  04:29 am
MMS Gateway questionDes - NowSMS Support15 04-22-11  11:27 am
Sending MMS Using Private MMSCDes - NowSMS Support04-11-11  07:05 pm
MMS trasncodingDes - NowSMS Support04-08-11  03:46 pm
Sms received by the modemvie maulida04-07-11  11:59 am
Send SMS to Application on the Cell Phone (Adding Application ID to...B A Khan04-05-11  05:24 pm
Sender Id and Reply AddressDes - NowSMS Support03-23-11  11:54 pm
MMS Service ProviderSteven Zukowski03-21-11  03:48 pm
How to Pack DRM related information for MM7 Submit RequestDes - NowSMS Support03-11-11  09:38 pm
Figuring it all out...MMS and ModemsDes - NowSMS Support03-01-11  09:15 pm
Send sms to specific GSM Modem in Multi ModemsDes - NowSMS Support02-23-11  04:49 pm
MMS receivingMaciek Urbanowski02-15-11  10:35 am
Implementing 2-way SMSs systemAmal Abdulaziz02-05-11  02:37 pm
ESME_RSYSERRDes - NowSMS Support01-25-11  08:35 pm
China SMS CMPPkilly01-22-11  11:53 am
Provide Philippine sms routekilly01-22-11  03:16 am
Create SMSUsers on the gatewayDes - NowSMS Support01-18-11  11:11 pm
Retrieve MMS reports from NOWSMSpascal sainvil01-04-11  09:21 pm
WAP Push for .dr file (Separate Delivery)Chandan Kumar Rout12-24-10  10:39 am
GSM modem and Service PRovider that works in USDes - NowSMS Support18 11-29-10  03:33 pm
SMS/MMS send and receive J2EEDes - NowSMS Support11-24-10  04:20 pm
Question of Forward lock type in the Send MMS MessageDes - NowSMS Support11-16-10  08:52 pm
Implementing User Data Header(UDH) in CDMA messagesBryce Norwood - NowS11-06-10  03:31 pm
Submit_sm problem with Huawei SMSCBryce Norwood - NowS11-06-10  02:30 pm
HTTP, SMPP and delivery reports...Des - NowSMS Support11-02-10  06:34 pm
How to publish nowSMS on my site?Des - NowSMS Support10-27-10  12:13 pm
Help to 2way web interfaceDes - NowSMS Support10-07-10  04:51 pm
MMS Picture Sizejean jhonny09-30-10  05:59 pm
[ask]2-way sms stepsDes - NowSMS Support09-21-10  05:11 pm
Multiple sessions with SMPPDes - NowSMS Support09-08-10  08:03 pm
MMS RoutingDes - NowSMS Support09-07-10  10:50 am
Sending SMS from j2ee application to j2me simulator(sun wireless to...sasi rekha09-06-10  09:16 pm
Sending SMS using 'Windows Mobile 6'Des - NowSMS Support08-28-10  01:10 pm
Is NowSMS right for me?Des - NowSMS Support08-24-10  07:32 pm
How to allow/deny specific phone numbers from using the NOWSMS gate...Des - NowSMS Support08-13-10  04:58 pm
BCC via PHP for MMS not workingFernando ML Alves08-13-10  07:05 am
Delivery reports over MM7Fernando ML Alves08-12-10  10:46 am
Authorize admin to pass provision commandsDes - NowSMS Support08-09-10  01:19 pm
Maximum sms/minute on gsm modemDes - NowSMS Support07-28-10  05:57 pm
"Message Downloaded." text for concatenation messageDes - NowSMS Support07-28-10  02:33 pm
DCS For UnicodeDes - NowSMS Support07-26-10  05:22 pm
Recipient not receiving MMSRich Flores07-26-10  11:25 am
HTTP Status & MM1 Error CodeDes - NowSMS Support07-20-10  07:20 pm
For MMS bete11007-19-10  07:26 am
Does nowsms provide these smpp features ?bete11007-19-10  07:25 am
Testbete11007-19-10  07:25 am
Meaning of various delivery notificationsasela jaya07-07-10  10:30 am
Smpp with gsm mobile phone problem with receivingJohanes07-06-10  09:22 pm
Nowsms and sierra wireless aircardDes - NowSMS Support06-01-10  02:27 pm
Handset network mode settings (GSM or 3G)Nilesh Chand05-30-10  08:49 pm
Delivery reportDes - NowSMS Support11 05-20-10  03:03 pm
Is there specific debug files to look at for starting NowSMS sms ga...Johanes Soetanto05-12-10  09:06 pm
How to config NowSMSc MMS to send submit_sm Des - NowSMS Support04-30-10  04:50 pm
Help in soap end tagjane04-29-10  11:46 pm
PID - Replace SMSBert Telco04-26-10  08:22 pm
How to indentify the cellphone model ?Des - NowSMS Support04-19-10  06:32 pm
Parlay-X supportDes - NowSMS Support04-19-10  06:28 pm
Forward locked MMS and then enable forwardingDes - NowSMS Support04-16-10  06:08 pm
Does now sms use AT commands ?Des - NowSMS Support03-29-10  08:15 pm
Modem MMS test connection error RAS 721Des - NowSMS Support03-29-10  08:15 pm
How widespread is text encoding for MMS? Caius Jard03-19-10  11:23 pm
Message Formats for Barcode SMSesDes - NowSMS Support03-15-10  02:25 pm
MMS optionsPaul Bryson03-12-10  04:58 pm
Delivery ReportKiran K03-11-10  08:04 am
HTTP or SMPP in the USADes - NowSMS Support03-10-10  08:47 pm
Help in MMS (MMSC Routing)Des - NowSMS Support03-04-10  05:10 pm
GSM modem (using serial --> USB cable) possible to connect to the N...Des - NowSMS Support03-04-10  05:06 pm
Unknown content type upon MMS submitlinak03-02-10  12:01 pm
Simple text/plain MMS Des - NowSMS Support03-01-10  06:06 pm
Cant find SMSGW.INI and MMSC.INI Des - NowSMS Support02-28-10  05:16 pm
MMS problem-(using Commandline)Des - NowSMS Support10 02-26-10  04:15 pm
Sms messages disappeared!Des - NowSMS Support02-24-10  09:18 pm
SMS Groups not sent to groups memberDes - NowSMS Support02-15-10  09:28 pm
Handling more than one server in 2-Way SMS causes delay in incoming...Des - NowSMS Support02-11-10  05:27 pm
SMPP RoutingDes - NowSMS Support02-09-10  04:13 pm
MMS sending methodsgeet02-05-10  06:30 am
Any way to get a modem -> phone number list?Shlomi Cohen02-03-10  10:46 am
Meaning of MMS pduBryce Norwood - NowS01-30-10  02:40 pm
XSD needed for SMSC Status QueryShlomi Cohen01-29-10  11:08 am
Sending Picture MessageDes - NowSMS Support01-19-10  05:28 pm
Is WAP push necessary for mms app implementationDes - NowSMS Support01-19-10  05:20 pm
Sms delivery speed and sessionsDes - NowSMS Support11 01-12-10  03:12 pm
SMS AND AUTOMATICAL CALLbobo bobo01-12-10  06:27 am
SMPPDes - NowSMS Support01-04-10  04:13 pm
MMS Gateway for 3 users.Des - NowSMS Support12-21-09  01:51 pm
Bulk SMSDes - NowSMS Support12-21-09  01:24 pm
SMS sent remains on the queue and later failsDes - NowSMS Support12-15-09  05:12 pm
Automated SMS repliesDes - NowSMS Support12-13-09  11:50 am
SMSDEBUG.LOG formatDes - NowSMS Support12-12-09  01:00 pm
Sending MMS using MM4Des - NowSMS Support12-04-09  04:22 pm
Sending Pic,Ringtone,Wap PushKiran K12-04-09  06:01 am
Unicode SMSKiran K12-04-09  05:32 am
Start a new application to send smsDes - NowSMS Support11-30-09  04:02 pm
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