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Mms body decode and documentationNikos Fotiou10-04-05  10:42 pm
WAP link to CDMA phonesmuslum10-04-05  03:14 pm
Https urlAnonymous10-03-05  01:47 pm
BookmarkAnonymous10-03-05  05:43 am
MMS Systemtaniya10-02-05  07:32 pm
HELP! How can I retrieve an erased sms from Motorola V620Carrie Da Rocha09-30-05  11:35 am
Samsung SGH D500 will not receive multimedia messages!Anonymous09-30-05  04:51 am
Help! codec/decodec format transfered at SMS/EMS.Anonymous09-26-05  07:10 am
Help & Many Thanks!How Backup SMS In ALCATEL 735adithi09-25-05  10:56 am
OTA provision an Alcatel OT557 handsetStephen McMullan09-23-05  01:44 pm
Anyone help me parse the MMS pdu?minhu09-23-05  01:44 am
Explanation for MMSAnonymous09-22-05  01:51 pm
What is being sent from mms composerHarry09-22-05  03:44 am
List of phones supported OMA (DRM)praveen_76_1999@yaho09-21-05  10:59 pm
Problem Sending some Imelody tones via EMSRobert09-21-05  12:41 am
SMS/PDU/WSP decoderJeremy Lainé09-20-05  02:59 pm
What tool must i have to develop mmsHarry09-20-05  06:46 am
MMS presentation did not start automaticlyJuergen Merkel09-19-05  11:20 pm
Motorola v500 MMS send failureGuest09-18-05  12:50 am
Inter-network traffic on CingularClaeton09-17-05  08:38 pm
New phone old SIM can't connect to GPRS network OrangeMonty09-14-05  03:22 pm
GX10 - Orangechris steele09-14-05  12:55 pm
Need help creating animated color EMS for K700iexe09-14-05  09:47 am
MMS TAP3 Record format Help!!maxi09-13-05  04:23 pm
Multiple vcal itemsAnonymous09-13-05  07:48 am
Set proxy to "NONE".Anonymous09-12-05  05:48 am
E365 o2 irelandmarsjanin09-10-05  09:11 pm
Now SMS's XML Setting(DRM Rights Object)jignesh kakkad09-09-05  11:40 am
MS.NET and MM7Jan Tauchmann09-08-05  08:08 am
SMS Error - Command not completed.Newbie09-08-05  07:12 am
MMS with own mmsc.Gurnek09-07-05  04:14 pm
MMSC / SMS Notification LogsTarun Pinto Pereira09-07-05  03:32 pm
Message Id in m-send-confAnonymous09-06-05  10:19 am
Wrong Request receivedAnonymous09-06-05  06:52 am
MMS Service providersPete Marshall09-05-05  06:35 pm
Mms can't play amr Anonymous09-05-05  11:54 am
Can anybody help me?? please!!Anonymous09-03-05  10:45 pm
Non premuim MMSPete Marshall09-02-05  10:05 am
Sending SMS using Modem with Alphanumeric SenderKhalid Sweeseh08-31-05  07:10 am
Sending MMS notification over CDMA ?ravi08-30-05  10:24 am
How Can I retrieve an MMS with type "m-retrieve-conf" directly in W...Anonymous08-29-05  02:03 pm
Sending OMA provisioning Info to Sony Ericsson K750iAnonymous08-29-05  09:14 am
The problem or send larger mmstang08-29-05  06:48 am
Motorola v220joe bloggs08-28-05  10:59 pm
Question about sms status report smh08-25-05  11:49 am
Cell Broadcast ServiceA R08-25-05  11:10 am
Help needed setting up SMS/EMS/MMS ServerAbdullah Faiz14 08-25-05  03:05 am
Post MMS, always receive "Bad Request", and only Received 13 bytes,...Anonmous08-25-05  01:43 am
Hyperlink in SMS messagetang08-25-05  01:31 am
Voda SharpGX25 won't send SMS to specific numberJules08-23-05  08:31 pm
Stealth SMS on Nokia 6600Peer Gynt08-23-05  08:43 am
What is VASPQ?Anonymous08-23-05  06:16 am
Can't send bigger mms, why? for the sake of wap version?tang08-23-05  03:27 am
Sending EMS ringtones And logos via SMSmariam7408-22-05  09:51 pm
Retrieving MMS from webColin08-21-05  07:31 am
Sms serviceAnonymous08-18-05  11:47 pm
Syncml settings !!!onilaa08-16-05  12:39 pm
Does NowSMS work using Razr V3 as the GSM modemAnonymous08-15-05  07:18 pm
MMS DeliveryMark Dolezal08-15-05  01:30 pm
Converting RTTL to HexaMahmoud08-13-05  11:53 am
Alternatives to iTechTool/Mblox/MobileSysTergo08-11-05  04:15 pm
Encoding troubles....Anonymous08-11-05  07:23 am
How Stuff worksGiridhar08-11-05  06:00 am
MMS Handset Image Support - jpg/gifAnonymous08-09-05  02:57 pm
MMS Version 1.2 supporting mobilesramakrishna08-04-05  10:28 am
Total newbie...))Anonymous08-03-05  03:30 pm
Recieving Delivery reports Khalid Sweeseh08-01-05  05:34 am
Im a newbie.. and your probably gonna kill me. MMS via SMS PushDecksTerrorT07-31-05  07:04 pm
AT + Send SMSna07-31-05  02:14 am
HTTP/1.0 500 Internal Error using VodafoneBryce Norwood - NowS07-28-05  02:43 pm
Regarding smssandrawilliams07-28-05  06:25 am
MMS: O2 X2 hand set, Vodafone 'Pay As You Go' sim card Alison Sutch07-27-05  06:37 pm
Nokia MMSC - Content Transfer EncodingPradeep Sharma07-25-05  04:32 am
Problem receiving mms suzanne07-24-05  07:30 pm
Nokia 6600 - OMA SyncML ConfigAbinav07-21-05  09:40 am
Help Please!!! Orange MMS and GPRS issues!Anonymous12 07-15-05  03:18 pm
Can we know the location of a cell phone thru query to gateway???Mike_C07-13-05  01:34 pm
Originating Cell InfoMike_C07-13-05  01:32 pm
How to setup nowSMS for transaction message mode?Anonymous07-13-05  09:24 am
GSM Modem and SIM Provider Menu <=Possible?na07-12-05  05:17 pm
MMS and JAR filesnick rich07-08-05  08:25 am
Bind_transceiver TON is the same BindTON in smsgw??Anonymous07-07-05  02:25 pm
MMS Content Header Tom Hutton07-06-05  10:26 am
Possible to Send MMS Internationally? Tom Hutton07-06-05  10:24 am
Application Autostart in MMS SMILtomh07-06-05  09:28 am
Text receipt sending SMS ffrom Motorola V500Anonymous07-03-05  06:47 pm
Motorola E1000manglesh07-01-05  02:03 pm
SMS and Reply Address Elementmanglesh sharma07-01-05  12:08 pm
SMS Download to a CDMA SIM Card!Deepankar Biswas06-30-05  09:04 am
Explain MMS notification (Wap Push SMS) PDU for CDMAMeng Wang06-30-05  02:27 am
Different between SMS notification and IP Push for MMS notificationsLeon06-29-05  06:36 am
SMPP AND UCP connectionmohamed06-28-05  01:01 pm
VCard Attachment in SMSSaravanan K06-28-05  09:12 am
Receiving and interpreting SMS on a PC?Chris06-28-05  03:05 am
HELP with MMS Content-Type fieldake06-27-05  01:24 am
Limitations of 160 Charachter in EasyGPRS Ravi06-21-05  07:22 am
Can i download a mms content from wap?Anonymous06-20-05  08:53 am
MMS1.2 Send Request PDUMurali Mohan.K06-20-05  04:46 am
Difference between internal and external PDP context.Tamilselvan06-16-05  08:46 am
Picture Message/Multipart Message with several text parts ??pascal06-15-05  05:24 pm
GSM modem simulatorAnonymous06-15-05  03:52 am
Some basic questions about MMS IOT testcasesneoneo06-14-05  10:04 am
Binary Encoding/String of Content Typestephen wright06-13-05  06:00 pm
Motorola V600 MMS problemTim Griffiths06-09-05  09:25 pm
Sending a forward-lock message from PHPRob Morgan06-09-05  05:16 pm
Duplicate notifications and MMSStuart Walker06-08-05  09:20 am
Questions Reg MMS transcation flowTamilselvan06-08-05  08:34 am
I am having problem with MMSCOMPwu cheng xing06-08-05  06:19 am
How can i package files attached to MMS based on MIME standardAnonymous06-06-05  12:41 pm
O2 contract gprs and mmst berriman06-04-05  01:52 pm
No longer able to receive MMS notificationssniper06-03-05  08:26 pm
Problem with Trial Versionmuser06-02-05  12:35 pm
Seperator between presentation multipart and any other multipartMors06-02-05  08:44 am
Sms helpPJ Rodriguez06-01-05  05:44 am
Send URL(link) inside MMS message ? How To ?imran05-28-05  07:09 pm
How to send normal sms to mobile from pc???plz help!!!3XsJyothi05-27-05  12:19 pm
Sending MMS in SMPPmichel05-26-05  02:04 pm
How i can Receive SMS from vishal05-26-05  10:52 am
Dialing Mobile Phone through F-bus or M-busAqtar05-24-05  01:34 pm
Sms delivery report in j2mealin05-24-05  09:51 am
Has Skymo gone bust?Anonymous05-22-05  06:08 am
MMS send not OKAnonymous05-18-05  01:11 pm
SMPP , Source Address in languages other than englishKhalid Sweeseh05-18-05  08:21 am
Starting site development - emulation and moreRoni Burd05-17-05  08:52 pm
Datalogger with GSM-frequencyAnonymous05-17-05  09:38 am
Sending/Receiving MMSrasha salem05-15-05  03:13 pm
Custom OriginatorAnonymous05-12-05  08:39 am
M-Send.req message that is not multipartForest Luo05-07-05  06:13 am
MMS File Compression and WAP Binary EncodingForest Luo05-06-05  11:25 am
China MMS problem, HELP!Forest Luo05-06-05  10:59 am
O2 X3denniscroy04-30-05  07:04 pm
Dear Bryce, If you have time ,pls help me look the problem again,wudilp04-29-05  11:24 am
Dear Bryce,thank you for your article firstly,I meet trouble in wsp...wudilp10 04-29-05  07:25 am
Any wap/mms settings for orange gx15stuart04-26-05  06:51 pm
What's the catch? Anonymous04-23-05  06:55 pm
What's the catch? Anonymous04-23-05  06:53 pm
Nokia 6225 MMS SettingsTeekboy04-23-05  03:24 pm
Yes, another Ringtone questionAnonymous04-21-05  06:34 pm
POC (Push-to-talk Over Cellular)Kent Beck04-21-05  05:16 pm
From field formatTiago Loureiro04-21-05  04:08 am
Sent mms suddenly generates "communication error"Tiago Loureiro04-21-05  04:06 am
Receiving MMS over GSM/GPRS ModemAnonymous04-19-05  07:35 pm
Nowsms 5.5 load balanceashok reddy04-18-05  09:10 am
Pocket PC as a Gatewaywahyudi04-16-05  06:37 pm
How to get detailed technical info of sending mssagesAnonymous04-16-05  11:05 am
Sending Operator logo & RingtoneAnonymous04-15-05  03:33 pm
Which best, SE S700i or Nokia 6630 for gateway?Anwarez04-15-05  10:40 am
Implementing MMS sending on embedded systemCarel D Hauptfleisch04-14-05  10:38 am
Moto V550 and Samsung E700Anonymous04-12-05  10:19 am
MMS pictures and soundsfabien04-11-05  10:18 pm
EMSAlvin Musengezi04-08-05  11:21 pm
Inserting vCalendar in MMS messageTomislav04-07-05  11:15 pm
2-way command http connectionForest Luo04-07-05  12:51 am
Getting started with sms and ringtonesForest Luo04-07-05  12:47 am
MMS Using WAP or HTTP over TCPForest Luo04-06-05  08:56 am
MMS ExamplesForest Luo04-06-05  08:55 am
Sending MMS with out WAP gatewayForest Luo04-06-05  08:52 am
How to detect that the mobile content has been downloaded successfu...Forest Luo04-06-05  08:44 am
Companies providing SMS over TCPForest Luo04-06-05  08:14 am
User agent profile : specificationsForest Luo04-06-05  08:13 am
UAProfjignesh kakkad04-04-05  08:03 am
EMS picture and textpascal03-28-05  08:51 pm
EMS PDU encoding/decodingAnonymous03-28-05  01:57 pm
Cms error 95 when sending SMShimanshu03-28-05  01:35 pm
TP-UD-Header and 7bit Encodingveenaravi03-28-05  08:33 am
AT command for voiceAnonymous03-28-05  08:29 am
JavaAnonymous03-27-05  11:29 am
Message not send !Anonymous03-25-05  09:21 pm
Sample Deliver request Serhat03-22-05  12:11 pm
DRM + MMSjignesh kakkad03-21-05  09:14 am
Mms binary coding questionAnonymous03-19-05  04:34 am
Need Help In Sending Polyphonic Ringtonerupesh03-16-05  11:28 am
MMS content typeAnonymous03-15-05  09:10 am
SMS retrieval via AT commands over GSM modemGary Chapman03-11-05  02:50 am
Gathering cell infoAbhishek Pandey03-10-05  03:23 am
Phones That Support Text mode AND PDU modeAnonymous03-08-05  09:51 am
Recieving SMS from a SMSC using SMPPKhalid Sweeseh03-07-05  03:05 pm
M-Send.req - bytes deconding?Anonymous03-07-05  08:12 am
How to send MMS using GSM Modem (Nokia 30)axn_kapil03-05-05  06:33 am
Displaying junk characters for long sms messagesAnonymous03-04-05  08:20 pm
MMS Downoading?Anonymous03-03-05  03:48 pm
Free/open source MMS library in JavaJohn D Watts03-03-05  05:12 am
MMS via SMS - Authentication Errorlynn ellen02-28-05  05:03 pm
Encoding Ascii --> Gsm Alphabetprakma02-28-05  06:18 am
How to send MMS notification ind via SMS?zichao wu02-25-05  09:18 pm
Wave to AMR conversionSantosh Puranik02-24-05  06:12 am
Largest MMS possibleMurali Mohan.K02-21-05  09:36 am
MMS via Tungsten Wmahoola02-20-05  06:08 pm
SMS development! plz help!wktsang102-20-05  03:10 pm
Newbie:need help on MMS applications ASAP!!Khaizer02-19-05  03:08 am
New to this and don't know where to start. Sending pics and video t...Christopher02-16-05  05:29 pm
Producing an mms messagevampire_janus02-16-05  12:46 am
Mms settingsJenna02-15-05  06:28 pm
Extracting the content from NOKIA MMSMessage objectAnonymous02-15-05  05:35 am
Now Hiring WAP Engineer.Dylan Rosario02-14-05  08:29 pm
Samsung C100 - OTA settings questionAnonymous02-11-05  04:19 pm
Dialing numberAnonymous02-11-05  07:31 am
Mms audio format - amrTim Smith-Gauvin02-09-05  01:02 pm
Send SMS worldwide, from $0.06/SMS http://50sms.comAnonymous02-08-05  03:30 pm
China Mobile sending anonymous mms notification Rob02-08-05  01:42 am
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