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MMS Header Encoding mechanism used !!Anonymous08-08-04  06:36 pm
A very simplifeid programe for sending MMS file ! If you have MMS t...Anonymous08-08-04  06:31 pm
MMS Send confirmationNeven Pecanac08-08-04  04:36 pm
Generic NACK errorMac08-08-04  08:43 am
Website to send images or ring tone via SMS or MMSFrancois08-07-04  01:41 pm
Samsung pictureWaz08-05-04  09:00 pm
MIME type Problem using MM7 InterfaceBryce Norwood - NowS08-05-04  02:24 pm
How to reference "cid" in Multipart bodyBryce Norwood - NowS08-05-04  02:20 pm
Can't get picture on Siemens C45Waz08-05-04  04:49 am
New line character for SMS message?Anonymous10 08-03-04  02:28 pm
MMS notiication, still cannot work *sob sob*oriental_dolphin 08-03-04  09:41 am
Mms to phoneAnonymous08-03-04  08:46 am
Text Message Safe Storage Website Service ?J Roe08-03-04  07:27 am
Image Formats for EMSBryce Norwood - NowS08-02-04  08:36 pm
Recommendation for an SMS aggregator in the US?J.R08-01-04  12:39 am
Why Not Text Message Over GPRS ?J Roe07-31-04  10:50 pm
How can i send ringtone on Nokia 3310 and 3330 using SMPP Logica APIBryce Norwood - NowS07-30-04  09:53 pm
Send/Receive SMS using NowSMS GatewayBryce Norwood - NowS07-30-04  09:51 pm
Where can I find the specification for APPLICATION characristic ?Bryce Norwood - NowS07-30-04  09:42 pm
Sending Text messages with AT CommandsBryce Norwood - NowS07-30-04  09:40 pm
Unable to send MMS. Gateway sends 0x40 (Bad request) errorBryce Norwood - NowS07-30-04  09:38 pm
HttpBryce Norwood - NowS07-30-04  09:20 pm
How Secure is SMS anyway?Bryce Norwood - NowS07-30-04  09:19 pm
Can nowSMS help usBryce Norwood - NowS07-30-04  09:07 pm
Receive SMS while GPRS connection is establishedBryce Norwood - NowS07-30-04  09:02 pm
Question re: Forward-lockingBryce Norwood - NowS07-30-04  08:59 pm
Saving text messages on to my SIM cardBryce Norwood - NowS07-30-04  08:53 pm
Does this look correct (EMS)Bryce Norwood - NowS07-30-04  08:34 pm
SOAP Message needs explination ..please helpBryce Norwood - NowS07-30-04  08:30 pm
Sending WAP Push binary SMS message via SMTP?Bryce Norwood - NowS07-30-04  08:24 pm
Using AT CommandsBryce Norwood - NowS07-30-04  08:19 pm
User barred ?Bryce Norwood - NowS07-30-04  08:16 pm
MM7 XML portion Content-Transfer-Encodingtilman07-29-04  06:07 am
Create your own mobile (SMS) service thru the public Web interface...Maxim Khukhro07-28-04  05:36 am
About M-Notification.ind Over Nokia SMSAnonymous07-28-04  03:04 am
PLEASE HELP!!! NEW TO MMSlou07-24-04  10:05 am
J2ME Application sending WAP-PUSHpeter graf07-22-04  12:18 pm
How to encoding subject in chinese?Gary Chapman07-17-04  07:29 am
Who is the best service provider for reverse sms billing service th...socialbunny07-16-04  06:32 pm
Please help me get the best reverse sms billing rate in the ukSocialbunny07-16-04  06:29 pm
How to encoding subject in chinese?sanmao07-16-04  12:04 pm
Email to smsManaswini S Aiyer07-16-04  08:07 am
Error-message-format-corrupt?????????????Gary Chapman07-16-04  04:52 am
MMS:Body Formatwasif07-15-04  10:51 am
Couldnot able to decode MMS layerRavikanth Bollapraga07-14-04  03:17 pm
How shall i define the WTP header?sanmao07-14-04  08:42 am
Create a proprietary headerFP07-13-04  02:31 pm
Who help me to decode the wsp-connect.req pdu??/Ravikanth Bollapraga07-13-04  01:03 pm
Nokia 6230 & T-Mobile UK (pay-as-you-go)Anonymous07-13-04  12:02 pm
MMS vs Wap PushSaed Saify07-11-04  11:34 am
Amount of Entriessujal07-09-04  12:18 pm
Mms on o2 xda2LIT07-08-04  01:50 pm
Virgin phone compatibilitycarol07-08-04  10:36 am
WAP message can't be received by Samsung C100..samuel james11 07-07-04  05:41 pm
Orange - Block MMSMatthew Rahman07-06-04  08:20 pm
MMS decode with PHP script?acctman07-06-04  12:46 am
MMS m-send-req decodingOded Arbel07-04-04  03:56 pm
Send MMS through GSM modemLiu Yanxiang07-03-04  04:13 am
Is it possible to store SMS-CB(Cell-Broadcast)in SIM? Anonymous07-02-04  08:39 am
MM7: Multiple recipients and delivery reportsBengt-Inge Jacobsson07-02-04  07:51 am
SMS air interface information?F Farzaneh07-01-04  07:51 pm
Pls help me to decode the subject field of MMS Notification through...Oded Arbel07-01-04  04:57 pm
DRM FunAdrian Corcoran07-01-04  02:06 pm
MMS DevelopmentWes07-01-04  04:54 am
Using Perl Module NET::SMPPViaris Varis06-30-04  10:38 pm
MMS Service Provider (a la Clickatell for SMS)Alan Burke06-30-04  09:20 pm
Just simple PDUNickolay Fedorov06-30-04  06:36 pm
Sending images via a GSM deviceAnonymous06-30-04  10:29 am
Sending MMS from PC to mobile using GPRS ModemIkasari06-30-04  02:38 am
So cool function! But, how to implement it? :-)...Robinson Wang06-29-04  12:26 pm
SMS DELIVER REPORT and SMS SUMIT REPORTFrank06-29-04  10:21 am
How to send a long message over EMS? Vitaliy N. Kravchenk06-29-04  09:19 am
Help re: Forward LockingDaniel Donoghue06-29-04  01:21 am
SmsCraig Dunn06-28-04  01:56 pm
Receiving MMS messages from a UK phoneCraig Dunn06-28-04  01:45 pm
Auto-download of MMS upon receiving the SMS Push?Chan WK06-28-04  01:15 am
Help - a question about EMS.Robinson Wang06-26-04  04:01 pm
Capability NegotiationAnonymous06-25-04  12:22 pm
Help: WSP decodingForest Luo06-25-04  09:10 am
WTP Segmentation and Reassembly - Doubt !qishoufeng06-25-04  02:50 am
Is any updated release of CIMD2 planned?Biswabandhu06-24-04  06:09 am
RTTL to Hex convertersVenkata Satish06-22-04  11:43 am
Motorola v600 mms sending and receiving problems on o2Anonymous06-20-04  11:57 am
MMSFile problems!Nick P06-19-04  12:24 pm
Send SMS from the Websaher samir06-15-04  10:58 am
LimSee2: SMIL2.0 AuthoringAnonymous06-15-04  07:56 am
Deliver MMS via HTTPAnonymous06-15-04  02:58 am
Mms on e700 t- moblieAndy06-14-04  09:40 am
What do this PDU 30 09 e7 74 mean?Anonymous06-13-04  09:09 pm
MMS SMIL questionMr Case06-11-04  04:18 pm
About WSP POST,Help. VanJerry06-11-04  08:38 am
HiRamaKrishnaY06-11-04  05:16 am
US based SMSC providersteveobd06-11-04  01:40 am
Succeed to M_send.req, But I can't receive M_send.conf!!!!Hunter Sky06-10-04  11:51 am
Please help me decode my Mystery WSP ResponseAnonymous06-10-04  10:33 am
APN's that are blockedAnonymous06-10-04  07:59 am
How can I send to MMS Proxy Relay M-notifyResp.ind and WSP Get.reqAnonymous06-09-04  09:05 am
Is this PDU ( MMS ) encode correct ? Anonymous06-08-04  02:55 pm
How Can I decode this SMS ??Anonymous06-08-04  12:59 pm
DRM ServerLars Nielsen, Mobile06-08-04  11:33 am
Problems with Orange MMSK.Holden06-07-04  01:24 pm
What's men of the reply PDU 30 09 e6 d8?VanJerry06-07-04  07:25 am
MMSMAX - an excellent MMS monitoring, analysis and optimiation tool.Anonymous06-06-04  03:42 am
If the mms pdu has not enough information,how can i save the multi-...donald06-05-04  07:05 am
Help me to decode the byte stream of wap push over sms!!!donald06-05-04  06:50 am
How to encode address which more than one?what does Insert-address-...donald06-05-04  04:05 am
I need a favour for smsAnonymous06-04-04  01:32 pm
EMS 5 specificationsagi06-04-04  03:00 am
About user's sign in MMSrodneyxiao06-04-04  02:35 am
Help code 500 comes up when using wap tracey perry06-03-04  10:04 pm
Download MMS with Wap-Push SIAntonio06-03-04  08:35 pm
Send message from Celular to DatabaseViaris Varis06-03-04  05:22 pm
Openwave download fun specAlan Mekan06-03-04  12:12 am
How is Now SMS sending MMS through phoneAnonymous06-02-04  06:24 pm
MM7 and WSDLAnonymous06-02-04  02:26 pm
SMS & ColdfusionAnonymous06-02-04  09:26 am
O2 Sims - The difference between cards labelled SIM and (MMS)Jon K06-02-04  04:18 am
DRM mm messages with forward lock Anonymous06-01-04  07:11 am
Wap push support on Nokia 6600Craig05-31-04  12:42 pm
Regarding API - IDDaniel Kaldheim05-31-04  10:12 am
MMS gateway enable cuases fail of COM1 (modem).yaniv kiat05-30-04  10:26 am
SMS vulnerabilitiesJulius Liman05-28-04  05:33 pm
Siemens Seogabrielillo05-28-04  11:53 am
Vcalendar anniversary note to Nokia phonePeter Wieselquist05-27-04  01:01 pm
German MMS QuestionJohn Dyson05-26-04  11:26 am
MMS Settings Provisionings to Siemens, Alcatel, Panasonic, Samsung ...John Ogutu05-26-04  07:40 am
ESME Receiver Reject Message Error Code?Sudhir Gautam05-25-04  06:03 pm
Annoying SMSXpert_CSP05-25-04  05:23 pm
Send mime file to mobile fone using nowsms mmscrizwan05-25-04  09:59 am
MMSC and MMS formatkayy stroop05-25-04  08:00 am
Securing MMSAnonymous05-25-04  12:56 am
MMS-decode PHP scriptAnonymous05-24-04  10:34 pm
How to show the SI content of WAP push message over SMSJames05-24-04  02:07 am
Music TonesCatalin Ciocov05-22-04  12:34 pm
Data coding and concatenated messagesSasko Celakovski05-21-04  11:28 am
M-retrieve.conf questionMeruya Ilir05-21-04  02:09 am
MMS NotificationHugo Cabral05-19-04  09:42 am
Content-type parametersJonatan Heyman05-18-04  10:04 pm
Message: "fail to open modem" after sending SMS from Now SMS. yaniv kiat05-18-04  03:02 pm
Receiving SMS via server?Lars Nielsen, Mobile05-18-04  11:17 am
PE800/900 OMA Client Provisioning for EmailAnonymous05-18-04  10:49 am
When does the MMSC actually delete a MMS?Ivan Thomas05-17-04  05:00 pm
Wavecom wmo2 problemAnonymous05-17-04  12:09 pm
Connecting to GPRS on Treo in India Hutch ProviderK V Sreekanth05-15-04  03:04 pm
Encoding lengths (with PHP)hamid el abassi05-13-04  09:14 pm
Premium SMSAnonymous05-13-04  02:50 pm
Encoding of content type in MMS pdujerry05-13-04  03:45 am
Setting up E700 as a GPRS modemMike Petterson05-12-04  05:11 pm
Fill bits in UDHGreg05-12-04  10:42 am
Accessing Sony Ericsson GPRS CardClement Edwin05-11-04  08:03 pm
Get a BLOB variableMarcelo Muzilli05-11-04  05:31 pm
MMS Retrieval via HTTP GET.reqReinhold Schmidt05-11-04  05:20 pm
How to start MM7...Pls Help me!!!Anonymous05-11-04  11:01 am
How to send mms?yhlim05-11-04  04:21 am
MM7Joel Bjerk05-10-04  08:58 pm
Error getting MMScarlo Bertolino05-10-04  03:04 pm
MMS in UKMilan05-10-04  11:16 am
M-retrieve-conf -- sanity check neededBryce Norwood - NowS05-07-04  07:43 pm
Sending MMS over MM7 connection withe GSMO without any APIBryce Norwood - NowS05-05-04  05:31 pm
OTA Settings with bearertype as modem-data-call ?Bryce Norwood - NowS05-05-04  05:28 pm
Questing on Cell-phone to IP-based MMS proxy relay communicationBryce Norwood - NowS05-05-04  05:17 pm
MM7 single-attachment: multipart or not?Bryce Norwood - NowS05-05-04  05:08 pm
SMS Replies, How to read them?Bryce Norwood - NowS05-05-04  04:53 pm
Is there anyway of blocking SMS messages from certain numbers?Bryce Norwood - NowS05-05-04  04:40 pm
MMSC User Agent ProfileBryce Norwood - NowS05-05-04  04:35 pm
Picture MMS position on NOKIA 6600Bryce Norwood - NowS05-05-04  04:31 pm
Quote Char and Value-LengthBryce Norwood - NowS05-05-04  03:14 pm
Slide show in mmsBryce Norwood - NowS05-05-04  02:46 pm
Help on local host name...Bryce Norwood - NowS05-05-04  02:12 pm
Open source mms gatewayBryce Norwood - NowS05-05-04  02:02 pm
Compatibility Sms ConcatenationBryce Norwood - NowS05-05-04  01:55 pm
Can't send picture message using mms!Bryce Norwood - NowS05-05-04  01:51 pm
Mms Without MmscBryce Norwood - NowS05-05-04  01:28 pm
Nokia and EMS supporting brandsBryce Norwood - NowS05-05-04  01:22 pm
MMS Notification messageAnand05-04-04  03:11 am
What is the "priority" of MMS settingAnand05-04-04  02:58 am
A MMS simulator free for downloding and using.chaiwat04-28-04  07:59 am
SENDING LARGE MMSRyan04-21-04  08:47 pm
MMS Decoder 1.0Forest Luo04-20-04  01:09 am
Vodafone live mmsFaye04-17-04  08:52 pm
Question: possible to run parallel midi file and gif in mms ?tom striker04-04-04  07:32 pm
Can't use the MMSCOMP utilityAnonymous04-04-04  02:44 pm
Ems specification...'OLA MUSA04-03-04  11:22 pm
QTA extensionRafael Vasquez04-02-04  06:02 pm
Read midi file then convert to base64Uno Tursadi04-02-04  07:37 am
Help on MMS formatAnonymous04-01-04  12:51 pm
Just to clarify MMS receipt...Martin Clayton04-01-04  11:31 am
Sessionidsangeeta03-31-04  04:40 am
Billing for MMS value-added services?Imtiyaz03-30-04  06:15 am
Please help me for get mms error ??? Thanks!Anonymous03-29-04  07:37 am
Mms sizeRavikanth Bollapraga03-29-04  07:16 am
How to represent Image data length while encoding as m-retrieve-confVenkatesh03-29-04  06:46 am
Reply from MMSCAnonymous03-28-04  09:31 am
Newbie looking for referencesCharles-Christophe03-26-04  04:38 pm
MMS BODY ENCODINGRavikanth Bollapraga03-26-04  12:35 pm
Sending Large MMSRavikanth Bollapraga03-25-04  02:19 pm
Problem Post ....?Emanuele Vittore03-24-04  01:55 pm
MMS problem about:This message format is not supportedbryan shin03-24-04  03:02 am
Sending/recieving MMS without GPRS!Dean Ward03-23-04  02:04 pm
Does NowSMS's MMSC supports forward without retrievalAnonymous03-23-04  08:20 am
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