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Don't receive the originator number phone in #B TerminalDes - NowSMS Support12 06-09-11  12:29 pm
Embedding advert clips in OTADes - NowSMS Support06-02-11  06:00 pm
Using symbol in text file (Picture first text second)Des - NowSMS Support05-09-11  12:47 pm
Issue in the FWD-RES format sent by the MMSCBryce Norwood - NowS10 04-28-11  10:36 pm
Migrating to a Multiple Server MMSCDes - NowSMS Support04-15-11  12:40 pm
Many failures in the MM4 and MM1 transactionsDavid 04-13-11  03:41 pm
Send error msg to specific emailDes - NowSMS Support03-29-11  01:50 pm
Accounting Extra Headers for RoamingDes - NowSMS Support10 03-24-11  05:56 pm
Cannot receive MMS correctlyDes - NowSMS Support03-24-11  12:33 am
Issues recieving MMS messagesDes - NowSMS Support32 03-16-11  04:40 pm
Convert to SMS after non deliveryDes - NowSMS Support03-14-11  07:58 pm
Sending SMS - Phonenumber alfanumbericDes - NowSMS Support03-14-11  06:39 pm
MMSC accounting callback with multiple recipients doesn't fit prepa...Awal Junanto03-10-11  06:25 am
Error: unable to connect to SMPP server smith03-08-11  04:14 pm
MMS and GRPSSuresh15 03-08-11  01:05 pm
Android browser encounter an untrusted certificate warning while ac...Eric03-03-11  10:03 am
MMS can not be sent Using RogersDes - NowSMS Support03-02-11  09:04 pm
SMSGW.INI location (HUAWEI modem)Des - NowSMS Support02-27-11  03:52 pm
MMS routing options.Des - NowSMS Support02-25-11  05:36 pm
Multiple certificates for one nowsms serverDes - NowSMS Support02-24-11  03:25 pm
MMS processed on delay?Mike Conway02-23-11  08:35 pm
Mms received not processedDes - NowSMS Support02-21-11  01:46 pm
MMS php script post issueDes - NowSMS Support10 02-10-11  06:19 pm
Trouble with ack from MM4 SMTP Des - NowSMS Support02-09-11  08:28 pm
16or57Des - NowSMS Support02-02-11  02:41 pm
Send MMS via GPRS Modem (MM1 Protocol)Des - NowSMS Support01-27-11  10:36 pm
Error during receive MMS : The server committed a protocol violatio...Des - NowSMS Support01-26-11  09:44 pm
How to send "SIM Data Download" text message.Des - NowSMS Support01-25-11  08:04 pm
How to force MMS recipients in BCCDes - NowSMS Support01-21-11  03:19 pm
Sending mms videoDes - NowSMS Support01-14-11  08:49 pm
Error 1053Des - NowSMS Support11 01-12-11  06:22 pm
WAP Gateway restriction of APN to access specific websitesydnar lim01-11-11  10:06 pm
MMS UTF code formatDes - NowSMS Support20 01-10-11  08:30 pm
MCC/MNCDes - NowSMS Support12-29-10  07:08 pm
Question of sending precompiled files Des - NowSMS Support12-27-10  04:36 pm
Increase MMS throughput on nowsmsDes - NowSMS Support12-17-10  05:19 pm
Multiple modems for sending outbound mmsDes - NowSMS Support12-17-10  05:05 pm
Question of Sending MMSDes - NowSMS Support12-15-10  08:09 pm
DRM 1.0 Separate Delivery (Urgent)Des - NowSMS Support12-14-10  09:21 pm
Separate Delivery DRM (Need help Urgently)Des - NowSMS Support12-12-10  04:10 pm
Questions on MMS header construction and SMILBrian Snyder12-10-10  05:33 pm
MMSC locked from error msgBrian Snyder10 12-09-10  12:08 am
MMS connection issuesBrian Snyder12-07-10  08:57 pm
Cannot send MMS (One MMSC for users in multiple countries)Des - NowSMS Support12-07-10  03:44 pm
M-delivery-ind contains wrong Message-IdDes - NowSMS Support11-29-10  07:44 pm
"Unable to connect to WAP gateway"Thomas M.11-21-10  02:02 pm
How to send MMS bulk, single file to multiple recipientstom cruise11-10-10  11:00 am
MM7 negative responseVladi 11-07-10  04:25 pm
MMS sender xml format Des - NowSMS Support11-02-10  06:28 pm
Now.sms for MoodleDes - NowSMS Support10-28-10  05:41 pm
MMSFrom argument to PHP script has disapparedAnthony Lobay10-28-10  04:14 pm
Problem with drmcompDes - NowSMS Support10-19-10  02:45 pm
Does the New NowWAP v2010.02.01 support WTLS - UDP Port 9203 ? how ...Des - NowSMS Support10-12-10  03:55 pm
Installation problems with NowWAp serverzeila zafranco11 09-17-10  04:57 am
Traffic coming from some operators are REJECTEDydnar lim09-01-10  11:13 pm
Using NowSMS as an SMPP Server for Another Application - only 70 ch...Øystein Gåsdal08-27-10  05:49 am
Impossible to send MMS with LG gw620Des - NowSMS Support14 08-20-10  04:35 pm
MMS being received but not processed correctly. Sony MD300 on AT&T....Des - NowSMS Support12 08-17-10  08:35 pm
Can nowsms filter phone numbers of inbound sms to allow/deny specif...Des - NowSMS Support08-13-10  04:39 pm
OMA Provisioning Content - SSL/TLS E-Mail for GmailDes - NowSMS Support08-10-10  11:59 am
HTTP Not Found when retrieving MMS from campaignGonzalo Escuder16 07-28-10  03:59 pm
MMS not reaching client deviceDes - NowSMS Support07-27-10  02:03 pm
Delivery receipts to email addresses - logDes - NowSMS Support07-23-10  06:32 pm
Uaprofile logging!Des - NowSMS Support07-23-10  05:53 pm
MMS.Delivery@hostnameSharbat Goula07-23-10  12:39 pm
Unable to send MMSDes - NowSMS Support07-22-10  07:34 pm
Problem sending mms through MM7Des - NowSMS Support12 07-12-10  01:10 pm
Preventing SMS web link notification per VASPGonzalo Escuder11 07-09-10  02:13 pm
.LCK files in Q/MMSQ__ folder !! (need help)Gonzalo Escuder07-09-10  01:38 pm
MM1 issue for Tawian CHT Des - NowSMS Support07-09-10  12:10 pm
About HTTP message for MM1 interfaceDes - NowSMS Support07-09-10  12:10 pm
Failed to send MMS using MM1Des - NowSMS Support20 07-09-10  12:00 pm
CDMA pushBryce Norwood - NowS07-02-10  03:05 pm
Local numbering shown to users in SMS web linkGonzalo Escuder06-29-10  04:09 pm
Preventing routing from VASPIN to VASPOUTGonzalo Escuder06-29-10  04:07 pm
.tmp files in NowSMS folderGonzalo Escuder06-29-10  04:05 pm
MM wap push SenderIDsam06-29-10  02:13 pm
MMSCDEBUG log rotationDes - NowSMS Support06-23-10  05:51 pm
GSMA OneAPI support.Mikkel Løkke06-21-10  07:00 am
Unable to send Arabic text files using MMSDes - NowSMS Support06-08-10  12:49 pm
MMS delivery notifications and read receiptssam06-05-10  07:47 am
Does mmsc.ini changes require restart?...Sharbat Goula06-03-10  05:30 pm
Host name in SMTP communicationSharbat Goula06-03-10  05:29 pm
MM4 vaspin problem with Nokia MMSCDes - NowSMS Support10 06-03-10  02:34 pm
MMSMessageSizeLimit exceededSharbat Goula06-01-10  09:24 am
MMSC services keep restartingAndy Rank12 05-26-10  06:19 pm
Getting WAP gateway connection errorLynn M.05-20-10  04:09 pm
Not able to send MMSJohn Haindel05-19-10  06:11 am
MMS Post via SOAPUI to ISG to NowSMSDinesh05-18-10  04:01 am
3G phones as modems for MMSannafenfen05-14-10  01:51 am
What is it different xxx.mms file formatvictor.yu05-14-10  01:33 am
Help me quickly please - Arabic Problem ( Urgently )Des - NowSMS Support05-13-10  12:48 pm
Help me please URGENTLY - Arabic Language IssueDes - NowSMS Support05-05-10  01:53 pm
How to send XXX.mms file by PHPvictor.yu05-03-10  09:15 am
How to config SMPP for submit_smDes - NowSMS Support05-01-10  09:27 am
Convert to SMS with Web LinkDes - NowSMS Support04-29-10  03:36 pm
Message Received via MM4 shows SMIL corruption on phone.Joseph Smith11 04-26-10  04:14 pm
Sending MMS Arabic text - using MM7 Hassan Nahas04-24-10  07:58 am
How to send SMS over GPRSvivek kumar singh04-23-10  04:44 am
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